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Updates [Update] [Update] Patch Notes - July 20, 2022
Black Desert 2022-07-20 00:00


A new update is here, bring an overhaul of the Balenos Main Questline, improvements with the Central Market and Blacksmith systems, and more! Read on to find out more details about the July 20th Update.



Balenos Main Questline Renewal

The Balenos main questline, which includes Velia, the hometown of many Adventurers, has undergone a renewal. We've added fully-voiced cutscenes, a graphical makeover for the major NPCs, reorganized the quest pathing, all for the sake of improving our focus on storytelling. We hope this renewal will help our new Adventurers better understand the world of Black Desert, and our veteran Adventurers enjoy a fresh, updated look to the Balenos main questline.
We believe updating existing content to be as important as adding new content, and we will strive to continue with improving the game.

● Renewed the Balenos Main Questline with fully-voiced cutscenes and a storyline that better fleshes out the NPCs and their relationships with each other.
- You can find the requirements of this questline under "[Balenos] Breaker of Chains" in Quests - Main tab. 
- Due to the renewal, certain Knowledge entries have been modified while others have been added for the Balenos territory. 
- The Balenos main questline renewal consists of 3 branching stories.
- Completing the renewed Balenos main questline will increase your Amity with the relevant Quest NPCs.
- The renewed Balenos main questline has several Crossroad quests added which will determine the final outcome of the questline.

* Adventurers who have already started the pre-renewal Balenos main questline cannot begin the renewed main questline.
* Season characters who've completed "[Pet] Bareeds' Junaid" will need to complete "[Balenos] Dark Clouds Over Velia" to be able to select the simplified questline. 
* Lv. 1 characters who were already created before this update will need to forfeit all quests, excluding Family quests, in order to begin with the renewed Balenos main questline.


New Faces

Red Nose, the Imp Boss

After awakening in the Forest of Seclusion and wandering through the Ancient Stone Chamber, you join forces with an Imp expert to chase after the Imp Boss on a mission that will forever engrave your name in this strange new world. 

Giath, King of the Goblins

Chase after the Goblin King with Eileen, the alchemist's daughter, to unravel the mystery of the nightmares plaguing Emma, the granddaughter of Velia's chief.

The Phantom Knight

Encounter this mysterious foe in Cron Castle to discover the connection between Emma's nightmares and the fallen Kingdom of Cron.

Jarette Domongatt, Princess of Serendia

"If you would just hand over the Black Stone that was in Red Nose's possession..."


The sassy princess who would do anything for love... Will she ever open her heart to us?


Eileen, the Famous Alchemist's Daughter

"And remember, when you're in Velia, you shop at Eileen's! If I catch you around Clorince's store…"


Despite having an inferiority complex, Eileen retains a sunny disposition as she joins you in your adventure. 


Emma, the Velia Chief's Granddaughter

"Hello, my name is Emma. I'm Igor Bartali's granddaughter. You must be a guest of his."

Looking for an Adventurer who can cure Emma of her daily nightmares.

Grusha Norc, Head of the Goblin Infiltration Task Force

"#@!!#?? $@!@@$!...!! $#$!... Ah, a Human. I'm Grusha, the head of the Velia Vigilantes' special task force."


What is to be the fate of Grusha, the man who lives as both Goblin and Human?

● You can also accept the "simplified questline" exclusive to season characters during the renewed Balenos main questline.
* Since there are two Crossroad points during the questline, you can also complete the entire main questline, then proceed with the simplified questline if you so desire.
- The shared conditions to proceed with the simplified main questline is as follows.

