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Updates [Update] June 22nd Patch Notes
Black Desert 2022-06-22 00:31


The sands of Valencia tremble as Bloodstorm Nouver makes it's way to Black Desert. This update also brings the Narchillan Upgrade, Season Graduation and more! Read on to find out all the information that is making it's way to Black Desert this update.

Bloodstorm Nouver

● Nouver, the Sand Tyrant, will occasionally be stained by the blood of victims that died in the desert sandstorms. The tyrant is rumored to appear even more vicious than before. It is called "Bloodstorm Nouver" and is greatly feared by desert travelers, merchants, and even soldiers.
- Bloodstorm Nouver is even more powerful than the original Nouver. It blows whirlwinds at distant adventurers and attacks from beneath the desert sands.- Bloodstorm Nouver is even more powerful than the original Nouver. It blows whirlwinds at distant adventurers and attacks from beneath the desert sands.
- Bloodstorm Nouver drops better loot. Adventurers will be able to get up to IV Nouver Sub-weapons (possible enhancements: +0, I, II, III, IV). It also has increased drop rates for Belongings of an Adventurer, Gold Bars (up to 1,000G), and each type of Magical Black Stones.
- Bloodstorm Nouver will have new attack patterns.
- New titles can be earned for landing the killing blow on Bloodstorm Nouver
Quelled the Heavy Bloodstorm

■ Bloodstorm Nouver's Attack Patterns


▲ Appears with a powerful storm (Left) / Shoots two fire breathes right after each other (Right)

▲ Creates a phantom using the sandstorm (Left) / Cries out and summons a huge whirlwind (Right)

▲ Multi-part attack from the air (Left) / Slams down on the ground to bring utter destruction in the area (Right)
※ These images were taken using a GM character that does not receive damage to take better pictures.

Nouverikant Outfit

● The Nouverikant Outfit, modeled after the might of Bloodstorm Nouver itself, is finally revealed to the world.
- To obtain the Nouverikant Outfit, you will need to defeat Bloodstorm Nouver and collect the following items:
Bloodstorm Nouver's Split Horn Bloodstorm Nouver's Ragged Wing Bloodlit Eye of the Desert
● Bring the horns and wings to a researcher (who has dedicated their entire life to studying dragons) in the Valencian royal palace to exchange them for the following items that were first crafted in their hometown:
Required Item Exchangeable Item
Bloodstorm Nouver's Split Horn Dormant Nouverikant Helmet
Bloodstorm Nouver's Ragged Wing Dormant Nouverikant Armor
※ You cannot equip the Dormant Nouverikant Helmet and Armor.
- According to that researcher, to restore the Dormant Nouverikant Helmet and Armor, you will need the power of "Bloodstorm Black Stones", which you can obtain by Heating the following two types of items:
Materials Product
Bloodlit Eye of the Desert x1
Black Stone (Armor) x100
Bloodstorm Black Stone x1
Bloodlit Eye of the Desert x1
Black Stone (Weapon) x100
Bloodstorm Black Stone x1

● Use Manufacture on the Dormant Nouverikant Helmet and Armor both enhanced to PEN (V) to obtain the Sealed Nouverikant Outfit.
- The Dormant Nouverikant Helmet and Armor both have a 100% Enhancement success rate.
* You will require N number of Bloodstorm Black Stones to enhance to the Nth grade.
Materials Product
PEN (V) Dormant Nouverikant Helmet
Cantarnia's Crystal x30
Concentrated Nouver's Aura x3
Sealed Nouverikant Helmet
PEN (V) Dormant Nouverikant Armor
Cantarnia's Crystal x30
Concentrated Nouver's Aura x3
Sealed Nouverikant Armor
* You can purchase Cartarnia's Crystals from Francia, the Chief Librarian of Odraxxia, for 500 million Silver.
* You can obtain Concentrated Nouver's Aura by using Heating on Concentrated Boss's Aura x1 with Latent Nouver's Aura x10.
* Using the Sealed Nouverikant Outfit will break the seal and give you a Nouverikant Outfit suitable to your class.

● Once you have obtained a Nouverikant Outfit suitable to your class, speak to the guest from the "Mountain of Eternal Winter," residing in the capital city of Valencia, to receive a special gift.
- With the Nouverikant Outfit equipped, talk to the guest from the Mountain of Eternal Winter to accept a special quest ""Nouvermon"" that will reward you with the Tier 4 pet Nouvermon, which bears a striking resemblance to Nouver itself.

