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GM Notes [GM Note] [Preview] Elvia Calpheon - Jan 3 Update! (Last Updated: 01/03/2024 13:00 UTC)
Black Desert 2023-12-26 00:00

Hadum’s power has descended upon Calpheon!

In Calpheon, now coveted by the Elvia Realm,
powerful monsters encroached by Hadum are appearing!


Saunil Camp

Recommended AP : 270
Recommended DP : 330

Rhutum Outstation

Recommended AP : 280
Recommended DP : 360


Gehaku Plain

Recommended AP : 290
Recommended DP : 370


Hexe Sanctuary

Recommended AP : 300
Recommended DP : 390


Quint Hill

Recommended AP : 310
Recommended DP : 400


Embark on a new adventure in Elvia Calpheon
coming this Jan 3!



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