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Updates [Update] August 14th Patch Note
Black Desert 2019-08-13 02:30

Our latest update is here and it brings a new region, a new class, and more ways to make your life around Black Desert easier. Find out more below.


Queen Brolina has decreed that the period of isolationism is to end for the region of Kamasylvia. Adventurers will now be able to explore the lush and beautiful forests of Kamasylvia located Southwest of Trent. Find out more about Kamasylvia and it’s deep history in our GM Notes found here: [Link]


The Watcher of the Roots takes his place amongst the classes of Black Desert. The Archer is now available for all players to play, and you can enjoy the fast paced action of the Archer today! Find out more about this mysterious elf in our GM Notes found here: [Link]



The latest companion on your travels has arrived. Fairies offer great utility in Black Desert offering skills which help you on your travels. Auto-potions and Desert drinks, instant resurrections and more! For a full rundown on how to get level up and use your fairy, head to the GM Note here: [Link]

The most powerful magic crystals ever discovered have been added. JIN, WON and BON crystals offer 3 bonus effects depending on the type of crystal made. To create these stones, you will need to combine 10 Magical Shards, Forest Fury and a Black Magic Crystal through Simple Alchemy.

How to Obtain
First, you will need to use heating (Processing menu) on a Yellow grade Black Magic Crystal to obtain a Magical Shard. This will consume the yellow crystal. You will need 10 of these shards as part of the recipe.

Second, you will need to obtain Forest Fury, which can be obtained from killing monsters in the Kamasylvia region. 

Finally, you will need one of Black Magic Crystals- Harphia, Cobelinus, Viper, Hystria, Carmae, Addis. Once you have all the materials, you can use the simple alchemy (found in the processing window). This will randomly create one of the JIN/WON/BON variants of that crystal. 


These crystals will have the following effects:

Table Type 4
JIN/WON/BON Magic Crystal Stats
Types Effect
JIN Magic Crystal - Harphia Max HP +50 HP Recovery +5 Evasion +20
BON Magic Crystal - Harphia Max HP +75 HP Recovery +5 Evasion +12
WON Magic Crystal - Harphia Max HP +50 HP Recovery +10 Evasion +12
JIN Magic Crystal - Cobelinus Max HP +100 Weight Limit +20LT Damage Reduction +5
 BON Magic Crystal - Cobelinus Max HP +150 Weight Limit +20LT Damage Reduction +3
 WON Magic Crystal - Cobelinus Max HP +100 Weight Limit +50LT Damage Reduction +3
JIN Magic Crystal - Viper Attack Speed +1 Casting Speed +1 Accuracy +20
BON Magic Crystal - Viper Attack Speed +2 Casting Speed +1 Accuracy +12
WON Magic Crystal - Viper Attack Speed +1 Casting Speed +2 Accuracy +12
JIN Magic Crystal - Hystria Weight Limit +30LT Movement Speed +1 Stamina +175
BON Magic Crystal - Hystria Weight Limit +50LT Movement Speed +1 Stamina +150
WON Magic Crystal - Hystria Weight Limit +30LT Movement Speed +2 Stamina +150
JIN Magic Crystal - Carmae Critical Hit Rate +1 Attack Speed +1 AP+5
BON Magic Crystal - Carmae Critical Hit Rate +2 Attack Speed +1 AP+3
WON Magic Crystal - Carmae Critical Hit Rate +1 Attack Speed +2 AP+3
JIN Magic Crystal - Addis Critical Hit Rate +1 Casting Speed +1 AP +5
BON Magic Crystal - Addis Critical Hit Rate +2 Casting Speed +1 AP+3
WON Magic Crystal - Addis Critical Hit Rate +1 Casting Speed +2 AP+3




With Kamasylvia recently opening its borders, some degenerates have decided that this is a perfect time to start smuggling rare treasures out of the region to sell elsewhere. These poachers will be carrying rare goods and seeds in chests as they attempt to cross the borders into Calpheon. Queen Brolina has declared that if you manage to stop these poachers, you will get to keep the goods contained. 


Treasure Poachers will appear randomly around the Kamasylvia region. Once defeated, they will drop a treasure chest that needs to be broken for the goods inside to be yours. If the treasure chest is not broken within 2 minutes, it will disappear.



