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Updates [Update] 07/08 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2020-07-07 20:00



The latest update to Black Desert is here, bringing with it Hashashin pre-creation, Cron Meals, Draughts and more! Check out all the details below!

Edit Log: 
07/08 -
Changed Elixir of Perforation to Elixir of Penetration in the draught recipe
Added details about the Work Progress option in Performance Settings. 

Removed Blue Elephant Gear from the list of new Mount Gear. 


The sands of Valencia hide many dangers, yet there is none more dangerous that the Hashashin. The curved blade of Aal is making his way into Black Desert, and you will be able to create your Hashashin in preparation of his release in the next update. Pre-creating your character will give you rewards that you can use to kick start your adventures, and you can find out more in the event notice [LINK]



Cron Meals and Draughts can now be crafted in game. These consumable items offer incredibly powerful buffs for your character and can be made through simple cooking or simple alchemy.

Cron meals require the new ingredient, Ancient Cron Spice, which can be purchased from Cooking Merchants or Inn Keepers across the Black Desert world. By combining this ancient spice with certain meals, you can create a variety of different meals

Item Name Item Effect Materials Needed
Simple Cron Meal Extra AP against Monsters +30
Combat EXP +20%
Skill EXP +10%
Attack/Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +3
Critical Hit +2
Max HP +150
Chance to Gain Knowledge +10%
Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +5%
Weight Limit +5%
Down Attack Damage +5%
Damage from Monsters -6%
Heatstroke/Hypothermia Resistance +10%
Knight Combat Rations x1
Mediah Meal x3
Valencia Meal x3
Ancient Cron Spice x1


Special Drieghanese Meal x1
Serendia Meal x3
Mediah Meal x3
Ancient Cron Spice x1
Exquisite Cron Meal All AP +8
All Accuracy +15
Attack Speed +2
Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +2
Critical Hit +2
All Evasion +15
Max HP +150
Max Stamina +200
Back Attack Damage +5%
Critical Hit Damage +5%
All Resistance +4%
Ignores All Resistance +4%
Serendia Meal x3
Arehaza Meal x1
Kamasylvia Meal x3
Ancient Cron Spice x1
Seafood Cron Meal Cooking/Alchemy Time -0.6 sec
Life EXP +10%
Processing Success Rate +10%
Gathering +2
Movement Speed +2
Fishing +2
Weight Limit +100 LT
Life Skill Mastery +25
Balenos Meal x3
Calpheon Meal x3
Margoria Seafood Meal x1
Ancient Cron Spice x1

All Cron Meals Effects will last 120 minutes and have a cooldown of 30 minutes.
It is possible to use Special meals in replacement of normal meals. For example, instead of using Balenos Meal x3, you can use Special Balenos Meal x1.
● The life skill mastery effect of Seafood Cron Meal is currently not in effect, and will come into effect when Life Skill Mastery is added.

Draughts require the use of the ‘Tears of the Falling Moon’ item which can be purchased from Old Moon Manager NPC’s. By combining this item with certain Elixirs, you can create the following draughts:

Item Name Item Effect Materials Needed
Verdure Draught Cooking/Alchemy Time -1 sec
Life EXP +20%
Processing Success Rate +20%
Gathering +3
Movement Speed +3
Fishing +3
Weight Limit +200 LT
Worker’s Elixir x3
Elixir of Time x3
Elixir of Swiftness x3
Tears of the Falling Moon x1
Beast’s Draught Extra AP Against Monsters +15
Combat EXP +20%
Skill EXP +10%
Recover HP +1 on attack
Damage from Monsters -10%
Critical Hit +3
Weight Limit +100
Grim Reaper’s Elixir x3
Exp Elixir x3
Elixir of Will x3
Tears of the Falling Moon x1 
Giant’s Draught All AP +10
Max HP +150
All Special Attacks +10% Damage
Movement Speed +3
Critical Hit +3
Max Stamina +200
Elixir of Fury x3
Elixir of Shock x3
Elixir of Penetration x3
Tears of the Falling Moon x1 
Savage Draught Extra AP against Monsters +15
Chance to Gain Knowledge +12
Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +7
HP recovery per Hit +1
Damage from Monsters -10%
Critical Hit +3
Weight Limit +100
Weenie Elixir x3
Looney Elixir x3
Helix Elixir x3
Tears of the Falling Moon x1

● All draught effects last 15 minutes and have a cool down of 10 seconds
● Certain Blue potions can be substituted into the crafting recipes of these draughts.

