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Updates [Update] [Updated] July 24th Update Patch Notes
Black Desert 2019-07-24 12:00

It’s time to step out of the shadows as Ninja’s awakening is now available. Pick up the mantle of the Sura and dispatch enemies with a flick of the wrist. Find out more about the Ninja’s awakening in our GM Note [here].


The world is a dangerous place, and new bosses threaten the stability of civilization. Karanda, Muraka, and Quint all stir and pose great threats to the world. Adventurers will be rewarded handsomely for taking on these colossal enemies.

Before taking on these formidable foes, we recommend taking a look at our GM Note found [here].

The Harpies of Karanda Ridge have been relentless in their attacks on Delphe Castle, and their organization and effectiveness rest solely on their strongest leader, Karanda. As the matriarch of the Harpies, Karanda leads with absolute ruthlessness and will stop at nothing to protect her nest. Some academics posit that she is currently testing her strength against the humans in Delphe Castle, and she makes the human forces look almost helpless as they continue to make ground against the castle.

With Karanda, the most powerful awakening weapons are now unlocked. The Dandelion weapons are exceptionally crafted and deliver an incredible punch compared to the current awakening weapons.

Trolls often turn to stone to preserve themselves for sustained periods of time, and Quint, the first troll, is no exception. This statue-like entity has finally started to stir, and it’s adding a whole new dimension to the war against the trolls. Quint does not take damage while standing, so it is imperative to take out his legs first to bring him to the floor, where you can unleash your fury at his relatively weak body.

The depths of the Mansha forest are peaceful no more as Muraka emerges from the thick forests to bring death and destruction to anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. He is relatively slow but makes up for it with his incredibly powerful attacks. As his HP lowers, he becomes enraged bringing even more damage than before. Taking out his legs will open him up to damage. 


As new World Bosses have been added, the times and spawns of different world bosses have been modified. Please check the table below for the new times:

Many of the alchemists across the world have been looking to replicate Marni Stones and apply them to other threats to the world's stability. Although there were many failures, and none quite captured the functionality of the stones, a process was developed which would allow the capture of the aura of World Bosses. The following auras will be available:  


●Kzarka’s Latent Aura
●Nouver’s Latent Aura
●Karanda’s Latent Aura
●Kutum’s Latent Aura

By defeating World Bosses across the world, adventurers will be rewarded with Latent Auras. By collecting 100 Latent Auras, you will be able to exchange them for the respective bosses Sealed Weapon Box.

Each quest can be accepted once your character has reached level 50 or higher and can be completed once per family. After completing the quest, you will be able to exchange each Latent Aura for Memory Fragments. 

Capotia Accessories have been added as rewards for hitting level 61 to 64! Capotia Accessories are incredibly powerful accessories that will give a boost to all character that can reach those high levels! The Capotia Accessories are only given out once per family, and cannot be sold or enhanced. 



Table Type 4
Capotia Accessories
Accessory Level Reward Stats
Capotia Ring Level 61 AP +14
Capotia Earring Level 62 AP +13
Capotia Belt Level 63 AP +14
Capotia Necklace Level 64 AP +25



These rewards can be collected from your challenges tab by going to the Challenge Reward option in the menu.

The road of a weary Adventurer is a long one, especially through the desert. So why not kick back and take advantage of some villas owned by the nobles of Valencia?


Before going into the villa, you are going to need to buy an invitation from the keeper for 100G gold bar. Once purchased, you will have access to the villa for 7 days, allowing you to access daily quests, make repairs, purchase potions, exchange money, and so much more. 


Aside from the variety of functions available to you, one of the most important benefits of villas is the ability to purchase villa buffs. These buffs are especially useful in Node and Conquest Wars as the slightest advantage can tip the scales in your favor. Be careful though, only one villa buff at a time can be applied [with priority being given to the most recent buff]. 



Table Type 4
Villa Buffs
Buffs Effects Villas Price
Turning Gates (90 min.)

Energy Recovery +1
Amity +10%

Life Exp +10%

Karashu, Shakatu, Kiyak, Muna, Marzana, Talia

300,000 silver OR 1G gold bar x3
Turning Gates (180 min.) 900,000 silver OR 1G gold bar x9
Skill and Experience (90 min.)