- Nouvermon is a Tier 4 pet of the same species as the Young Crimson Dragon and SPECIAL pet classification type.
- Nouvermon's Talent increases your Combat EXP +4% and bears the Special Skill: Hostility Detection.
- Nouverimon cannot be exchanged with Wizard Gosphy pets.

● Added the 'Nouverikant' title for Adventurers who acquire both the Nouverikant Armor and Nouverikant Helmet.
- You can obtain it by completing the Nouverikant quest, which can be obtained by talking to the 'Guest from the Mountain of Eternal Winter' while wearing the Nouverikant Armor and Helmet.

Season Drakania Graduation Begins! 

● Fughar, the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager, is lending a hand in converting your season character who has completed the Season: Drakania into a normal character.

※ For Adventurers looking to participate in the Tuvala Cup, please be reminded that you cannot graduate your season character and still participate in the tournament.

Graduation Period June 22nd 2022 Maintenance ~ Season Ends
Requirements for Graduation - Adventurers who have not purchased the Black Spirit Pass must complete all of the "Season Pass Challenges" and collect rewards
- Adventurers who have purchased the Black Spirit Pass should complete all of the "Season Pass and Black Spirit Pass Challenges" and collect rewards
- You must not have Fughar's Timepiece
- Details for the Season: Drakania graduation are as follows:
Quest Starting NPC Quest Objective Completing NPC
[Season Server Graduation]
At the Crossroad
Crow Merchants Guild Scribe, Leyla, at the workshop in Velia

Complete the [Season] Fughar's Special Timepiece quest and talk to Fughar


Complete the [Season] For the Future quest and talk to Fughar

[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World Fughar Use the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate Fughar
- Go to Fughar with a season character to complete the [Season] For the Future quest.
- Upon using the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate, your season character will be converted to a normal character.
- Complete the quests listed above to obtain Tuvala Conversion Stone Box, Gift Box Full of Memories, and Fughar's Letter of Encouragement.
- The contents of the Gift Box Full of Memories are as follows:
Gift Box Full of Memories Contents
[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon x1
Graduation Cap x1
Advice of Valks (+60) x1
Golden Graduation Gown x1
Cron Stone x100
[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) x1
[Event] Elion's Tear x10
[Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x5
[Event] Giovan Grolin's Support Scroll x5
[Event] Tachros' Spirit Stone x1
Blessed Message Scroll (100 min) x5
Premium Elixir Box x3
Finto's Filling/Sweet/Fresh Juice x10
※ Notes on Graduation
- You can use the Boss Gear Exchange Coupon obtained from the previous season.
- You can exchange your PEN (V) Tuvala gear for a TET (IV) Boss gear unavailable for transaction via the [PEN (V) Boss Gear]: The Best Deal quest.
- Use items and accept all rewards obtained by completing the 'Season, Black Spirit Pass Challenges' if you have purchased the [Event] Black Spirit Pass since you cannot use the items after graduating.
- You cannot graduate while you have Fughar's Timepiece.
- You can use the 'Honorable Adventurer's Certificate' item obtained from a graduation quest on a normal server.
Tip! Fughar's Timepiece is a very special item you can obtain during the Season: Drakania.
You can use the item before graduating if necessary, instead of deleting it to graduate.
▶ Go to [What Is Fughar's Timepiece?]
※ Go to [Adventurer's Guide] -> [Season Graduation] if you want to check out more details on the Season: Drakania graduation!

● Added a "Season Special Gift" quest that you can accept and complete via the 2022 Season: Drakania graduation.
Quest NPC Requirements Objective Rewards
[Season Special Gift] Prismatically Brilliant Dream! Fughar Lv. 20+ season character OR character who has completed the "[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World" quest Speak with Fughar Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon x1
Cron Stones x50
Fresh Orange Juice x10
Sweet Wild Berry Juice x10
Sour Green Grape Juice x10
- You can Exchange the Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon obtained from the aforementioned quest for one of the following six Special rewards from Fughar.
* However, if you've already received the special season reward, you cannot receive the reward for that particular season again.
- You can Exchange the Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon for Special rewards after graduating from Season: Drakania.
- Adventurers who have not received any of the Season Special rewards can obtain the rewards from the previous Season through the next season.

