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Notices [Notice] Black Desert Console FREE Special Gift Pack available from August 25th
Black Desert 2022-08-30 00:00

The FREE Special Gift Pack will be available for claim until the maintenance on August 24th, 2022.
If you haven't already, make sure to claim it before the offer expires on August 24th.

There is an issue where the Special Gift Pack UI is still being displayed.
- New Adventurers that created an account between August 24th 06:00 AM (UTC) and the August 31st September 1st maintenance (UTC) and did not claim the Special Gift Pack during this time will be given the Special Gift Pack via in-game mail.


Additional Details updated October 5th
The Special Gift Pack is currently available on the PlayStation Store.


Additional Details updated October 1st
- You cannot claim the Special Gift Package from the PlayStation Store.



It’s time for celebrating as Black Desert on PlayStation is 2 years old! As we’re in a celebratory mood, we’re releasing a free DLC for all Adventurers on both Xbox and PlayStation. Make sure to grab this free pack to get access to some great rewards, including a Classic Costume for one of your characters. Check out all the details below to find out what is in store with this Special Gift Pack!


Special Gift Pack


Sales Period:

North America: August 24th 2021 11:00 PM ~ September 31st 2021 04:59 PM (PDT)

Europe: August 25th 2021 07:00 AM ~ October 1st 2021 12:59 AM (UTC+1)

Asia: August 25th 2021 04:00 PM ~ October 1st 2021 08:59 AM (GMT+9)

Head to your store of choice (PlayStation Store/Microsoft Store) on August 25th and pick up this free DLC.


* The end of the availability of the Special Gift Pack will be announced at a later date through a separate notice.


The Special Gift Pack contains the following Items:


The Treasurable Memories Classic Box contains the following costumes. The costume given will depend on which class you open the costume on, so make sure you open the chest when you have decided which class you want the costume for.

Warrior - [Warrior] Cornelius Classic Set N
Sorceress - [Sorceress] Iron Thorn Classic Set
Ranger - [Ranger] Lephria Classic Set

Berserker - [Berserker] Bractus Classic Set

Tamer - [Tamer] Moonlight Faerie Classic Set

Musa - [Musa] Tundra Warden Classic Set

Valkyrie- [Valkyrie] Solaria Classic Set
Maehwa - [Maehwa] Te’enah Classic Set

Witch - [Witch] Arcanis Classic Set
Wizard - [Wizard] Tempyrion Classic Set
Ninja - [Ninja] Bloodfiend Classic Set

Kunoichi - [Kunoichi] Giha Classic Set

Dark Knight - [Dark Knight] Ataraxia Classic Set

Striker - [Striker] Darkbane Classic Set

Mystic - [Mystic] Khamsin Classic Set

Lahn - [Lahn] Ruby Floretta Classic Set

Archer - [Archer] Ignis Classic Set

Shai - [Shai] Twinkle Twinkle Classic Set
Guardian - [Guardian] Kharoxia Classic Set
Hashashin - [Hashashin] Mezari Classic Set
Nova - [Nova] Adamant Classic Set
Sage - [Sage] Contular Classic Set B
Corsair - [Corsair] Maretakant Classic Set

※ Costumes from the Treasurable Memories Classic Set Box cannot be listed on the Central Market Place


Check out our YouTube clip for more details!!

[Watch Video]


Sales Notices

● Purchasable once per account

● Certain regions require an active PSN subscription in order to add the Special Gift Pack to your account.

● The Special Gift Pack does not include access to Black Desert. Please make sure that you own the game in order to redeem the items of the package.

● If you have downloaded the Special Gift pack and do not see it in your in-game mail, you will need to restart your game in order to obtain it.


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