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Updates [Update] [Update] 04/29 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2020-04-29 02:00


A new update has made its way to Black Desert Console. This update brings a guild boss version of Garmoth, class balance changes and more.




The fearsome tyrant of Drieghanese skies is now available as a Guild Boss fight. Garmoth is one of the only dragon survivors of the great Drieghan wars, and was healed to health due to the devout Kagtum, who treat Garmoth as if she is a god. Take up the challenge of vanquishing Drieghans greatest threat, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

You will be able to guild summon Garmoth once per week, and it will require 5 scroll pieces in order to summon her (more on this later). Garmoth only has 1 difficulty level in the new Guild Boss system, and will have higher stats than the version of Garmoth you fought in the story.

After defeating Garmoth, you have a chance at getting the following items:


Garmoth’s Horn Garmoth’s Heart Garmoth Scale
Akum Helmet/Armor/Gloves/Shoes Combined Magic Crystal -
Macalod, Gervish, or Hoom
Magical Black Stone-
Stabilized, Cleansed, Pure
Gold Bar 10G Black Stone (Weapon)
Black Stone (Armor)
Black Energy Residue

Kagtum Submission Ring

Cron Stones
Hunter’s Seal


For more information regarding Garmoth, please see the GM Note: LINK




This update will also see multiple changes to Guild functionality, bringing in a new Guild Boss system, guild houses and also Guild Elephants which can be used in Node/Conquest War.


Guild Boss Subjugation

Dev Note

As the GM notes introduced, Garmoth will be making his way to Black Desert console as a Guild Boss. With this, comes a rework of the Guild Boss UI to make it more intuitive and make it easier for Guild Leaders to see progress of their Boss Subjugation Missions.

In addition to this, we are replacing Guild Boss Summon Scrolls with Summon Scroll fragments, that will automatically be added to your guilds account. This helps to open up more guild warehouse slots as they will no longer be clogged up with various boss scrolls.

And lastly, with this change, guilds of any size will be able to tackle guild bosses at a difficulty that they feel comfortable with. This way, even small guilds can challenge the higher level Guild Bosses to achieve higher levels of rewards.


A big change is coming to Guild Bosses. Not only is Garmoth becoming a Guild Boss, but the whole system is being reworked. You can now locate Guild Bosses in the boss tab that can be found in the Guild Window.



Guild Summon Scrolls are being replaced with ‘Scroll Pieces’. These scroll pieces will be automatically added to your guild, and will no longer be an item that you need to hold/store. When you have enough Scroll Pieces needed to summon a boss, 2 new boxes will appear in the Guild Boss image allowing you to navigate to the location, and also a button to summon the monster. For bosses with multiple difficulty levels, you can change the difficulty when you are standing in the location where the Guild Boss can be summoned.

Guild bosses can only be summoned once a week each. Each server has a limit to the amount of Guild bosses that can be summoned at a time, and if this error message appears you can either switch servers or try again later. 

Unlike the Essence of Fury, Scroll Pieces and the number of bosses summoned will reset at the following times:

The number of guild bosses summoned will reset at the following times (except scroll pieces):

NA: Sunday 05:00 PM (PDT)
EU: Monday 01:00 AM (UTC+1)
ASIA: Monday 09:00 AM (GMT+9) 


Any remaining Guild Boss items can be used the same way as previously. 



New Guild Quests

We have added new guild life skill quests to add more variety to the life skill focussed challenges.

Guild Size

Quest Name

Quest Objective



[Gathering] Guild Supply Mission

Gather Weed x800

Guild Funds (4,000,000)
Guild Skill EXP (10,000)


Gather Weed x1600

Guild Funds (7,000,000)
Guild Skill EXP (15,000)


Gather Weed x1800
Gather Silver Azalea x240
Gather Sunrise Herb x240

Guild Funds (12,000,000)
Guild Skill EXP (25,000)

Extra Large

Gather Weed x2800
Gather Silver Azalea x420
Gather Sunrise Herb x420

Guild Funds (15,000,000)
Guild Skill EXP (35,000)


Obtain Milk x1000

Guild Funds (8,000,000)
Guild Skill EXP (15,000)


Obtain Milk x2000

Guild Funds (16,000,000)
Guild Skill EXP (20,000)


Obtain Milk x3000

Guild Funds (20,000,000)
Guild Skill EXP (30,000)

Extra Large

Obtain Milk x4500

Guild Funds (28,000,000)
Guild Skill EXP (40,000)


We have also cleaned up the Guild UI for mission objectives to help clarify the objectives of the text.



