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GM Notes [GM Note] Cross-Play 3rd Anniversary Stream!
Black Desert 2023-03-03 00:00

Cross-Play 3rd Anniversary Stream!


Our 3rd Year Anniversary of Cross-Play is almost here!

Join us for this special occasion that would not have been possible without you all!

To commemorate this glorious milestone, we will be hosting a live-stream event on Saturday, March 4th, full of rewards, mini-games, and more!

Live Stream Schedule:

March 4th 12:00 PM (PST) ~ 2:00PM (PST)

March 4th 08:00 PM (UTC)~ 10:00PM (UTC)

March 5th 05:00 AM (GMT+9)~ 7:00 AM (GMT+9)

In preparation for the upcoming stream, we have also prepared Coupon code! Codes will be unveiled each day!

Anniversary Stream D-3


Anniversary Stream D-2



Anniversary Stream D-1



*Coupons will be expired on March 22nd 06:00 (UTC)


Thank you for the never-ending support! We hope you continue the adventure with us!


To watch our Anniversary of Cross-Play stream, check out Black Desert Console’s Youtube and Twitch channels!


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