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Updates [Update] August 28th Patch Note
Black Desert 2019-08-28 01:30

A new update has hit Black Desert. Check out the details below and find out what changes have been introduced to the game!



New talents have been released for the Shai! These talents bring new skills to the class, as well as the ‘Sol’, a mystical item that allows the user to summon forth different musical instruments. You will need to complete the quest ‘[Shai Talent] The First Light’ which can be accepted from the Black Spirit once a character reaches level 56.

Shai is not able to open existing awakening boxes, and receives 1 blue grade ‘Sol’ and one yellow grade ‘Sol’. The blue grade ‘Sol’ cannot be enhanced, but has high default stats. The yellow grade ‘Sol’ starts off with lower stats than the blue grade, but can be enhanced to be more powerful.

You can find out more about the Shai’s Talents in our GM notes available here.



Archer ascends as the Archer’s Ascension skills are now available. The ‘Lost Purpose’ quest chain can be accepted from the Black Spirit at level 56, and once completed will unlock all the skills that require the ‘Sentinel’ skill.

We have also added Archer Absolute skills. These skills add a whole level to the Archer’s current skills, and allows them to unlock their full potential.

You can find out more in our GM notes about Archer’s Ascension here:


Rabam skills have been added to the game. Rabam skills allow you to combine two powerful skills into one, giving you the option of having an even more powerful skill. This fusion does not remove component skills, and instead creates a whole new skill for your character to use. 


Learning a skill is easy. Similar to the normal skills that you can learn, you can find the rabam skills at the bottom of the skill list. They are easily identifiable as their skill icons look like a merge between two different skills.

There are 2 sets of skills to learn, each set having 2 Rabam skills. You can learn one set of Rabam Skills at level 56, and one set of Rabam skills at level 57. In a set, the two options have the same first skill, however the second skill offers a different effect. This could be something like extra damage or extra Crowd Control. Make sure to look at both skills before making your choice.

Once you reach level 56 as a Sorceress, you will find 2 new skills in your skill list (as long as you have the proceeding skills leveled up). You may choose one of these skills to fill your level 56 Rabam skill slot. 


Sorceress Rabam skills:

Bloody Calamity + Shadow Eruption = Shadow Ignition 

Bloody Calamity + Rushing Crow = Crow Nightmare


We have added a function that prevents people from picking up unsuspecting players on boats. This ‘Anti-Abduction’ method should provide protection to people who stray too close to the water.

We have also changed the amount of Combat EXP gained from failing a cooking or alchemy attempt. Failing will now reward players with 1/10 of the Combat EXP that is gained when successful.


A new set of crossroad quests have been added after completing the quest, ‘Grusha, the Scout’. You will be able to choose either ‘[Crossroad] Goblins at the Ruins’ ‘[Crossroad] About Goblins’. Your choice of crossroad offers different rewards and possible titles.


We are continuing to make changes to mounts in Black Desert. This time we will be making more changes to Shai's Donkey and slightly improving the Wagon.

Donkeys will now move quicker when autopathing and moving manually. We are also making a change where a Donkey will hide when damaged by monsters. This will allow donkeys to survive longer in the field. Donkeys will not run and hide if they are within 25 yards of your character, and can be called back with the Call Mount action on the ring menu. 

For wagons, as they slow down you can hold back on the Left stick to bring them to an immediate halt.

We have also made changes so that the Gathering UI is no longer displayed while riding a mount. This made it difficult to get off your mount as the Y button is used for both.


We are making a few changes to both Warrior and Shai in this update. We are continuously monitoring balance and will continue to adjust if necessary.


  • The amount of recovery gained when using Meditation has been increased. 


Table Type 4
Warrior Changes
Skill Name Before After
Meditation I 20 40
Meditation II 30 60
Meditation II  40 100


  • New Skill, GO!, has been added. You can use this skill by pressing RB or X while using the first part of One-Two-Three
  • New passive skills have been added which will increase the amount of life skill EXP you can get from doing those tasks.
    • Gathering Whiz I-V: Gathering EXP increased by 1% per level (Max. 5%)
    • Alchemy Whiz I-V: Alchemy EXP increased by 1% per level (Max. 5%)
  • New passives have been added that will increase the amount of Combat EXP gained through Gathering and Alchemy
    • Joy of Gathering: Combat EXP gained through Gathering +300%
    • Joy of Alchemy: Combat EXP gained through Alchemy +300%
  • Improved the character movement when using Hop Skills left and right to be more natural.
  • Shai has finally learned how to ride horses. 
    • Shai can ride solo or on the back of a two seater horse.
    • You can use a hunting matchlock while on a mount, however normal weapon/skill usage is limited.
    • Shai can now use a capturing rope.


Yona’s Fragments can now be obtained through heating of certain yellow grade items. In order to do so, you will need to gain knowledge of ‘Ossa Dilla’s Special Heating Method’ available in Valencia. The following items can now be melted for Yona’s Fragments:


Table Type 4
Yona's Fragments
Accessory Amount of Fragments
Ogre's Ring 7~9 Yona's Fragments
Tungrad Necklace 9~11 Yona's Fragments
Laytenn's Power Stone 7~9 Yona's Fragments
Tungrad Earrings 7~9 Yona's Fragments
Narc Ear Accessory 5~7 Yona's Fragments
Forest Ronaros Ring  2~4 Yona's Fragments
Valtarra Eclipsed Belt 7~9 Yona's Fragments
Tungrad Belt  9~11 Yona's Fragments


In a bid to clear up the Central Market, we have grouped together items from enhancement level +13~+15. Items that fall into this bracket will be returned via in-game mail, and any current preorders will also be returned. 


  • The [Event] Shai Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses have been added to the Glasses box. This box can be earned by reaching 3000 total hours played.


  • The Stable Keeper Partus in Keplan has been fixed to not sell armors in the store when amity with the NPC is over 500. It will now sell the Donkey Gear Set if you get more than 500 amity. 
  • You can now make the chat window smaller. Press the Options button, and then press LT+Y to reduce the number of lines shown on the main screen.



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