There has also been a rise in relic theft in Valencia, with Graverobber Afuaru appearing in monster zones across the region (except Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins). Afuaru is incredibly skittish, and if an adventurer gets too close Afuaru will make a run for it. He will try to pop smoke screens to get away, and after the third he will escape and cannot be defeated.

Defeating Afuaru will drop items of great value, so if you see him about you should take him down as quickly as possible.


Kamasylve also brings new weekly boss scrolls available from the Black Spirit. There are two new weekly boss scrolls to choose from.

Urugon- One of five ancient weapons of the Gyfin Rhasia, this dinosaur looking creature is fierce and agressive. It’s powerful jaws can bite through anything unfortunate enough to be caught by them. Only those who are truely worthy will be able to defeat this monster.

Ahib Griffon- Griffons feel threatened by other races, but they dislike leaving their territory. Unfortunately the Ahib Griffon doesn’t have the same reservations. Its hostile nature has made it public enemy number 1, and it is regularly seen pillaging Ganelle villages. It is vicious, relentless, and very rarely leave anyone alive to tell the tale. 


With new weekly bosses comes new items.



Kamasylvia also brings other items that you can earn on your journeys. The Lemoria Armor set is a blue grade armor set that brings excellent bonuses for any character. If you are looking for new accessories, there are the Narc Ear Accessory, Forest Ronaros Ring and the Valtarra Eclipsed Belt which are yellow accessories that can be earned in Kamasylvia. 

Kamasylvia is a region steeped in tradition. One of those traditions is the coming-of-age ceremony for those descended from the Goddess Sylvia. The descendants form small groups, and complete challenging trials for the right to move to adulthood. As part of the Kamasylvian Cultural heritage experience, any adventurer brave enough to try will be able to try out this experience.

There are 3 ways to activate the Altar of Training. Each of these methods will require you to first reach level 58. The first is through the Kamasylvia Main Quest. During the main quest, you will be able to accept NPC Milford’s [Co-op] Proof of Courage Quest. After accepting the quest, talk to Milford one more time and spend 10 energy to receive the item ‘Valtarra: Introductory Training Manual’. This quest is available once per character.

The second method can be repeated every three days. Once again you will need to talk to Milford, but this time you will need to spend 100 Energy to receive the second stage item, ‘Valtarra: Training Manual’. This will then start the intermediate stage of the Altar of Training. To be able to access this, you will need to have completed the Kamasylvia Main Quest [Token of Lemoria Guards]. 

The last method is the weekly quest. This quest requires you to have completed the second method, and will allow you to challenge the most difficult level of the Altar. You will not need to pay energy to receive the ‘Valtarra: Advanced Training Manual’.

Once you have the item, you will need to head to the Altar of Training, which is north of the Manshaum Forest. Once a party leader activates the item, a short message will appear telling adventurers to prepare for the incoming trials. This is when the first stage of the event will take place. To complete the challenge, you will need to defend the Sacrament, and if it’s HP is depleted, you have failed the training.

There are 5 stages which begin one after the other. There is a time limit to adhere to, and surviving one stage but having too many monsters leftover will result in the second stage failing. 


Rewards for the Altar of Training are as follows:

Introductory Training Manual: Combat EXP, Contribution EXP, Black Stone (weapon), Black Stone (armor)
Training Manual: Combat EXP, Black Stone (weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Hunter’s Seal, Forest Fury.
Advanced Training Manual: Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Courser Awakening Box, Black Stone (armor), Black Stone (weapon), Hunter’s Seal, Forest Fury, Gold Ingot, Valtarran Scattered Light Fragment.

Mysterious and Magical Seeds have been added. These seeds will help you get the most out of your farming.

Mysterious Seeds can be got through plant breeding, and when combined with normal crop seeds (I.e Strawberry seeds of any type) through shaking, will become a Mysterious Crop Seed. These seeds can yield more crops when they are harvested.

Magical Seeds can only be obtained once your farming level is Artisan Level 1 or Higher. There is a chance to receive a Magical Crop Seed when breeding crops. This seed will guarantee that alchemical fruit ingredients are received when harvesting.

Both seeds consume 5 slots of a fence, and will give roughly 5x the amount of crop when harvested. This means that you will be able to easily manage your gardens/farms as there will be less crops for you to tend to, while still receiving the same amount of harvested crops. 