Cron Meals and Draughts can be used in conjunction with each other. Cron Meals will not stack with any other meal, whereas Draughts will only stack with certain other consumable elixirs.

Cron Meals will stack with Elixirs, and Draughts will stack with other meals.

Draughts can be used in conjunction with the following items:

Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Elixir of Deep Sea, Khalk’s Elixir, Spirit Perfume Elixir, Whale Tendon Elixir, Tough Whale Tendon Elixir.

As Cron Meals and Draughts generally do not stack, the following interactions occur with other consumable items:

● If there is a pre-existing food/elixir buff, the existing buff will overwrite the existing food buff (if a Cron Meal is consumed) or the existing Elixir Buff (if a Draught is consumed).
● If you are under the effect of a Cron Meal and consume another food item, you will not gain any of the buffs it provides, but you will gain Health EXP.
● While a draught is in effect, you cannot consume another elixir unless it is one of the specified consumables listed above.
● Cron Meals and Draughts can be used simultaneously. If you are still under the effect of a Cron Meal/Draught and consume another, the previous effect will be replaced with the new buff.
 - For example, consuming an Exquisite Cron Meal while under the effect of a Seafood Cron Meal will remove the Seafood Cron Meal buff and replace it with the Seafood Cron Meal buff.


The first ‘Book of Margahn’ has been uncovered, which unlocks the word of Agris, the god of abundance`. To start work on this adventure log, you will need to obtain and complete the quest, ‘Adventure Log: Agris, the Ancient Secret’ from the Black Spirit, then talk with Edan to obtain the ‘Book of Margahan’. In order to accept this quest, you will need to be on a character that is level 60 or above.

Once completing the ‘Book of Margahan’ Volume 1, Agris Fever will be unlocked, and can be used by any character on your account.

While Agris Fever points are available, killing certain monsters across Black Desert will consume Agris Fever points. Points will be consumed differently depending on the type of monsters that you kill, and the consumption of points will give you up to a 100% increase to the vendor items that monster drops.

You can store up to 10,000 Agris Fever points, and you will recover 3,000 Agris Fever points per day. Agris Fever points will recover at 6:00 AM (UTC) each day. To make life easier, Agris Fever will reset at the following times in your timezone:

NA: 11:00 PM (PDT)
EU: 07:00 AM (UTC+1)
Asia: 03:00 PM (UTC+9)

Dev Note:
Agris Fever was designed for adventurers who enjoy fighting monsters for short periods of time each day. You can unlock the Agris Fever content by offering tribute through the Adventure Log to Agris, the Balenosian ancient god of prosperity. Regardless of whether you’ve logged into the game or not, you will recover a fixed amount of points every day at a specific time, which will be consumed to grant a buff increasing the amount of trash item drops when defeating monsters.

Our intention with the Agris Fever was to not override the existing buffs that exist for killing monsters (such as food, elixirs, scrolls etc), but instead provide something that synergizes with these effects. We hope that this proves to be a successful endeavor, and allow those with a short amount of time each day to play a way to generate silver.

Points Consumed per Monster Kill
Points consumed on Monster kills varies depending on the type of monster killed. The following tables indicate how many points are consumed per kill:


● Agris Fever points consumed per kill may change in future updates.
● As new areas arrive, new monsters will be added, and the consumed Agris Fever points will vary.
● Using other items with the Agris Fever effect that also increases item drop will have a maximum effect of 200%.  


In conjunction with the Agris fever buffs, we are also increasing the value of certain vendor items in Black Desert.

Grind Spot 

Vendor Item 

Prices (% Increase) 

Desert Naga Temple 

Desert Naga’s Webfoot 

1,000 → 1,750 (75%) 

Bashim Base

Bashim Mane 

1,100 → 1,925 (75%) 

Titium Valley

Desert Fogan’s Helmet Shard 

1,040 → 1,820 (75%) 

Crescent Shrine 

Token of Crescent 

1,080 → 1,890 (75%) 

Tshira Ruins

Swamp Leaves 

1,160 → 2,030 (75%) 

Gahaz Bandit’s Lair 

Gahaz Seal 

1,600 → 2,400 (50%) 

Cadry Ruins 

Cadry’s Token 

1,200 → 2,100 (75%) 

