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Updates [Update] July 10th Update Patch Notes
Black Desert 2019-07-10 08:00

The Ninja is finally making his way to Black Desert. Embrace the shadows and deliver precise and deadly strikes on your enemies. Ninjas can hide in plain sight, and pounce from the shadows at the opportune time stunning and debuffing their targets.

Ninja is a difficult class to pick up and play, but mastering the class will payoff huge dividends as the class is incredibly strong in the right hands. As the Ninja has been added, we are increasing the max character slots from 12 to 13.

To find out more about the ninja, you can read our GM Notes about him here: [Link]

To celebrate the arrival of Ninja we have also prepared a series of events for you to enjoy. You can find out more here: 


Leveling up past 58 can be an incredibly daunting and time consuming task. To make leveling up easier, we are introducing Marni Stones to Black Desert.

These stones can be purchased with silver from Wacky Toshi, an NPC that appears in various locations. Marni stones collect samples of creatures as you kill them, and Wacky Toshi rewards those who collect enough samples with extra combat experience. 


All Marni Stones are specific to a set of enemies, and will only increase their progress when these monsters are killed. You can have as many Marni Stones as you like in your inventory, however the stones will not progress simultaneously. Marni Stones that are fresh are displayed in yellow, stones in progress appear as blue, and filled stones are orange. You can also see a stone is full when the kill count has turned red.

Tier 1 Marni Stones are 60,000 silver and require 250 kills to complete, while Tier 2 Marni Stones are 110,000 silver and require 500 kills to complete. To track your progress while completing the stones, press A which will add a new tab on your quest window that shows how far you are at completing the stone. After you have filled up your stones, exchange them with Wacky Toshi for your additional combat experience.

Your first Marni Stone will come as courtesy of the Black Spirit as a quest, but after that you will need to purchase your Marni Stones from Wacky Toshi. You can find Wacky Toshi at the following towns:


Wacky Toshi will also appear at Cadry Ruins, Gahaz Bandit’s Lair, Roud Sulfur Works, Titium Valley and Bashim Base. The enemies that can power a Marni Stone are as follows:

Bashims - Located at Bashim Base
Cadry - Located at Cadry Ruins
Desert Nagas - Located at the Desert Naga Temple

Desert Fogans - Located at Titium Valley
Gahaz Bandits - Located at Gahaz Bandit’s Lair
Centaurus - Located at Taphtar Plain
Sulfur Mine Foes - Located at Roud Sulfur Mine

Marni Stones cannot be used once the character has reached level 62, so be sure to purchase just the right amount of stones.


Ancient Puturum
A new guild boss is able to cross the threshold of darkness and make its way into the Black Desert world. Puturum is a bird shaped creation of the ancients powered by an ancient fragment buried deep within its chest. This monster is incredibly dangerous, and absolute caution is advised before facing it.

Ancient Puturum can be summoned via the Ancient Puturum Summon Scroll which can be obtained from a new Guild Mission Boss Subjugation. There are varying sizes of the boss, and there are special titles for landing the last hit at each guild size. 


Muskan of Madness
Completing subjugation quests can reward you with an ‘Essence of Fury’, which can be exchanged for either a ‘[Guild] Muskan of Madness Scroll’ or a ‘[Guild] Awakened Muskan of Madness Scroll’.

You can exchange 15 ‘Essence of Fury’ with either the NPC Hakkon (found near the Bloody Monastery) or with a Guild Manager NPC. You will need a significant turnout from your guild in order to defeat the boss, which has a chance to drop Muskan’s Shoes when defeated.

To make Node Wars and Conquest Wars more engaging, we have increased the defensive stats of Command Posts, Forts, Castles, Barricades, Castle Gate, and other defensive .

  • Calpheon Castle Gate : 15%
  • Conquest Castles & Command Posts : 20%
  • Node War Fort : 25%
  • Barricades : 40%
  • Wooden Fence Gate, Wooden Fence, Flame Tower, & Hwacha : 25%


The function of the Horse Whistle has been changed to the ‘Trainer Whistle’. This change will allow the horse whistle to function for Horses, Donkeys and Camels, but will not work on wagons. All horse whistles will be changed to the ‘Trainer Whistle’

Since the Shai’s release, we have seen a huge rise in the use of donkeys. Although we were prepared for this, we didn’t do as much spring cleaning with donkeys as we needed to.

The first change to donkeys is their animation has been changed so that they have a running animation. Old donkeys could only ever walk to their destination, but with the Shai being released, we added a sprint mechanic to the Shai exclusive donkeys. Unfortunately there was no animation for their newfound speed, so we had to add one. 