The Old Moon Fence has been added to Black Desert. Like the strong fence, there are 10 slots for your crops to fit into, however it is much smaller in size making it easier to manage. You can rent the Old Moon Fence for 10 contribution points from Old Moon Managers found across the Black Desert world. These fences count towards your 10 fence limit.



We are continuing to change Hystria and Aakman Temple to make sure it is ready for when adventurers reach the point that they can confidently explore the area. Although for most, these changes are a distant goal, we want to make sure that when you do arrive at the ruins, they are an enjoyable experience. 


The first change is that Hystria Ruins has been expanded. With all the fighting that is going on inside the ruins, many of the old structures have begun to crumble and open up new areas for adventurers to explore. They will feature many of the same enemies found elsewhere around the temple, meaning it will allow more players to conveniently use the Ruins. 


Aakman Temple’s upper and lower floors have been adjusted, with monsters being moved around and their respawn times improved to match.

In both Aakman and Hystria, when escape is used inside these areas, players will spawn next to the merchant that travels around inside the ruins. This will help boost the convenience of the area as it gives players a way to sell their vendor loot while still remaining inside the areas.


Since we added the option to talk to NPC’s on horseback, we have received numerous requests to improve the feature so that players can actually dismount their horse when they would like. In areas such as Altinova where there are many NPCs in tight groups, it was incredibly frustrating when trying to get off your horse but instead you talk to a random NPC about their daily shopping trips.

Since talking to NPCs on horseback is a great quality of life feature, we decided that we needed to have a new key combination in order to dismount your horse. You will now be able to press ↓+Y which will allow you to dismount your horse instantly. 



  • We have adjusted the party system to keep the current party setup after switching servers. Before, the Party Leader would occasionally change on server switching.
  • The Auto-pathing between Sand Grain Bazaar and Altinova has been optimized to be a smoother ride.
  • While auto-pathing through Velia, the navigation has been changed to be more natural.
  • We have improved the optimization of World Boss monsters to help improve stability.

We have added a new craftable outfit for the Shai. You can now craft the ‘Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes’ at Costume Mills across the Black Desert world. To create this costume, you will need to first get the design from Kunata Don from Florin. This quest can be completed once per family, and the character will need to be level 40 or above. After completing the new quest line, you will be able to purchase the design from the Armor vendor, Zelfinith from Florin. This costume requires the following items to craft:

1x Design: Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes - Shai
30x Cotton Fabric

50x Spirit’s Leaf

20x Trace of Forest

30x Lightweight Plume

25x Black Stone Powder

Once you use these items as materials in the Costume Mill, you will receive [Shai] Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes.


Talking about Shai, you will now be able to heat Florangs down and receive component parts from them. 



We are making a couple of changes to the Shai class this update to make her more fluid in combat. We have been monitoring feedback on our newest class and have made a few changes to make.


  • You will now be able to mount your donkey when moving in combat mode.
  • Added an animation when bumping into residents and other adventurers when they are standing still.
  • Tuck and Roll will now be activated with the following input: LT+B+↑ 
  • Visual Effects of the Florang Skill have been modified. 
  • The damage for all Florang skills in PvP has been adjusted so that Shai can now deal damage and protect herself in the field. 
  • You can now use Twirl to one side, then switch to the other side without delay. 
  • Shortened the animation of ‘Eat This’ to make the skill quicker. 


The following changes were implemented in a previous update (07/24) but were left out of the notes. We apologize for not making this clearer and will make sure that all changes are highlighted in the future. 

  • You can activate ‘Eat This!’ faster after using Hop, Tuck-and-Roll or Swing Swing.
  • You can now link Hop-Three, Kwik-Two, and Twirl-Three quicker when using Hop or Tuck-and-Roll.  
  • The transition from combat stance to auto-pathing has been improved so that it is quicker. 
  • Increased the attack range of the following skills to fix the issue where the actual attack range was smaller than the attack effects: Twirl, One-Two-Three, Hop-Three, Kwik-Two, Twirl-Three. 
  • Fixed an issue in Red Battlefield where bringing up the chat window after dying will result in the player being unable to respawn.
  • Fixed an issue where the grass would flicker when a tent was placed on top of it. 
  • Fixed an issue when taking an energy potion from Alustin while your inventory was full would cause the energy to be used but no items placed in your inventory. 
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip of an item would remain on screen in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where only 10 exchange options would display when exchanging Asula Accessories.
  • Fixed an issue where image banners would not show up correctly in certain situations.

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