Skill EXP +10%

Combat EXP+10%

Sunstroke and Hypothermia

Resistance Chance +40%

Kunid, Amir, Alsabi, Gahaz, Tasaila, Shandi, Inaha,

Dudora, Oberin


500,000 silver OR 1G gold bar x5
Skill and Experience (180 min.) 1,500,000 silver OR 1G gold bar x15
Body Enhancement (90 min.)

All Attack +10

All Defense +10

Max HP +200

All Resistance +10%

Ignore All Resistance +5%


Lohan, Atosa


1,500,000 silver OR 1G gold bar x15
Body Enhancement (180 min.) 4,500,000 silver OR 1G gold bar x45


Please do note that you will need to have silver or gold bars in your inventory. You will not be able to use silver or gold bars that are in storage. 


Can’t find the villas? Head over to the World Map where icons indicating the location of villas can be found! You can also verify which buffs and daily quests are available. 


Shakatu has been trading across the desert sands for many years and has learned how to get the most out of each trading route. Although he has experimented with Camel caravans, he found that the most effective way to transport large quantities of items across the desert was with the Miniature elephants.

These Miniature elephants can carry up to 16 different items, and can carry up to 830LT without penalties, or 1700LT with minor speed penalties! They are also well equipped to deal with the desert sands, and can happily travel across the desert unhindered! Miniature Elephants do not come cheap, especially as the only place to pick one up in at Shakatu’s Villa. 


Elephants can learn up to 8 skills, which can be found below.

Table Type 4
Elephant Skills
Skills Commands Skill Description + Effect
Fore Chop B Miniature Elephant raises its front feet and slams to the fround. There is no attack decision effect.
Quick Run ↑ + LT
(Req. Saddle)
Miniature Elephant runs faster!
Quick Turn Press ← OR → + ↓ while running You can make a sharper turn.
Quick Halt Press ↓ while running You can stop quickly and have a shorter braking distance.
Rampage A
(Req. Stirrups)
Miniature Elephant will raise its front feet and roar. (The adventurer will gain HP/MP auto recovery amount +19 buff). 
Side Steps ← OR → Miniature Elephant will side step left or right.

Press B while running

(Req. Saddle)

Miniature Elephant's Instant Accel. skill. This skill can only be used at 3-level acceleration or higher. 
Quick Start LB (Req. Elephant Mask)

Dash forward from a standstill. You will eventually come to a stop if no other inputs are given after

Quick Start. 


In order to get your elephant, you will need to start with the “[Villa] Especially Adorable Elephant” quest from Serazad in Shakatu’s Villa. Complete the chain of quests up to the “[Villa] Owner of a Special Elephant” to get the “Registration: Miniature Elephant”


Speaking of Valencia, you can now obtain Yona’s Fragments by defeating monsters in Valencia [with the exception of monster’s found in Aakman Temple, Hystria Ruins, Waragon Nest, Crescent Shrine, and Basilisk Den]. 


Yona’s Fragments are a key material in the creation of some of the best accessories found in Black Desert. With a level 5 jeweler, you can use Yona’s Fragments to create a Ring of Crescent Guardian, Ring of Cadry Guardian, Centaurus Belt, Basilisk’s Belt, Serap’s Necklace or a Sicil’s Necklace. Other components are also required. 


To craft them, you will need to purchase a level 5 Jeweler house. These houses can be found in the following locations. 

  • Altinova 4-5
  • Valencia 13-4, 2F
  • Valencia 20-2, 2 F


You can also obtain Yona’s Fragments by heating certain yellow grade accessories. In order to do so, you will need the knowledge “Ossa Dilla’s Special Heating Method”, which can be obtained for 30 energy from the Arms Vendor NPC Ossa Dilla in Valencia. 


Once obtained, you will be able to heat the following accessories for Yona’s Fragments:


  • Ring of Crescent Guardian : 3~5 Yona's Fragments
  • Ring of Cadry Guardian : 3~5 Yona's Fragments
  • Serap's Necklace : 3~5 Yona's Fragments
  • Sicil's Necklace : 3~5 Yona's Fragments
  • Centaurus Belt : 5~7 Yona's Fragments
  • Basilisk's Belt : 5~7 Yona's Fragments


You will obtain the same amount of Processing EXP by heating yellow grade accessories regardless of the quantity of Yona's Fragment produced.