Shared Conditions Season character with the shared Family quest "[Pet] Bareeds' Junaid" complete
First Crossroad Point Second Crossroad Point
[Balenos] Dark Clouds Over Velia
(upon first arriving in Velia)
[Balenos] Farewell, Grusha 
(endpoint of the Balenos main questline)
● You can obtain the following Knowledge entries in the renewed Balenos main questline.
Goblin War Horn
The Final Gift of the Aged Chief Giath
The Value of Black Stones
The Great Desert of 10 Years Past
Ancient Writings
Report: The Ancient Stone Chamber
Black Stones and the Black Desert
Things Are Lookin' Up!
Curse Befallen on the Family
Velia Ossuary Robbed, Punishment Well-deserved!
Giath's Eternity
Support: Strings Attached
Death's Well
Spiritually Shackled I
Spiritually Shackled II
The Call of the King
Breaker of Chains
Grusha's Dream
Grusha's Whereabouts
Grusha's Maw
Tachros' Nightmare
● Due to the renewal, the following Knowledge entries have been updated.
Emma Bartali
Imp Cave
Giath's Secret
Sad Imp Kid, Red Nose
Grudging Soul of Cron Cave (Remembering Hanna)
Red Nose

● You can obtain the following titles by completing the renewed Balenos main questline.
* Certain titles are only obtained from completing certain Crossroad quests.
- Breaker of Chains
- Emma Bartali's VIP
- Hey! Red Nose!
- Rooting For
- Mixed Feelings


● Added a tutorial focused on storytelling for new characters.
- This prologue tutorial has your newly created Lv. 1 character traverse the desert sands with Illezra, and can be skipped by your Family if you've completed the entire tutorial at least once.
* Newly created Lv. 1 characters have had their quest list reset for the sake of proceeding with the tutorial.




Blacksmith Function Improvements

The Dwarven artisans of Gavinya Great Crater have developed a new and improved way to repair and extract items. 
The newly improved functions have been spreading across the continent, far and wide, from stable keepers to even the campsites.
Now Adventurers will only need to press the "repair" button once to repair any and every item that is in need of repair. The means of extracting outfits have also been improved.
Before using the "Select All" button and extracting from outfits, please make sure you've locked any outfit/costume appearances you do not wish to accidently extract and destroy. 

● Improved the repair function.
- You can now repair all items (equipped, in your inventory, horse gear, ship gear, guild gear) with one button press.
- You can pick and choose which criteria to repair via the cogwheel-shaped settings button on the side.




Central Market Improvements

As we mentioned during in the GM notes, we are applying an update regarding the maximum amount of items you can list and purchase from the Central Market.
We've increased the amount you can list and purchase by item type, and, as long as there are a certain number of items listed on the market, you will be able to purchase a greater amount of items simultaneously than you were previously able to purchase.
We hope this will bring some quality of life improvements for our Adventurers who frequent the Central Market.
● Increased the maximum listable and purchasable amount of 1,340 items in the Central Market.
- Increased the maximum listable and purchasable amount by item type at once (including orders).
- You will now be able to purchase a greater amount of items at a time as long as there are a certain number of items listed on the market.
* ex 1) Less than 2,999 Pure Iron Ore (basic ingredient) listed on the market - Can purchase up to 1,000 at a time
* ex 1) More than 3,000 Pure Iron Ore (basic ingredient) listed on the market - Can purchase up to 3,000 at a time
- Maximum One-Time Amount by Item Type
Type Maximum One-Time Order/Purchasable Amount Maximum One-Time Listable Amount
Cooking Items, Elixirs 500
(1,000 if 1,000+ items listed)
Basic Ingredients
(Blood, Meats, Fluids, Timber, Hides, Ores, Rough Crystals, etc.)
(3,000 if 3,000+ items listed)
Processed Items
(Melted Ores, Planks, etc.)
(3,000 if 3,000+ items listed)
Twice Processed Items
(Ingots, Plywoods, Resplendent Crystals, Fine Hides, etc.)
(2,000 if 2,000+ items listed)
Thrice Processed Items
(Pure Crystals, Sturdy Plywoods, Supreme, Hides, etc.)
(300 if 300+ items listed)
Spices, Dough, Grain Powders, etc. 1,000
(3,000 if 3,000+ items listed)
Alchemy - Blood 500
(1,000 if 1,000+ items listed)
Alchemy - Oils 200
(500 if 500+ items listed)
Traces 100
(300 if 300+ items listed)
Caphras Stone, Memory Fragment 100
(300 if 300+ items listed)
Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) 500
(1,000 if 1,000+ items listed)
Summon Scroll Pieces
(Ancient Relic Crystal Shard, Forbidden Book, Scroll Written in Ancient Language, Manshaum Voodoo Doll)
(300 if 300+ items listed)
All 6 Courser Training Materials /
Swaying Wind Shard, Rumbling Earth Shard
(500 if 500+ items listed)
Metal Solvent, Gem Polisher, Plywood Hardener, Leather Glaze 300 3,000
Alchemy Stone Shards 1,000 10,000
Black Magic Crystals that can be heated into Magical Shards /
Magic Crystals of lower item grade (excluding Combat and Skill EXP)
50 200
High-Quality and Special Seeds 50 300
Sweet Honey Wine, Forest Fury 50 200
Fire Horn 500 3,000
Dragon Scale Fossil 300 2,000
Silver Key 300 1,000
Balanced Feed, Brady's Nutritious Feed 200 2,000