Fadus Habitat 

Fadus’ Armor Fragment 

1,200 → 2,100 (75%) 

Polly’s forest 

Mushroom Hypha 

1,700 → 1,955 (15%) 

Waragon Nest 

Stone Waragon Hide 

1,800 → 3,150 (75%) 

Blood Wolf Settlement 

Blood Wolf Mane 

1,430 → 2,120 (48%) 

Basilisk Den 

Basilisk Scale 

2,000 → 3,000 (50%) 

Centaurus Herd 

Centaurus Mane 

2,160 → 3,240 (50%) 

Pila Ku Jail 

Warder’s token Piece 

2,400 → 3,600 (50%) 

Roud Sulfur Mine

Sulfur Fragment 

2,000 → 3,000 (50%) 

Sherekhan Necropolis 

Bravery Token 

2,650 → 3,445 (30%) 

Sherekhan Necropolis (Night)  

Medal of Bravery 

50,000 → 65,000 (30%) 

Forest Ronaros

Hoof of Forest Ronaros 

3,600 → 4,320 (20%) 

Manshaum Forest 

Narc Magic Mark 

8,000 → 8,800 (10%) 

●Trash loot that is still in your inventory as the maintenance starts will be converted into silver at the old prices, and that silver will be sent to your mail.

Shultz Guard Captain Kunga has come into the possession of some incredibly well-crafted armors and weapons and has used this haul to strengthen his troops in the Shultz Guard Garrison. This one semi-challenging encounter has now become and incredibly dangerous place for wandering adventurers.

The AP and DP of monsters at Shultz Guard has been greatly increased, and the quality of items that can drop in the area have also been improved. The area is now a recommended 240 AP, up from 130 – 190 AP. While fighting in this region, the Shultz Guard Captain Kunga has a chance to appear, offering a challenging fight for any adventurer foolish enough to step into his domain.

The Armor Fragment vendor item that drops in this area will only drop in single units but is value has greatly increased.

Other Monster Changes
● The abnormal positioning of some ‘Lateh’s Tomb’ locations (night time) in Sherekhan Necropolis has been fixed.
● Main Story Quest boss monsters in Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah have had their attack and defensive stats increased.
● Reduced the amount of time it takes for the following monsters in the following regions to reappear: Quest Barracks in Cron Castle, Al Rhundi soldiers and object-type monsters in castle ruins, Harpy and Harpy Warriors in Delphe Knights Castle.
● Increased the number of quest-required Barracks in Cron Castle● Fixed an issue where World Bosses would spawn all 4 in sequence.
● Balenos and Serendia Tax Wagons have been changed so they can no longer be destroyed.

Certain mushrooms have had their effects updated to better reflect the changes that they apply. The following mushrooms have been affected:

Hump Mushroom, Bluffer Mushroom, High Quality Hump Mushroom, High Quality Bluffer Mushroom, Special Hump Mushroom, Special Bluffer Mushroom.

Previous Description New Description
Stun Resistance +5%
Stun/Stiffness Resistance +5%
Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +5%

Following these text changes, there are also a few other text changes that will be happening this update, to help clarify the effects of certain items. Elixir of Resistance, Elixir of Sharp Resistance, [Party] Elixir of Resistance and [Party] Elixir of Sharp Resistance have had their effect clarified, explaining that the resistance effects specifically towards monsters apply separately from normal resistance effects.

Since ‘Laila’s Petal’ can be obtained at any level, we are adding extra tooltips to the item that will explain the pre-requisites to obtaining a fairy.

To reflect the value of the following Magic Crystals better, the following Crystals will have their maximum price on the Central Market increased:
Red Battlefield Crystal: Harphia, Red Battlefield Crystal: Cobelinus, Red Battlefield Crystal: Viper, Red Battlefield Crystal: Hystria, Red Battlefield Crystal: Carmae, Red Battlefield Crystal: Addis.

Golden Seals
Seals gained from completing Imperial activities (Delivery, Trade etc) have been improved by royal decree. By completing tasks associated with the Imperial system, you will now receive Golden Seals, which can be exchanged for new items.

With these new seals, we will stop distributing the Shiny Golden Seals, but fear not, you will still be able to exchange them with the relevant NPCs. The old Shiny Golden Seals will remain in your inventories and can be exchanged for the same items as before.

