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Black Desert 2019-06-19 07:00

Shai makes her debut in Black Desert as the 11th class. This pre-release will allow you to customize your Shai before she becomes playable on June 26th.


This trickster wields the Florang, an oversized boomerang, and the Vitclari, a small trinket that glows with an almost radiant light. Shai can deal damage, but truly shines as support where she can protect and heal her allies, as well as debuff her enemies. Find out more in the GM Notes for Shai found here [Link].


The Desert’s Wrath, Nouver, makes its way to the Black Desert. This ferocious dragon appeared after one of the worst sandstorms in the history of Valencia, and now it is ready to fight any adventurer foolish enough to take on the challenge. Find out more in our GM Notes available here [Link].  

To make the first week of Nouver a little easier to bear, we will be lifting all Desert Sicknesses. This means that between June 19th and June 26th, Hypothermia and Heat Stroke will be removed from the desert.  


The Arsha servers have been added to the game. These servers are PvP servers where you can engage in PvP without the penalty of losing Karma. Although Karma cannot be dropped, heading to the Arsha servers as an already negative Karma player will carry the same penalties. Additionally, the punishments of PvP in the Desert (Chaos Mark) will still apply, meaning that you can still be sent to jail. Although Karma cannot drop, you will still be able to gain Karma, making it the ideal place for adventurers looking to increase their Karma.

To encourage the use of the Arsha server, characters that are over level 50 will receive a +50% item drop rate when playing on the server. Remember, the Arsha server is a dangerous place, and it is up to you whether the reward is worth the risk.

The following restrictions apply to the Arsha Server:
● World bosses and field bosses will not spawn on the server. This means that during Node Wars/Conquest Wars, field bosses will be summoned only on regular servers.
● The Valencia Desert Merchant Caravan will not spawn on the Arsha channel.


The Battle Arena has opened. This arena allows you to practice your PvP without limitations, as kills in the arena do not count towards karma decreases. The Battle Arena acts similarly to the Arenas found in major cities so players can instantly resurrect when they are killed. You are also able to purchase Battlefield potions for one silver, so that you do not need to use your more expensive potions to fight others.

To enter the Battle Arena, you will first need to be level 50, and access the Battle Arena through the main menu. Battle Arena is disabled if there is currently an active Node War/Conquest War happening on your current server.


Material Vendors across the world have discovered Aal’s Tears, a special alchemical ingredient which allows elixirs to be converted to a party elixir, granting a boost to all those players who are currently in your party. To create party elixirs, you need to combine an Aal’s Tear with 2 Elixirs of the same type through simple alchemy (found in the processing window).


Using Simple Alchemy, combining two Elixir of Endless Fury with one Aal’s Tear will produce between 1 and 2 [Party] Elixir of Endless Fury. When the potion is used, every member of your party will receive the effects of the elixir.


The Awakened Boss Scroll pieces have been added as a reward for completing your Daily/Weekly boss scrolls. When you complete a boss scroll, you will be able to collect an Awakened Boss Scroll piece, and then you can combine these pieces to craft an Awakened Boss Scroll.  


You will need to combine 5 Awakened Boss Scroll pieces to create a daily boss (Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, Moghulis etc), or 3 Awakened boss scroll pieces to create weekly bosses (Hexe Marie, Dim Tree Spirit, Muskan etc).

Awakened bosses are a great deal stronger than their regular counterparts, but also drop much better items. There is a chance to receive boss armor from awakened Bheg, Red Nose, Giath, Dim Tree Spirit and Muskan, or accessories from Hexe Marie (Witches Earrings) and Moghulis (Ancient Weapon Core). The following table shows what can drop from these awakened boss scrolls.