New and Improvements

● Axe of Destruction 
- Fixed the issue where 1003% attack damage was being applied instead of 763% attack damage.



● Earthly Pain
- Fixed the issue where the sound effect of attack 1 would not be played. 




The Adventure Logs were originally designed to provide a different means of experiencing the variety of content Black Desert had to offer, while also rewarding the Adventurer with items or stats.
To help new Adventurers progress through the available Adventure Logs with ease, we've altered some of the objectives for these entries, including Igor Bartali's Adventure Journal that started it all.
● Improved the Adventure Logs as follows:
Adventure Log Before Now
Igor Bartali's Adventure Log Volume 3  Obtain Frightening Witch Summon Scroll x1 to complete "Use the scroll and face the witch"
 Obtain Frightening Witch Summon Scroll x1 upon completing the "Search the building cursed by the witch" objective.
* Now it is easier to proceed with the "Use the scroll and face the witch" objective.
Igor Bartali's Adventure Log Volume 7 Gift Islin Bartali a Manos Ruby Necklace Gift Islin Bartali a PRI (I) Serap's Necklace
Igor Bartali's Adventure Log Volume 10 Equip a TRI (III) or higher Asula's Accessory Equip a PRI (I) or higher Asula's Accessory
Herald's Journal Desert Pilgrimage time limit: 12 min Desert Pilgrimage time limit: 15 min
Encyclopedia Volume 5
Collect items related to Ogres (4 types) Collect items related to Ogres (3 types)

● Added a new page to Rulupee's Travel Log:
- Objective: 19235 completed quests
- Completing the page will earn you a Permanent Enhancement Chance +1 (Family Wide)




Cron Meal cooldowns have been reduced from 30 minutes to 10 seconds.
Cron Meals were used in a variety of different content, but were inconvenient to use if ever they were accidentally consumed due to the long cooldown times.
To prevent such mishaps, we decided to reduce their cooldown to 10 seconds. However, considering how Health EXP can be gained from food consumption, we decided to add the "Satiated" debuff to keep the rate of gaining Health EXP the same as before.
Please note that certain other food effects can still be stacked, hence the reason why we chose to retain their respective cooldowns as before.

● Changed the cooldown of Seafood Cron Meal, Simple Cron Meal, and Exquisite Cron Meal to 10 seconds.
- Consuming any of the following food items will apply the "Satiated" debuff.
- The "Satiated" debuff lasts for 30 minutes. During this time, any food consumed will not grant your character Health EXP gains.
- The complete list of food items that apply the "Satiated" debuff when consumed are as follows.
* Certain event food items also apply the "Satiated" debuff.

