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GM Notes [GM Note] Spring Season Opens April 5th!
Black Desert 2023-03-29 00:00

Spring Season Opens, April 5th!

Ride the waves of growth as season servers are heading your way, Adventurers!

What are Season Servers?

Season servers are designed to focus on character growth, making it easier for Adventurers to get accustomed to the world of Black Desert.


Season servers are only accessible during certain periods and only season characters can access these special servers.


As you progress through the season server and gain valuable experience, season characters can graduate and enjoy the rest of the content available in Black Desert!


Season servers not only have special equipment, but also a variety of benefits!

Start your Spring season adventures on April 5th.



New to Season Servers?

Check out the benefits of playing on a season server!

Reach level milestones to earn valuable rewards!

24-hour Hot-Time buffs!

Special seasonal challenges found in the Season Pass!

Amazing rewards when you graduate from the season servers!


Season Character Support + Exclusive Gear!

Advance through the new season with Tuvala gear!


NEW, Fishing Benefits for the Spring Season!

This season offers special benefits to fishing content!

* More details will be announced April 5th!

You can exchange season server-exclusive fish
for seasonal growth items!



Get stronger by fishing!

Season server, Combat EXP UP!

24 Hour Hot-Time Benefits!

Get stronger even faster on season servers!


24 Hour Hot-Time Benefits!

Get stronger even faster on season servers!

24 Hour Hot-Time!


Combat EXP (24 hours)


Skill EXP (24 hours)


Life EXP (24 hours)


Ready to Move Past Season Servers?

Graduation rewards await adventurers who are ready to move past the season servers!

Don’t miss out on

Seasonal Content that you can do

Graduate to regular servers and

Earn rewards!


A warm breeze brings in the new Spring season

 on April 5th! See you all there, Adventurers!



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