Red Nose: Red Nose’s Armor, Blackstone (weapon), Blackstone (armor), Hunter Seals
Bheg: Bheg’s Gloves, Blackstone (weapon), Blackstone (armor), Hunter Seals
Giath: Giath’s Helm, Blackstone (weapon), Blackstone (armor), Hunter Seals
Moghulis: Ancient Weapon Core, Blackstone (weapon), Blackstone (armor), Hunter Seals
Dim Tree Spirit: Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, Liverto Weapon Bundle, Blackstone (weapon), Blackstone (armor), Hunter Seals
Muskan: Muskan’s Shoes, Liverto Weapon Bundle, Blackstone (weapon), Blackstone (armor), Hunter Seals

Hexe Marie: Witch’s Earring, Liverto Weapon Bundle, Blackstone (weapon), Blackstone (armor), Hunter Seals


The region of Calpheon is now available for Node Wars and Conquest Wars. Duke it out with other guilds for control of one of the most profitable regions in the Black Desert world! Nodes will be contested Sunday to Friday, and the conquest war for control of Calpheon castle starts on Saturdays.

Node Wars for Calpheon will follow the schedule below:

NOTE: Since there will only be 2 days before Conquest War, the first Conquest War payout will be lower than usual.


We are always working to improve the questing experience, and occasionally this means making changes to quests and knowledge. Check out the changes listed below:

● A new daily repeatable quest has been added to the Waragon Nest area of Valencia. The quest ‘[Daily] Moria's Fervor for Research’ can be picked up from the Node Manager of Waragon Nest.

  • Upon completing ‘[Boss] Muskan of Madness’, you will receive knowledge of the Cultist Assassin as a reward. If you have already completed the quest, you can receive the knowledge through chatting with the NPC Annalynn.
  • Once you reach level 15, you will be able to talk to Armstrong to acquire the knowledge of the ‘Captured Ogre’.


Wagon Technology has advanced, and all wagons will now lose their durability 200% slower than before. This means that wagons will last longer before they need to be repaired/replaced.

We have also changed the tags on the Dim Magical Offhand and it’s upgrades so that they will be able to be applied to other classes which use the same offhand. For example, the Dim Magical Ornamental Knot will now be useable by both Dark Knight and Berserker.

You will now need to press ‘LT+Y’ to delete an item from your inventory. This change was made to help reduce accidental item deletion since the Y button was used for many other functions.

To improve convenience, all stable keepers and Wharf managers are equipped with rudimentary repair tools, and can now fix horse gear and boat gear.

The Imperial Trade NPC’s have been activated to appear only on the Balenos-2 server. You will now be able to talk to them in most major cities.


We are making just a few minor changes to 3 of the classes in this update. We are currently monitoring the balance of the game and will make changes in future updates.

● Fixed an issue in the skill description of ‘Awakening: Kamasylven Sword’ where it displayed the input as RB. This has been changed to correctly show the Y key.


● Fixed an issue where ‘Cartian’s Protection’ would not activate correctly in pre-awakened form. Pressing LS↓+Y will instantly use the ‘Cartian’s Protection’ Skill, switching the sorceress from her pre-awakened to awakened stance.


● Pressing LT+A while holding up on the Left stick will prioritize Lava Piercer over other inputs.


  • Fixed an issue where System messages would display twice when acquiring new items.
  • Added an option to check a Guild Members name by pressing X in the guild window
  • Fixed an issue where pets with 5 or more actions would not display any of their potential actions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Marketplace Information would not display when highlighting an item in your inventory.
    ● You are now unable to see the option of selecting Ghosphy’s appearance when exchanging pets.
  • The Hot time icon has been fixed so that it will always show. We have also added Hot Time, Drop Rate increase events and Node Connection benefits to the Buff List found in your profile.
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly pressing the A button would allow locked items to be deleted.
  • The number of protected Guild members is now displayed in the Guild window.
  • The News Window will now pop up when you first log in each day.
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Skill window would not update in real time after learning a skill.
  • Added the option to assign the rank of Quartermaster to guild members.
    ● Fixed an issue where a Guild members allowance was not refreshing in real time after using the Guild Shop NPC.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill demo window would not work in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where in certain situations, the Conquest Status window could not be closed.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not select a level 10 tier 1 Pet’s skill in the pet exchange window
    ● When using a keyboard to type, you can now press Enter on the keyboard to send the message.
  • You can now zoom out the camera more than before by holding the Right Stick down and pulling back.
    ● You can now sort your characters on the character select screen by their current level.

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