Seafood Cron Meal
Simple Cron Meal
Exquisite Cron Meal
[Battlefield] Exquisite Cron Meal
[Event] Seafood Cron Meal
[Event] Simple Cron Meal
[Event] Exquisite Cron Meal
[Event] Carnation
[Event] Mediah Meal
Fruit Wine
Pickled Vegetables
Cheese Gratin
Aloe Yogurt
Aloe Cookie
Honey Wine
Sute Tea
Assorted Side Dishes
Teff Bread
Fig Pie
Pistachio Fried Rice
Teff Sandwich
Date Palm Wine
Stir-Fried Vegetables
Grain Soup
Fried Vegetables
Fruit Juice
Fruit and Vegetable Salad
Fruit Pudding
Soft Bread
Exotic Herbal Wine
Milk Tea
Fruit Pie
Meat Pie
Honeycomb Cookie
Ham Sandwich
Tea With Fine Scent
Crispy Fried Vegetables
Special Fruit Pudding
Special Grain Soup
Smooth Milk Tea
Thick Fruit Juice
Full-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine
Luscious Fruit Wine
Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetable
Chewy Cheese Gratin
Crispy Stir-Fried Vegetables
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Salad
Moist Milk Bread
Sweet Fruit Pie
Lean Meat Pie
Crispy Honeycomb Cookie
High-Quality Ham Sandwich
Soft Omelet
Tea with Strong Scent
Thick Aloe Yogurt
Sweet Aloe Cookie
Tangy Honey Wine
Healthy Sute Tea
Plentiful Assorted Side Dishes
Spongy Teff Bread
Sweet Fig Pie
Savory Pistachio Fried Rice
Spicy Teff Sandwich
Mild Date Palm Wine
Classic Couscous
Coconut Cocktail
Coconut Pasta
Coconut Fried Fish
Chilled Coconut Cocktail
Sweet Coconut Pasta
Crispy Coconut Fried Fish
Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich
Sweet Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich
Stir-Fried Bracken
Savory Stir-Fried Bracken
Delotia Herb Tea
Delotia Tart
High-Quality Delotia Tart
Delotia Pudding
Blood Red Delotia Pudding
Delotia Juice
Chilled Delotia Juice
Delotia Milk Tea
Fragrant Delotia Milk Tea
Stir-Fried Bird
Savory Stir-Fried Bird
Stir-Fried Bracken and Meat
Light Stir-Fried Bracken and Meat
Chicken Breast Salad
Fresh Chicken Breast Salad
Frank Sandwich
High-Quality Frank Sandwich
Boiled Bird Eggs
Fried Bird
Meat Croquette
Steamed Bird
Lizard Kebab
Fried Fish
Steamed Fish
Desert Dumpling
Steamed Seafood
Pickled Fish
Seafood Pasta
Meat Stew
Meat Sandwich
Meat Pasta
Smoked Fish Steak
Fish Soup
Seafood Mushroom Salad
Stir-Fried Seafood
Seafood Grilled with Butter
Dark Pudding
Fish Fillet Salad
Meat Soup
Lean Meat Salad
Stir-Fried Meat
Grilled Sausage
Special Fish Soup
Crispy Fried Fish
Juicy Steak
Smoked Sausage
Special Stir-Fried Meat
Savory Seafood Grilled with Butter
Special Meat Soup
Top Grade Lean Meat Salad
Appealing Boiled Bird Egg
Divine Fried Bird
Crispy Meat Croquette
Lean Steamed Fish
Plentiful Steamed Seafood
High-Quality Seafood Pasta
Thick Meat Stew
High-Quality Meat Sandwich
Spaghetti alla Bolognese
Golden Smoked Fish Steak
Special Seafood Mushroom Salad
Special Stir-Fried Seafood
Bloody Dark Pudding
Fresh Fish Fillet Salad
Well-aged Steamed Bird
Lean Lizard Kebab
Fragrant Borscht
Chewy Desert Dumpling
Sour Pickled Fish
Steamed Whale Meat
Whale Meat Salad
Chewy Steamed Whale Meat
Fresh Whale Meat Salad
Grilled Scorpion
Crispy Grilled Scorpion
King of Jungle Hamburg
Jumbo King of Jungle Hamburg
Hard-boiled Gargoyle Leg
Stir-fried Gazelle Hind Leg
Hard-boiled Soft Gargoyle Leg
Lean Stir-fried Gazelle Hind Leg
Khalk's Fermented Wine
Khalk's Strong Fermented Wine
Prawn Salad
Sweet and Sour Prawn Salad
Steamed Prawn
Hearty Steamed Prawn
Pan-Fried Oyster
Aromatic Pan-Fried Oyster
Butter-Roasted Lobster
Golden Butter-Roasted Lobster
Hard-Boiled Shellfish
Big Hard-Boiled Shellfish
Roast Gazelle
Tasty Roast Gazelle
Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt
Mild Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt
Ghormeh Sabzi
Thick Ghormeh Sabzi
Roast Marmot
Golden Roast Marmot
Skewered Llama Cheese Melt
Spicy Skewered Llama Cheese Melt
Five-Grain Chicken Porridge
Thick Five-Grain Chicken Porridge
Savory Steak
Balenos Meal
Special Balenos Meal
Serendia Meal
Special Serendia Meal
Calpheon Meal
Special Calpheon Meal
Mediah Meal
Special Mediah Meal
Valencia Meal
Special Valencia Meal
Knight Combat Rations
Special Arehaza Meal
Margoria Seafood Meal
Kamasylvia Meal
Special Kamasylvia Meal
Special Drieghanese Meal
O'dyllita Meal
Special O'dyllita Meal