Select your Special Reward

[Group A]
2021 Summer Season

PEN(V) Capotia Earring

PEN(V) Capotia Ring

Select one of the above

[Group B]
2021 Summer Season

Perilla's Star

[Group C]
2021 Summer Season

PEN(V) Capotia Belt

[Group D]
Season +

Advice of Valks (+100)

[Group E]
2021 Winter Season

PEN(V) Capotia Necklace

[Group F]
Season: Drakania

Advice of Valks (+100)

● You can exchange Tuvala gear for boss gear with the Boss Gear Exchange Coupon via the following quests.
- Talk to Fughar with the Boss Gear Exchange Coupon in your inventory to accept the following quests. you can only proceed with one of the following quests at a time.
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Main Weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Sub-weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Awakening Weapon
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Helmet
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Armor
Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Shoes
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Gloves

Narchillan Gear

● Narchillan Gear has been added
- You can exchange Narchillan gear for the corresponding PEN (V) Naru gear and Canon awakening weapons, which you can obtain by completing each class's awakening questline, available once per family.
- The quest to obtain Narchillan Gear can be found from the Black Spirit. You can also find the quest in the recommended quest tab of the quest menu.
※ Season Characters cannot accept or complete the quests to aquire Narchillan gear.
- The stats for each piece of gear are as follows.
Gear Stats
Narchillan Main Hand AP: 109 ~ 115
Accuracy: 188
Narchillan Sub-weapon AP: 28 ~ 30
DP: 16
Accuracy: 12
Evasion: 9 (+28)
Damage Reduction: 7
Narchillan Awakening Weapon AP: 109 ~ 120
Narchillan Helmet DP: 72
Evasion: 25 (+54)
Damage Reduction: 47 (+8)
Narchillan Armor DP: 81
Evasion: 37 (+111)
Damage Reduction: 44 (+16)
Narchillan Gloves DP: 52
Accuracy: 47
Evasion: 23 (+69)
Damage Reduction: 29 (+11)
Narchillan Shoes DP: 69
Evasion: 40 (+84)
Damage Reduction: 29 (+6)

※ For other effects, please refer to the in-game tooltips.
※ Each piece of Narchillan defense gear will activate the set effects of boss and/or Blackstar defense gear when they're equipped together.
For example, if you equip a Boss Helmet + Boss Armor + Narchillan Gloves + Narchillan Shoes, you will gain the "Boss Armor 4-set effect".
- Narchillan Gear cannot be enhanced, including Caphras Enhancement.
- Season characters cannot equip Narchillan gear.
- The effects of Narchillan gear do not apply when your character's Karma is below 0.
- You cannot sell Narchillan gear to vendors nor register them onto the Central Market.
※ This effect will work in the future when Black Star Armor is added to the game.

● Added Combatant's Stone (Weapon) and Combatant's Stone (Armor), which you can use to reform Tuvala gear.
- Use Heating on 1 piece of Narchillan gear (regardless of type) to obtain a Spirit's First Breath, which you can bring to Maery at Atanis Pond to exchange for 1 Combatant's Stone (Weapon) and Combatant's Stone (Armor) each.
- This quest is available once per family.
- You can reform only 1 Tuvala weapon with the Combatant's Stone (Weapon) and only 1 Tuvala defense gear with the Combatant's Stone (Armor).
- You can heat a Narchillan Sol, Shai's Talent weapon, into a Spirit's First Breath. However, you cannot reform it into a Combatant's Tuvala Sol.
- You can purchase Combatant's Restoration Stones from blacksmiths and armor vendors in town and use them to extract Combatant's Stones from reformed gear.
- Improving Tuvala gear adds the following effects.