Guild Boss Improvements

With these changes we are also going to be adding new items that can be gained from defeating the Guild Bosses Giant Mudster and Lava Chief Ferrid.

Stone of Malice
Stone of Malice will drop from the Giant Mudster Guild Boss. This stone is infused with the painful memories of the people who became the mudsters, and it can be used to make the Magical Crystal of Infinity - Skill. This Magical Crystal can be infused into a helmet piece, and will give the wearer +10% Skill EXP gained. To create the Crystal, you will need the following items and use an Alchemy Tool with the following recipe: 


Fruit of Destruction x2
Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power x1
Ruby x2 Everlasting Herb x6
Stone of Malice


Energy of All Creations   

One of the few holy grails of Alchemy was to synthesize the Energy of All Creations. Nobody knows where this energy comes from, or why Ferrid seems to have it, but Alustin successfully discovered a way to synthesize the energy into the Breath of all Creations. Guild Boss Lava Chief drops the energy of All Creations, and then you can perform simple alchemy to create one of the four Breath of All Creations. 

Use simple alchemy with the following ingredients: 

Energy of All Creations x1 Oil of Fortitude x20 Mystical Spirit Powder x20


Depending on the Energy used, you can obtain an Breath of All Creations with one of the following effects: 

All AP +70 All Damage Reduction +300
Attack/Casting Speed +20% Movement Speed +20%, Jump +2m, Fall Damage -50%


The effects of the Breath of All Creations lasts 10 minutes, and will persist even if your character dies. It also has a cooldown of 240 minutes, that is shared across all of the Breath of All Creations. The buffs given will also not stack with Pure Black Stones, so be careful when using these precious items.Once created, you have 14 days to use the Breath of All Creations.


Guild Houses

Guild masters can now bid for Guild houses at the Guild House Auction. For guild masters to lay down an opening bid on a guild house, they will need to talk to guild managers in different towns. From there, you can input a bid for one of the guild houses in that town.

Guild houses offer you and your guild a place to congregate together, and also allow you craft guild items through the processing window. You will need to combine your resources together in order to create different items. For example, to craft a [Guild] Registration: Valencia Elephant, you will need to craft the [Guild] Timber for Fixing the Cage, which will require 3,000 Useable Scantling. To craft these items, it may be better to have multiple people creating them in the guild house, and then using the processing window to craft them, depositing the results in the Guild Storage. You will need a guild house in Valencia to begin training Guild Elephants.

To unlock different aspects of the Guild Crafting system, you will need to learn the new guild skills that allow you to create equipment for your guild. For example, you will need the ‘Monstrous Force’ skill in order to unlock the elephant nursery, allowing you to start work on getting your Guild Elephant.

Guild Auction Time: Available every even week 
North America: Saturday 01:00 PM - Sunday 12:59 PM (PDT)

Europe: Saturday 03:00 PM - Sunday 02:59 PM (UTC+1)

Asia: Friday 06:00 PM - Saturday 05:59 PM (GMT+9)


Valencian Elephants

Through the guild house system, you can produce Valencia Elephants. Elephants are effective war machines in node and conquest wars, and are most effective at destroying defensive structures like barricades.

In order to begin the process of owning an Elephant, you will need to obtain the guild skill, ‘Monstrous Force’ and also have access to a guild house. One of the materials needed is a [Guild] Baby Elephant, which can be obtained by catching wild baby elephants in Valencia. Once captured, you will need to register it at a stable keeper who will then add the ‘[Guild] Baby Elephant’ which you can then put in your guild storage. Careful, baby elephants are heavy, so make sure you can carry 800LT on your character.

Valencian Elephants have skills like other mounts, but cannot be leveled up. So the skills they are born with will forever be their skills. Elephants can carry up to three adventurers, with one adventurer controlling the elephant, and two others throwing spears to knock back their opponents. While riding an elephant, the people on the back of it cannot be harmed.