● The following item names and tooltips have been adjusted:

- Item Collection Increase Scroll (30 min)
- Floramos Petal
- Dragon Slayer Patraca Blueprint
- Forest Emerald, Gold Topaz, Ocean Sapphire, Star Diamond
- [Season] Rift's Crystal
- Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll


● Applied the following changes to the loot obtained from Star's End monsters:
- Increased the drop rate of Black Distortion Earring from Star's End monsters by 1.2 times.
- Increased the drop rate of Black Distortion Earring from "Possessed Apostle of Malevolence" by 2 times.
● Atoraxxion - Applied the following changes to the loot that can be obtained from Sycrakea Reward Chest.
- Syca's Rare Box

Before Now
Tungrad Ring
Vaha's Dawn
Ethereal Earring
Tungrad Ring
Vaha's Dawn

* Applies to the loot that is obtained after the update. Does not apply to Syca's Rare Boxes already in your possession.
● Changed the following loot price that can be obtained by gathering with a Hoe after defeating mushroom in Polly's Forest:
- Loot Price: 1,955 → 9,720



Quest, Knowledge

● There are stories/side-quests that come from all over the world of Black Desert:
- Crio from Velia says that there is a fish well known for its taste.
- It seems like a cute kitten from Velia is waiting for someone.
- It is rumored that there is a kid that speaks with an unusual accent in the Calpheon Slum.
- A Valencian archaeologist is waiting for news from her sister, who has decided to explore the desert in search of the Aakman Temple.
- The O'draxxia Work Manager and Storage Keeper have started to spread new rumors.
- Benns Lamute of the Lamute Gang heard a rumor regarding treasure chests at Papua Crinea Island.
- A soldier guarding the supply manager's wares in Heidel has yet to hear back from his brother at the Castle Ruins.
- They say a man at Marino Farm craves to taste the fabled "grape".
- A hungry child in the Calpheon Slum is in need of aid.
- A man in Valencia appears to be in dire need of a break.
● Improved Miya's Delivering Goods quests, accepted in the Dancing Marlin Tavern at Velia, to receive the trade good immediately when accepting the quest.
- Affected Quests: Delivering Goods: Baremi Island, Delivering Goods: Narvo Island, Delivering Goods: Tinberra Island
- Accept the quest and obtain the goods through dialogue → Accept the quest and obtain the goods immediately if there is an empty slot in your Inventory
● Improved on the energy exchange function where you could not exchange energy for energy potions via Alustin in Velia if the character had 200 or more energy and did not complete the renewed Balenos questline.
● Improved the "Traveler's Map" item, received as a reward for completing the "Purified Ritual" quest, to be usable near Sarma Anin during the Mediah main quest "The Kingdom of Mediah."
- Therefore, the quest location of the quests that required you to cross the Mediah Castle bridge was changed to a location before the bridge.
* The Black Sun, [Boss] Awakened Black Spirit, Purified Ritual, The Kingdom of Mediah
● Improved to be able to accept "Shining Brighter: Narc Ear Accessory" and "Shining Brighter: Tungrad Earring" from Jetina, the Manager of the Old Moon Guild even with enhanced earrings in your possession.