Type Effect
Main/Awakening Weapon Extra Damage to Monsters +7
Sub-weapon Extra Damage to Monsters +3, Monster Damage Reduction +3
Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Shoes Monster Damage Reduction +7

● Added recipes to convert Narchillan main, sub-, and awakening weapons back into box form.
  - You can use Manufacture with the following recipes to obtain Narchillan Weapon Boxes.
Processing Method Resulting Item
Use Manufacture with Narchillan main weapon x1 + Narchillan Processing Stone (Main Weapon) x1 Narchillan Main Weapon Box
Use Manufacture with Narchillan sub-weapon x1 + Narchillan Processing Stone (Sub-weapon) x1 Narchillan Sub-weapon Box
Use Manufacture with Narchillan awakening weapon x1 +Narchillan Processing Stone (Awakening Weapon) x1 Narchillan Awakening Weapon Box
- Narchillan Processing Stones (Main/Sub-/Awakening Weapon) are sold from local blacksmiths for 1 million Silver each.
Town Vendor NPC
Velia Trenan Underfoe
Heidel Techthon
Calpheon Grandus
Altinova Mevo Muranan
Valencia Elfa
Grána Dikzipo
Duvencrune Hughol
O'dyllita Limitte
- Once you've completed at least one of the Narchillan Main, Sub-weapon, and/or Awakening Weapon exchange quests, a new dialog option will be available through Fughar - "[Help] Exchanging Narchillan Weapons."

● Added the means to revert Combatant's Stone once converted from Narchillan gear back into gear.
1. Use Heating on Combatant's Stone (Weapon/Armor) to obtain "Spirit's First Breath" and "Combatant's Stone Fragment (Weapon/Armor)."
2. Use Heating on each piece of Narchillan gear to obtain "Spirit's First Breath" as well.
3. Bring 7 "Spirit's First Breath" to Fughar and accept the "[Special Aid] By the Power of Narchillan Once More" quest.
4. Complete this quest to obtain all 7 Narchillan gear types.
※ The Combatant's Stone Fragments can be combined with "Spirit's First Breath" to reobtain the Combatant's Stone.
※ "Spirit's First Breath" in your inventory and storage will automatically be moved to your storage in Heidel.

● Added the means to obtain Canon awakening weapons.
- Added the means to obtain a Canon awakening weapon if you don't have one while proceeding with the "[Special Aid] Narchillan's Powerful Awakening Weapon" quest.
- You can accept the "[Weekly] Canon Awakening Weapon" quest from Tulem in Altinova.
※ This quest requires you to have completed your class Awakening questline and be proceeding with the "[Special Aid] Narchillan's Powerful Awakening Weapon" quest on a non-season character.
- The above details will be mentioned by Fughar during said quest.


● Memory allocated to display text has been optimized.

Content Changes

● Marni's Pocket Watch, obtainable by completing Drakania's Succession questline, can be equipped to her awakening weapon slot.
※ You can reform Marni's Pocket Watch with Inverted Heart of Garmoth or Karanda's Heart to get additional effects. It is not an enhanceable item.

- Karanda's Heart will be released in a future update.

※ You can purchase the Mirror of Equilibrium from the Duvencrune blacksmith to extract items used for reforming from the reformed Marni's Pocket Watch.
※ Season characters cannot equip Marni's Pocket Watch.

Node/Conquest War Changes

● Fixed an issue where the 'My Special Evasion Rate' that displays on the world map would not immediately reflect changes made when consuming food.
※ Please note that the effects still applied, and this was a visual issue.
● Vype Stoner Cannons and event cannon items have been disabled in Node and Conquest War.

Character Changes

For more information regarding Character Changes, please read the [June 22nd Patch Note Part 2].

Item Changes

● Added the item Sealed Black Magic Crystal to the Crafting Notes.
● Separated [Mystic] Dhyana Shoes from the [Mystic] Dhyana Armor.
- Added [Mystic] Dhyana Shoes to the outfit boxes that contain the [Mystic] Dhyana Armor.
- Adventurers who had the [Mystic] Dhyana Armor in their possession will find the [Mystic] Dhyana Shoes in their storage in Heidel.
※ Please contact [Support] and attach screenshots of the item tooltips displaying the info of the dyes applied to the outfit previously if the color has changed.
● Increased the maximum price of PEN (V) Blackstar main weapons, awakening weapons, and sub-weapons to 200,000,000,000 Silver.
- Due to this change, an improvement was made so that the max number of Marni's Unstable Fuel required for copying PEN (V) Blackstar gear will be fixed at 150.

● Improved Mushroom Factories in all villages to produce the following Mushroom Boxes.
- Pie Mushroom Crate, Leccinum Crate, Bouquet Mushroom Crate, Purple Mushroom Crate

Monster Changes

● Changed [Possessed] Bloodthirsty Khalk that spawn in Crypt of Resting Thoughts and Khalk of Darkness to Rock Gargoyle.