To increase your elephant’s effectiveness on the battlefield, you can craft Elephant gear in the guild house. For further information, please refer to the GM Notes: HERE



Node/ Conquest War

Dev Note
We would like to thank all those adventurers who have helped us get a fix for Playstation 4 North America Node Wars. Your feedback regarding the issue, the videos and the reports in general have been extremely helpful in creating a solution to the issue. A fix has been applied so that all Playstation 4 North America players should now be able to damage forts. The fix for this issue has been a long time coming, and we are incredibly grateful for the patience that many of you have shown during these issues. We will be sending 2 Premium Elixir Boxes and 50 Shining Medals of honor to Playstation 4 users on the North American server as a thank you, and we will be ringing 48 hour golden bells over the weekend for North American servers only.


Wooden Fences have now been added to the Guild Store. Wooden Fences can only be used before the beginning of Conquest Wars, and are higher and stronger than normal barricades. Those friendly forces who are inside the your base can use platforms inside




Tomes have been added to Black Desert Console. Tomes offer different buffs from standard equipment such as weapons and armors. The Adventurers Tome is the first Tome you will get, and will increase the Prognyl Silver Bar gain by 20%. To obtain this Tome, you will need to reach level 53 and talk to the Black Spirit, who will offer you the quest, ‘Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventurers Tome)’. You only need to be level 53 the first time you collect the Adventurers Tome, and after that other characters in your family will be able to earn the Tome.

Once you obtain this Tome, you can equip it on any character OR proceed with a quest to unlock the Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom. This item can be transferred between your characters, and cannot be restored once deleted (if you wish to receive another one, you will need to redo the quest line to get it).

To begin the quest, you will need to talk to Aljai, who resides in Drieghan, just west of Hasrah Cliff. Follow the quest line to its completion and you will be rewarded with the Chenga Crystal of Wisdom, which with simple alchemy can turn the Adventurers Tome into the Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom. 


This item will provide you with the following buffs: 

Prognyl Silver Bar Gain +20% Combat Grade EXP obtained through Quest Reward +30 Vision Range +150m

With this item equipped, you will earn more EXP from quests that offer EXP as a reward, making leveling up your characters easier than ever before!


Other Item Changes 

Fixed an issue where the displayed attack power of Elsh Longsword was different from the actual attack power.


The following items can be purchased in larger quantities on the Central Market:

Up to 1000 at a time Up to 500 at a time Up to 20 at a time
Essence of Liquor
Grilled Bird Meat
Flax Seed
Fruit of Abundance
Fruit of Crimson Flame
Fruit of Destruction
Fruit of Enchantment
Fruit of Magic Power
Fruit of Perfection
Fruit of the Sun
Garmoth’s Scale


Certain lifeskill related items (tools, materials gained) have had their text modified.



We have added a way to obtain knowledge of Dorin Morgrim, who is easily the best blacksmith on the continent. You can head into helms, find the Blacksmith and he will reward you with knowledge.

We have also added a small, one time per family gift of enhancement materials when completing Mediah. This reward will include Valk’s Advice and Valks Cry in varying quantities.



We have made changes to the distribution of byproducts in Cooking and Alchemy.

Dev Note
Cooking and Alchemy Byproducts are one of the first contents of Black Desert which reflected our philosophy that any kind of content can lead to a character’s growth. However, as we expanded upon byproducts, they occupied a large amount of space, and also affected the weight of your characters to transport them. We have been considering narrowing down the variety of byproducts while enhancing the concept as we tried to improve the convenience of the game for players.

We have tried to keep this new system as balanced as possible with the current system, however the Contribution EXP was already very high, and this ratio may have been decreased. We are therefore continuing to tweak this system, and provide ways to make Cooking and Alchemy more meaningful in future updates. 


Old byproducts have been removed, and replaced with the Witch’s Delicacy (for Cooking) and Mysterious Catalyst (for Alchemy).




* You can exchange the Witch’s Delicacy with Nadia Rowen of Olvia.


Witch’s Delicacy x10 Beer x500
Witch’s Delicacy x10 Milk x120
Witch’s Delicacy x10 Contribution EXP 900 + Cooking EXP x30

* You can exchange the Mysterious Catalyst with Bofin of Olvia.


Mysterious Catalyst x10 Clear Liquid Reagent x200
Mysterious Catalyst x10 Powder of Darkness x200
Mysterious Catalyst x10 Contribution EXP 900 + Alchemy EXP x30


If you have any of the preexisting byproducts, you can exchange these as normal. Their weight has been changed to 0.01LT to allow you to carry them easier to the exchange NPC.