The second change is that certain saddles which originally stated they could be equipped to donkeys have had that function removed. This means that saddles that were originally equippable to horses and donkeys, will now only be equippable to horses. Shai’s donkey has certain saddles that will work with them, and only those saddles can be equipped. 


Sealed Book of Combat Change

We are also making changes to the ‘Sealed Book of Combat’. To allow players to level up easier, we are increasing the amount of EXP gained when the item is active. The amount of combat EXP has been increased from 50% to 100%, and the amount of skill EXP gained has been increased from 30% to 50%. These buffs from the ‘Sealed Book of Combat’ will still last for 24 hours.

Other Item Change

  • Pearl Items in the Pearl Inventory can now be equipped while your character is moving. 
  • You can now exchange Shiny Golden Seals [Imperial Delivery] for ancient relics. By exchanging 450 seals, at the relevant exchange NPC, you can receive Ancient Relics. 


A new guild combat quest has been added. The people of Valencia ask you to help clear out the Waragons from their nest so the area can be explored more easily. 

To help improve the overall experience of Hystria Ruins, the miscellaneous merchant Bert will reappear inside Hystria Ruins after he has disappeared.

System changes includes quality of life additions that can’t easily be categorized in any of the above areas. Our developers are always looking into making both small and large changes to functions of the game to improve the quality of life for our players.

The first such change is the mailbox. We are making it so any item in your mailbox can be retrieved anywhere. Before this update, players were only allowed to collect items in safe zones, but the developers decided that since there is no weight on silver, it now makes sense to be able to collect things from the mailbox anywhere.

The second change is for Red Battlefield. You will no longer take fall damage when descending from the towers down into the battlefield. The idea of having the starting zone up high is to give players a chance to group up before entering, however there is a defenders disadvantage because as soon as you fall from the top you would take a decent amount of damage which can be critical in trying to push back opposing forces.  


We are making changes to the frequency that monsters inside Pila Ku respawn. This change is designed to make Pila Ku a more effective place for leveling up and gaining silver. The area is still incredibly tough, but we hope that those who are up to the challenge will be rewarded for it.

The following monsters in Pila Ku will now respawn up to 5 times quicker than before: 

Sordid Deportee
Frenzied Executioner

Iron Fist Warder 

Caphras’s Torture Device
Dark Eyes Warder

With this update, we are making balance changes to help classes that are currently struggling in monster killing activities. We have identified that the Witch, Wizard and Striker are all currently far below their peers in terms of monster killing, and therefore we are giving them an increase in PvE damage.

  • Toxic Flood now applies a magic DP debuff on successful hits in PvE.
  • Voltaic Pulse’s movement speed debuff has been removed, and replaced with an evasion rate debuff. 
  • The cooldown period for Flow:Perfect Sign has been removed.
  • Flow: Perfect Sign will now always be performed after Fissure Wave [Unless Flow: Perfect Sign is locked] 
  • Equilibrium Break and Black Spirit: Equilibrium Break will have an AP debuff.
  • Equilibrium Break and Black Spirit: Equilibrium Break will have a Critical Hit Rate +50% effect in PvE only.
  • Black Spirit: Meteor Shower’s last animation has been improved to be more natural.
  • The following skills have been modified: 




    Table Type 4
    Witch Skill Changes
    Skill Name Damage Type Before After
    Toxic Flood PvE 903% x23 1500% x23
    Yoke of Ordeal I PvE, PvP 443% x12 543% x12
    Yoke of Ordeal II 526% x12 722% x12
    Yoke of Ordeal III 608% x12 901% x12
    Thunder Storm I PvE 504% x6 564% x6
    Thunder Storm II 665% x6 745% x6
    Thunder Storm III 827% x6 926% x6
    Black Spirit: Thunder Storm I PvE 504% x6 564% x6
    Black Spirit: Thunder Storm II 665% x6 745% x6
    Black Spirit: Thunder Storm III 827% x6 926% x6
    Fissure Wave I PvE 538% x10 646% x10
    Fissure Wave II 600% x10 720% x10
    Fissure Wave III 663% x10 796% x10
    Fissure Wave IV 726% x10 871% x10
    Black Spirit: Fissure Wave I PvE 1065% 1279%
    Black Spirit: Fissure Wave II 1188% 1426%
    Black Spirit: Fissure Wave III 1313% 1576%
    Black Spirit: Fissure Wave IV 1437% 1725%