Aakman and Hystria Instant Entry quests have been added! This will allow you to travel to Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins faster than ever before. Once you finish the “[Lv.55] Eastern Sands Kingdom Story” questline, you will be able to pick up quest lines for both Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins. 


The first quest of the Aakman Temple questline is “Chaotic Aakman Temple” which can be obtained from the Node Manager NPC Atosa in the Aakman Node. 


The first quest of the Hystria Temple questline is “Rumors at Ibellab Oasis” which can be obtained from the NPC Sameh in Ibellab Oasis. 


After completing each quest chain, you will have to pay 1 Black Spirit’s Claw to NPC Atosa in the Aakman Node to gain quick access to both Aakman and Hystria. 


Villas are not the only way for weary Adventurers to relax - Old Moon Tents and Naphart Campsites are now in Black Desert! 


Campsites can be set up anywhere and can be used to repair equipment, access a shop, and more. You will be able to efficiently take down monsters as you can save time by not having to search for NPCs! 


To get started, you will need to finish the [Survival Guru] quest, given to you by the Black Spirit once you have completed the “[Boss] Witch-Hunting” quest. From there, you will be able to accept the “How to Survive the Wilderness” quest, which will net you the Camping Tool. Finish the “Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill” quest to get the Old Moon Camping Anvil, Old Moon Camping Tent, and the Old Moon Camping Shop. 


Once you register the Camping Tool, you can use the tool and the Camping Tent permanently [Camping Anvil and Camping Shop can be used for a limited time]. You will want to find Old Moon Managers to buy items that repair your anvil. You can also get weekly contracts for storage and the shop! Managers can be found here:






We are making improvements to Aakman Temple to help ready it for the influx of players who are nearing the required gear score. We will be boosting the respawn rates of mobs within the temple from between 40~60% depending on the room. We are also adding or moving certain monsters around from room to room.

This change allows you to stay in one room and gives the temple the ability to sustain more players at the same time.


Hidden chests are scattered throughout the world of Black Desert, but there never seems to be a key when you find one. Therefore we have added keys as rewards to certain story missions in the Balenos~Calpheon region. 


The following quests will now offer keys:

Nightmares Revealed: 1 Gold Key
Fragment of Earth: 1 Silver Key

Operation Breakthrough: 1 Silver Key
The Morning Star of Trina: 1 Silver Key
Beneath the Depths of the Well: 1 Gold Key

There is currently an issue where Gold Keys are not added to the rewards. We are investigating.

The ‘Express Delivery’ quest conditions have been changed so that it no longer interrupts the flow of the early game Black Spirit Quests. Before, some players would accept this quest before they reach Velia, slowing down their arrival. To help alleviate this, we have moved the quest from Black Spirit Quests to Other quests and raised the minimum level from 10 to 26. This change should help to improve the early game for new adventurers.  

Quests that are picked up from many NPC’s in Black Desert now have Amity as a reward. This will allow you to unlock certain perks from NPC’s across the Black Desert world just by completing quests for that NPC.

Combat EXP Improvements.

We have improved the amount of exp that can be gained from quests. The amount of EXP given used to be a fixed amount of EXP, however, it will now be converted to a fixed percentage based on your current level.

Since the release of Shai, Donkey’s have once again become an important mount for adventurers across Black Desert. We are continuing to improve donkeys so that they can truly find a home in the Black Desert world.

  • Donkey skills will now appear on the skill list once the skills have been used.
  • When hit, donkeys will now flee the battlefield as intended. 
  • Fixed an issue where using a Black Spirit 100% skill on the back of a donkey would cause it to turn around.
  • Fixed an issue where the donkey would follow an adventurer to the bottom of a river. 
  • You can see whether a character has a horse withdrawn in the character selection window.
  • Fixed an issue where fish could not be sold when interacting with the NPC while mounted.
  • Fixed an issue wherein certain circumstances, after registering a wild horse and putting into the stables, the adventurer would still be mounted to the horse. 
  • Fixed an issue where the camera view point would be unnatural when interacting with NPCs while mounted. 


Officers in guilds will now be able to use the ‘[Guild] Pledge of the Blood’ item, which gives them the opportunity to activate certain guild skills such as Call to Battle.


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