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Notices [Notice] [Female Classes] [Update] Shell Belle New Armor and Exchange Guide
Black Desert 2022-08-30 00:00


A new Shell Belle outfit will be released, to offer a new cosmetic variant on the recently released outfit.

After the August 24, 2022 (Wed) August 31, 2022 (Wed) Maintenance (UTC+1) September 1st, 2022 (Thursday) Maintenance (UTC+1) , you will be able to exchange the existing female class Shell Belle armor into a variant Shell Belle armor. This can be done through the NPC Tranan Underfoe in Velia.


During the August 24, 2022 (Wed) August 31, 2022 (Wed) Maintenance (UTC+1) September 1st, 2022 (Thursday) Maintenance (UTC+1) , Shell Belle armors with a crystal slot added through the use of a Black Spirit’s Claw, and those with the crystal inside, will be extracted and placed within the Heidel Storage.


We hope that Adventurers will suffer no inconvenience due to the extraction. See below for more information regarding the [Female Class] Shell Belle armor Exchange



■ [Female Classes] Shell Belle Outfit Exchange

* Please note that the new Shell Belle outfit will change only the armor part of the outfit.

▲ [Same Appearance] Capes ON

▲ [New Variant – Shell Belle Armor] Capes OFF

* Entering a combat zone with the cape off will apply the visual only to your character.

Exchange NPC Required Items for Exchange  Exchange List 

Tranan Underfoe

[Female Classes] Shell Belle Armor [Female Class] Shell Belle New Armor

* This Exchange is only possible if the outfit is not socketed with a Black Spirit’s Claw.

Once the item is exchanged, it cannot be exchanged back, and all dye information on the outfit will also be reset.

Adventurers are advised to think carefully before exchanging their outfit.

We hope you continue to enjoy your adventures in the world of Black Desert.


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