    • A magic DP debuff has been added to Lava Field upon successful hits.
    • The casting speed for Chilling Wave has been decreased. 
    • Hellfire now grants a magic AP buff.
    • Black Spirit: Meteor Shower’s last animation has been improved to be more natural.
    • The following skills have been modified:
    Table Type 4
    Wizard Skill Changes
    Skill Name Damage Type Before After
    Lava Field PvE 903% x23 1500% x23
    Chilling Wave I PvE,PvP 443% x12 543% x12
    Chilling Wave II 526% x12 722% x12
    Chilling Wave III 608% x12 901% x12
    Cataclysm I PvE 723% x7 814% x7
    Cataclysm II 832% x7 957% x 7
    Cataclysm III 941% x7 1045% x7
    Cataclysm IV 1058% x7 1240% x7
    Aqua Jail Explosion I PvE
    349% x13 408% x13
    Aqua Jail Explosion II 392% x13 469% x13
    Aqua Jail Explosion III 435% x13 530% x13
    Aqua Jail Explosion IV 478% x13 591% x13
    Black Spirit: Aqua Jail Explosion I PvE 558% x16 653% x16
    Black Spirit: Aqua Jail Explosion II 627% x16 750% x16
    Black Spirit: Aqua Jail Explosion III 696% x16 848% x16
    Black Spirit: Aqua Jail Explosion IV 765% x16 946% x16
    Hellfire I PvE 472% x11 634% x11
    Hellfire II 526% x11 697% x11
    Hellfire III 578% x11 760% x11
    Hellfire IV 632% x11 823% x11
    Bolide of Destruction I

    554% x6 681% x6
    Bolide of Destruction II 731% x6 894% x6
    Bolide of Destruction III 911% x6 1107% x6

    We understand that this may be a controversial opinion, but through the data we are finding that although strikers excel through PvP, and can hold their own against nearly all our classes, they are really tailing off in terms of PvE. Their clear speed is notably slower than other classes, so we are making changes to their skill damage to help them improve their clear speeds. We will be looking into making PvP changes in the future.

    • Camera effects for the skill,’Fallout’ have been changed. 
    • Fist Fury can now be used in awakening by pressing down + RT.
    • The range for the final hit of Fist Fury has been reduced. 
    • The animation transition between Fist Fury and Roaring Tiger has been improved to flow more naturally. 
    • Ferocious Assault can be used in pre-awakening form by pressing up+RT
    • The attack area for the final hit of Ultimate Crush has increased and the range has been decreased. 
    • The location of the Echo Spirit in Ultimate Crush has been changed. It will now be closer to where the Striker is attacking. 
    • Skull Crusher’s Critical Hit Rate in PvE has been changed to 100% 
    • Skull Crusher can now be activated during Ferocious Assault by pressing B while the Striker is in the air.
    • The attack range for the Echo Spirit summoned through the skill Infernal Destruction has been increased.
    • The number of hits during the last strike of Land Buster has been corrected when Infernal Destruction I and II have been learnt.  
    • The skill, Rampaging Predator, now has two additional hits in PvE only. 
    • Critical Hit Rate has been added to PvE hits for Endless Explosion
    • Pressing RB after the final hit of Endless Explosion will combo into the second hit of Endless Fight.
    • During Endless Explosion, you can combo into Flow: Mass Destruction or Ferocious Assault by inputting their respective commands.
    • When using Ferocious Assault or Rampaging Predator, other skills can be used quicker than before.
    • The description for the explosive hit of Wolf’s Fang has been removed, and the description for Flow: Prey Hunt has been added.
    • The camera perspective effect for Wolf’s Fang has been changed.
    • The stiffness effect for Flow: Prey Hunt [activated automatically after using 30 Martial Spirit Shards] will now apply to PvE
    Striker Skill Changes
    Skill Name Damage Type Before After
    Ultimate Crush I PvE
    588% x3 643% x3
    Ultimate Crush II 707% x3 799% x3
    Ultimate Crush III 827% x3 955% x3
    Ultimate Crush IV 945% x3 1111% x3
    Infernal Destruction I PvE,PvP
    538% x4 699% x4
    Infernal Destruction II 618% x6 803% x6
    Infernal Destruction III 709% x6 921% x6
    Infernal Destruction IV 800% x6 1040% x6
    Endless Fight [First Hit] PvE
    763% x3 1066% x3
    Endless Fight [Second Hit] 610% x3 959% x3
    Wolf's Fang I PvE 51% x4 653% x16

    Wolf's Fang II

    79% x4 750% x16

    Wolf's Fang III

    107% x4 848% x16

    Wolf's Fang IV

    136% x4 946% x16
    Wolf's Fang V 164% x4  
    Absolute: Wolf's Fang 352% x4 634% x11

    • Fixed an issue where the virtual keyboard would open when you die in certain situations.
    • The key guide will now display on the bottom right until you reach level 20.
    • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard in Red Battlefield would not disappear in certain situations.

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