'"The Last Ritual" is the grand finale of the Driegan main questline where your character faces off against Garmoth. However, due to the history between the Sherekhans and Drakania, if you proceed with the quest as a Drakania, you face Garmoth on your own as the the Sherekhans will not help you (due to the history between Drakania and the Sherekhans). While it was intentionally a little difficult, it was too difficult for new Adventurers to take on. Therefore, we have eased the level of difficulty when proceeding with "The Last Ritual" quest as Drakania to be similar in difficulty as when other classes proceed with the quest. 
● If proceeding with the quest "The Last Ritual" with Drakania, the quest has been made easier to complete.

To celebrate Black Desert being serviced in all regions, your longtime companion, the Black Spirit, has prepared a special gift for the occasion in the forms of the "Blood-eyed Visor" and "Blood-eyed Earrings!"

We'd like to thank all of our Adventurers for enjoying Black Desert.
● Added Event quests available through the Black Spirit to obtain the "Blood-eyed Visor" and "Blood-eyed Earrings."
- You can find the [Event] Touchy-Feely Heart to Heart and [Event] Now You're Making Me Blush quests in the Black Spirit - Quest - Event tab.
- These quests will be available from July 20, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance until Dec 28, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance (once per Family).
* You can move the Blood-eyed Visor and Blood-eyed Earrings to another character in your Family via Storage.
* You can find all the details in our event notice [Amass the Power of the Lost Dragon Seals].            



Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Removed Sausan Watchtower of Sausan Garrison so it doesn't impede the auto-navigation course.




● Changed so that Popular Looks and Popular Creators from the Beauty Album can be searched by "All" instead of "1 Year".
● Fixed the issue where you could only purchase one item at a time when using the Central Market via the website and the Black Desert+ app.



Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where some Customizations would display the [Dark Knight] Shudad Black Kriegsmesser being held at an abnormal location.

● The appearance of [Mystice] Sapphire Storm's gloves in the Pearl Shop has been adjusted.
● Fixed an issue where PC Key guides would be displayed when proceeding with '[Season Quest] Day 33, Earth Is a Source of Life'.
● Fixed the issue where training your Ribbon Cat to Tier 5 would incorrectly change its looting cooldown.

● Fixed the issue of being able to guild invite even in Reject Invites.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't switch to another character from the End Game window.

● Fixed the issue where Drakania could use the Shattered Dragon's Malice item in the Arena of Arsha.

● Changed the alert for being appointed as the Guild Master to display.
● Fixed the issue of not being able to obtain titles that can be obtained for a certain amount of Great Ocean Crow Coins.
- Titles that couldn't be obtained will be given after maintenance on Jul 27 (Wed).
● Fixed the issue of not being able to obtain titles according to the number of wins in Yar!.
- Titles that couldn't be obtained will be given after maintenance on Jul 27 (Wed).
● Fixed the issue where Fughar's Timepiece wasn't properly copying over a character's skill EXP.


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