We have also added the Risk Asset Management banks to various cities across Black Desert. The Risk Asset Management bank comes in two forms, Safe Asset Management Bank and Risk Asset Management Bank. These will allow you to use Gold Bars and Workers to possibly gain more income depending on the markets. Safe Asset Management Bank will generally return small but stable returns, where the Risk Asset Management Bank will offer large returns, but can also generate losses.

Safe Asset Management Bank Location: Velia 4, Heidel 3-1 1F, Calpheon Merchant Lane 1-2
Risk Asset Management Bank Location: Altinova 7-1, Valencia 17-4 2F

We are also changing the compensation that is rewarded when completing the Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon main quests. We are changing the gold bars that are rewarded to the following items:

Balenos: Bartali Gold Bar
Serendia: Lauren Family’s Gold Bar
Calpheon: Gold Bar from the Citizen Bank

Each of these items can be exchanged at storage keepers across Black Desert for 1,000,000 silver. 




We have made some more changes to the user interface of Black Desert. First up is we have added a way for a player to see where their contribution points are invested. You can access this function by pressing △/ Y in the World Map screen.



The other changes we have made have been to the profile window and the profile page.







This week we have a lot more balance changes that will hit multiple different classes. We are constantly monitoring and taking feedback for character balance, and we thank you for your continued discussions.



We are increasing the amount of damage that Reckless Blow deals, and also helping to improve the actions of head chase. With Reckless Blow, we have decreased the percentage of damage dealt, but improved the amount of hits the skill has. This will improve the damage above what it was previously. Head Chase was an infrequent skill used but helped connect certain combinations together, so we have improved the action to make it smoother.


Reckless Blow has been changed so that it now has a lower damage modifier but a higher number of hits.

Skill: Reckless Blow Before After
Before Charging 1930% x 2 1420% x 4
After Charging 1930% x 2 1420% x 8


● The Critical Hit Rate effect of Flow: Ankle Break will now apply in PvP.
● Fixed an issue with awkward movement when using L1/LB during Head Chase, and the skill action has been made smoother.
● You can no longer use the Evasion Skill when your character’s weight is over 125%.
● Removed the Split Damage effect on certain Main Weapon Skills.



● Violation can now be combo’d easier after using Flow: Rushing Crow
● The accuracy rates of Turn-back Slash and Violation.


Skill: Turn-back Slash Before After
Turn-back Slash I 2.50% 5%
Turn-back Slash II 3.75% 7.50%
Turn-back Slash III 5% 10%


Skill: Violation Before After
Violation I 0% 5%
Violation II 0% 10%
Violation III 0% 15%


Changed the icon for All AP Up buff you get when consuming a shard. 



For Ranger, we decided to touch up her awakening skills a little to make them more viable. This includes reducing some of the cooldowns on certain skills that had an overly long cool down time. We also switched Flow: Disillusions air smash into a down smash so that players could take more advantage of the skill and connect it to other skills easier.


Flow: Disillusions Air Smash effect has been changed to a Down Smash effect. 

● Regeneration’s cooldown decreased from 25 seconds to 18 seconds
● Regeneration’s accuracy effect increased from 5% to 10%
● Adjusted the cooldown of Nature’s Tremble


Skill: Nature’s Tremble Before After
Nature’s Tremble I 23 seconds 23 seconds
Nature’s Tremble II 22 seconds 21 seconds
Nature’s Tremble III 21 seconds 19 seconds


●You can now use Flow: Rooting in a combo by hitting R1/RB after using Vine Knot.

● Removed the split damage effect on certain Main Weapon Skills.

● Added descriptions about the split damage effect on the following skills:

  • Tearing Arrow
  • Blasting Gust
  • Ultimate: Blasting Gust
  • Tearing



Removed the split damage effect on certain Main Weapon and Awakening Skills.

● Added descriptions about the split damage effect on the following skills:

  • Frenzied Destroyer
  • Black Spirit: Raging Thunder




● The summon duration of Heilang has been increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

● Fixed an issue where Heilang would be unsummoned in shallow water.

The skill Add-ons will now be applied when you hit a target at great distance by using Surging Tide V - Absolute.