Background, NPC, and Effect Changes

● Changed the name of the Node Manager at Oze Pass from "Petrified Laborers" to "Oze Pass Miner."
● Changed the Knowledge required to talk to the General Goods Vendor Phyria in Epheria.
- Knowledge required: Adventure Log -> Calpheon Journal -> Calpheon City Adventure Journal I -> Character -> People of Calpheon -> Citizens of Port Epheria
● Improved sound effects playing in the following situations:
- When the notification of an Adventurer defeat was played too often during Conquest War and Node War.
- When the notification sound was playing awkwardly in Black Spirit chat during a quest.

Quest and Knowledge Changes

● Changed the buff descriptions of Golden Pig's Blessing to match their item descriptions.
● Added the information that the purchase count for Gerez Mercenary Office Scroll resets every Monday to its item description.
● The knowledge required to commuinicate with the following NPC's has been changed.
Fanucci: Port Epheria Stable Keeper
* Adventure Log - Calpheon Journal - Keplan Adventure Journal → Character - People of Calpheon - Citizens of Port Epheria
Olivino Grolin: Port Epheria Trade Manager
* Adventure Log - Calpheon Journal - Keplan Adventure Journal → Character - People of Calpheon - Upper Class of Keplan
Lamiro Iadans: Port Epheria Node Management
* Adventure Log - Calpheon Journal - Keplan Adventure Journal → Character - People of Calpheon - Shunned Ones of Calpheon

● Fixed the dialogues of the following quests where the item mentioned in the lines and the item required for the quest were different.
- Jacob's Grief, A Seed for Tomorrow!

UI Changes

● Improved to display the stats for each level on the tooltip information of Ability stats on the My Information window.

Ability Description
Attack Speed Higher levels increase Attack Speed.
- Lv. 1: By 5%
- Lv. 2: By 9%
- Lv. 3: By 12%
- Lv. 4: By 15%
- Lv. 5: By 20%
Movement Speed Higher levels increase Movement Speed.
- Lv. 1: By 5%
- Lv. 2: By 9%
- Lv. 3: By 12%
- Lv. 4: By 15%
- Lv. 5: By 20%
Critical Hit Higher levels increase Critical Hit Rate.
- Lv. 1: By 5%
- Lv. 2: By 9%
- Lv. 3: By 12%
- Lv. 4: By 15%
- Lv. 5: By 18%
Fishing Higher levels reduce Fishing time.
- Lv. 0: By 15%
- Lv. 1: By 30%
- Lv. 2: By 35%
- Lv. 3: By 40%
- Lv. 4: By 45%
- Lv. 5: By 50%
Gathering Higher levels reduce Gathering time.
- Lv. 1: By 25%
- Lv. 2: By 45%
- Lv. 3: By 60%
- Lv. 4: By 70%
- Lv. 5: By 75%
Luck Higher levels increase Item Drop Rate.
- Lv. 1: By 2.5%
- Lv. 2: By 5.0%
- Lv. 3: By 7.5%
- Lv. 4: By 10%
- Lv. 5: By 12.5%

● The following challenges have been improved to have them listed at the top of the challenge reward list.
- Daily Blood Frenzy
- Log in Daily to earn Loyalties!

● Instructions on depositing silver to your guild will now show when you select the Deposit option.

Other Changes

● Fixed the issue where some Forest Bats in Atanis Waterway, Kamasylvia couldn't be gathered from after defeating them.
● Fixed the appearance of the water in the pool at Atosa's Villa.
● Fixed a transparent wall that appears in the underground sections of Glish.
● Fixed an issue where a HP could appear abnormally when interacting with pets/fences etc. in certain situations.
● Fixed an issue where the 'Find NPC' option did not work in specific situations.
● Applied the following changes to camouflage:
- Improved to immediately change the Adventurer's name to "Unknown Adventurer" when the party/guild member that has equipped camouflage leaves the party/guild.
- Fixed the issue of not being applied even after activating party/guild member's camouflage function.
● Fixed the issue where pets whose special skills were deactivated would sometimes perform special skills.
● Fixed an issue where in certain situations, workers could not be registered to the Worker Excahnge correctly.

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