● Absorb Heilang has been modified:

  • 10 second cooldown will be applied when using Absorb Heilang while Heilang is not summoned. 
  • When successfully absorbing Heilang, the cooldown will be 5 minutes and 30 seconds.



With Maehwa we wanted to correct the attack range of some Awakening skills and also improve their useability as well. In particular, there are skills that move forward to attack, and we wanted to make them slightly easier to use by increasing with the width of their attacks. At the same time, we also wanted to improve the linkability of skills, so we added a way to combo sleet steps from Petal Bloom.  

● Moved the attack range of Petal Drill and Petal Bloom to the front of the skill animation.
● The attack range of Flow: December will now be the same as that of Petal Drill.
● You can now activate Petal Bloom instantly without charging during General Apricot. Using Petal Bloom with General Apricot up will now apply Super Armor.
● You can now maintain Petal Bloom’s charge for a certain period of time.
● You can now use Sleet Steps when Petal Bloom is done charging.

  • You can now attack instantly without charging when using Sleet Steps. 

Petal Drill will now be activated easier when Chasing in Awakening.

● The PvE damage of Petal Drill has been changed:

Skill: Petal Drill Before After
Petal Drill I 467% x 4 611% x 4
Petal Drill II 628% x 4 815% x 4
Petal Drill III 844% x 4 1106% x 4


The PvE damage of Frost Pillars has been modified:

Skill: Frost Pillars Before After
Frost Pillars I 1003% x4 1204% x4
Frost Pillars II 1138% x4 1366% x4
Frost Pillars III 1272% x4 1526% x4

Fixed an issue where Forward Guard was not applied while charging Petal Bloom after certain skills. 



● Removed the split damage effect on certain Main Weapon and Awakening Skills.

● Added a description about the split damage effect to Blizzard and Ultimate: Blizzard skill description.

● Added a description about the split damage effect to Detonative Flow skill description.

● Changed the description about the split damage effect for Lightning Chain.
● The damage of Magic Arrow I and II has been adjusted:

Skill: Magic Arrow Before After
Magic Arrow I 759% x 1 352% x 1
Magic Arrow II 790% x 1 612% x 1



One of the loudest opinions on Wizard was that the class felt clunkier than the Witch as there was no real option to switch between pre-awakening and awakening skill sets. Therefore we have added we have added a way to switch from pre-awakening to awakening through the use of hellfire.
We have also improved the flow of combat when using Water Sphere or Flow: Aqua Bomb offering different skill rotations. We also added the ability to use Evasion or Teleport during Chilling Wave.


Removed the split damage effect on certain Main Weapon and Awakening Skills. 

● Added a description about the split damage effect to Blizzard and Ultimate: Blizzard skill description..
● Changed the description about the split damage effect for Lightning Chain.
● The damage of Magic Arrow I and II has been adjusted:

Skill: Magic Arrow Before After
Magic Arrow I 759% x 1 352% x 1
Magic Arrow II 790% x 1 612% x 1

● Chilling Wave’s Casting speed has been increased.

● You can now use Evasion or Teleport while using Chilling Wave.

● You can now use a skill in a combo after using Water Sphere or Flow: Aqua Bomb quicker than before.

● Added a description about split damage to the following skills: 

  • Water Sphere 
  • Flow: Aqua Bomb
  • Black Spirit: Water Sphere



For Ninja, we focused on improving their PvE and how quick the can engage and disengage with enemies. Therefore we have improved the PvE damage of different skills, and also improved the way they link together.


The PvE damage of Sura ChaoSpree has been adjusted: 

Skill: Sura ChaoSpree



Sura ChaoSpree

Hit damage 628% x15

Hit Damage 754% x12
Last Hit Damage 879% x3


● You can now combo into the following skills during Sura ChaoSpree: 

  • Ghost Step
  • Ninja Step
  • Murderous Intent
  • Serpent Ascension
  • Flow: Execution

You can now use Flow: Execution during Serpent Ascension.

● The PvE damage of Vacuum Slash has been adjusted:


Vacuum Slash Before After
Hit Damage 571% x 6 685% x 6
Slash Damage 684% x 4 889% x 4


Drastic Measure used during Asura will not require charging, and will be used instantly. 

  • Charge damage and Super Armor will be applied when used. 

Sudden Decapitation used in the normal stance will trigger the second and third hits faster than before. 

● Fixed the issue where the Bound effect was applied to each hit when Drastic Measure was used without charging. 

● You can now use Murderous Intent by holding up on the left analogue stick after using Ninja Step. 

● Removed the split damage effect on certain Main Weapon and Awakening skills.

● You can now hold RT/R2 when using Drastic Measure when in Asura mode to maintain the charging stance.

● Fixed an issue where Black Spirit: Drastic Measure could not be triggered in Asura mode. 



● The basic profile of the character's appearance was changed.

● Removed the split damage effect on certain Main Weapon and Awakening skills.

● Added descriptions about the split damage effect on the following skills:

● Ninjutsu: Shadow Explosion

● The stiffness effect that used to apply to every hit of Black Spirit: Flash Slash will now only apply to the attacks first and last hits. 



One of the key comments about the Dark Knight is that Air Strike skills are too risky to use due to the overlapping effects of both Bound and Float. Therefore we’re going to make the skill apply one or the other.

We are also supplementing the lesser used skills such as Trap of Vedir, Grip of Grudge and Cluster of Despair which were used less frequently, offering an option to open up new diverse combinations for the class. 


● The Bound effect triggered by extra hits from Air Strike I,II,III, and Absolute: Air Strike will now only be triggered when Floating is not applied from their first hits.

● Attack time and combo action after Trap of Vedir is now faster.

● Cluster of Despair used after the following skills will now combo faster than before: 

  • Twilight Dash
  • Spirit Hunt I,II,III
  • Smoky Haze I,II,III
  • Trap of Veidr

Improved the animation of consecutive uses of Chain: Dusk in the air.

● Max hit range and skill trigger speed were increased for Grip of Grudge. 



For Striker, we really wanted to help link between the different skills and make it flow smoother than before.


● Pressing [L2+R2]/[LT+RT] after Flash Step will now trigger Crimson Fang.  
● You can now trigger Roaring Tiger when pressing [R1+R2]/[RB+RT] after using Flash Step.

● Fixed the issue where shifting from Main Weapon to Awakening via Rampaging Predator did not allow for combos into other awakening skills.

● Improved the slow effect on your character when hitting enemies with Flow: Deathstrike. 



Improved the issue where Super Armor sometimes disappeared when using other combos after Glide.



Lahn adventurers have been requesting to improve the speed and scope of their attacks, as well as improve the way that different skills link together. We decided that using combinations out of Flow: Vice would be a good way to open up new avenues for Lahn players.


You can now use Deadly Dance in a combo faster after the second hit of Tailspin.

● You can now use Deadly Dance, Ultimate: Primrose Sprint, Bloody Stride, Soul Raid or Eradication in a combo faster after using Flow: Vice.

● The attack speed of Eradication was increased.

● The attack range of Bridled Despair was expanded laterally and it’s skill description was changed as follows:


Skill Name Before After
Bridled Despair Damage increase while channeling skill 973%x2, Max. 5 hits Damage increase while channeling skill 973%x1, Max. 10 hits


● The hitting motion of Bleeding Hearts’ pull will now connect more fluidly. 

● The activation of Bloon Moon Twist by R2/RT during the second hit of Tailspin was removed. You can now press □ or x during the second hit of Tailspin to activate Blood Moon Twist. 



● The descriptions when exchanging horses has been modified.
● The notifications shown when acquiring better equipment, inventory weighing more than 90% of your total weight and low durability has been optimized.
● New social actions have been added. You will be able to earn these through quests in the game, and when using the social action you will be unable to move.

● You can now see more detailed information about pets when looking at them in the Pearl Store. 

● Fixed an issue where moving items in your inventory whilst processing would cause that item to be consumed.
● Fixed an issue where the Chat would sometimes disappear completely when receiving a chat message from a guild member in another channel.
● Added a way to move to the fairy UI when inspecting Sweet Honey Wine.
● Fixed an issue where officers could not renew contracts in the Guild Menu.
● Fixed an issue where the quest, ‘[Repeat] That Which the Goblin Hides’ could be accepted without meeting the prerequisites.
● Improved the death animation of certain monsters that appear in the main questline of Calpheon.

● Fixed an issue where Alchemy Stones would turn off when entering a loading screen.


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