Other Item Changes
● Fixed an issue where Armor Fragment (Vendor Item) from Shultz Guard would set a path to an unnecessary NPC.
● The item grade of the ‘Design: Epheria Sailboat’ has been changed to be the same as the ‘Design: Epheria Frigate’ (both are now White Grade items).
● You can now exchange multiple ‘[Guild] Clearance Permits’ in one action. We have also added the ability for guild managers in Duvencrune and Grana to be able to perform this action. ● Fairy’s Blessing can now be used to apply Enhancement Chance in the Enhancement Window.
● The ‘Hedgehog’ pet gathering ability will now activate on the following resources:
Rainbow Stone, Strange Rock, Coal, Opal, Clear Quartz, Red Quartz, Green Quartz, Black Quartz, Blue Crystal, Violet Crystal


Blue grade gear has been added for Sailboats. The blue grade gear can be crafted and enhanced similarly to other blue life skill gear (i.e fishing rods), and provide bonuses to improve your Sailboats damage, speed etc. The following items are now available:


Item Name

Building Needed

Epheria Frigate 

Epheria Frigate: Dragon Prow

Epheria Frigate: Upgraded Black Plating

Epheria Frigate: Zafina Cannon

Epheria Frigate: Black Breeze Sail 

Port Epheria – Ship Part Workshop Level 4

Epheria Sailboat 

Epheria Sailboat: Sea Dragon Prow

Epheria Sailboat: Lightweight Black Plating

Epheria Sailboat: Elise Cannon

Epheria Sailboat: Blue Wind Sail

[Guild] Galley 

[Guild] Galley: Steller’s Sea Eagle Prow 

[Guild] Galley: Upgraded Blue Plating 

[Guild] Galley:  Sophia Cannon 

[Guild] Galley: Cloud Breeze Sail

Guild Shipyard Level 2 

Fishing Boat 

Kaia Fishing Boat Cargo Container

Kaia Fishing Boat Prow

Kaia Fishing Boat Decoration 

Ship Part Workshop Level 4


Kaia Rowboat Decoration

Kaia Rowboat Prow

Kaia Rowboat Cargoe Container 

Ship Part Workshop Level 2 and 3 

[Guild] Elephant

[Guild] Capotia Golden Elephant Mask

[Guild] Capotia Golden Elephant Armor

[Guild] Capotia Silk Saddle

[Guild] Capotia Silk Stirrups 

Guild House Elephant Nursery Level 2


To reduce some of the time it takes to get from place to place in the main story quest, we have added the ‘Traveler’s Map’ to certain quests in the Calpheon, Mediah and Valencia story lines. A ‘Traveler’s Map’ is a one time use item that will take you to the nearest town and has a 6 hour cooldown time. The following quests have had this item added to their reward table:

Region Quest Name
Calpheon The Qualities of a God
Mediah Cursed Chest
Valencia Kibelius, the Ancient Spear

The quests required to start Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log have been added to the suggested quest tab in the quest menu. This change will also be applied to any future Adventure Log that is added to the game, including the upcoming ‘Book of Marghan’.

We have also made it easier to complete Main Story quests which require eaves dropping. These quests often tripped up newer users to Black Desert, so we have tried to make them more accessible.


● The crafting notes will now have a search function, allowing you to find exactly what you need in the crafting notes window. This search will need to use the full name of the item, as well as the search being case-sensitive. We will improve this function in a later update.
● In the character creation screen, Warrior will now always appear as the first option.
● Made the knowledge rank colors for Knowledge (Ecology) more uniform.
● Fixed an issue where the order of the character select window would occasionally reset.
● Added a tooltip in the fairy window that if a fairy has reached the highest level, it can be rebirthed.
● Added a durability notification to display a big ship when the ships equipment is running low on durability.
● Fixed an issue with overlapping text in the Guild House Auction UI.
● Fixed an issue where Shipyard level 3 would show an incorrect production list.
● New display settings have been added. Both these settings can be found in the Display Settings menu.
Display Quality > Show Blood Splatter, Show Bloodstains

Camera Graphics > Camera Vision Range
Performance Settings> Work Progress (default off). Note, this setting will make every players workers appear around the map, as they work their day to day tasks.  


Three new hairstyles have been added to each of the male classes. These hairstyles will be available in the customization window after this update.

● Improved Shield Chase so that it flows better with Righteous Charge


● Improved the Voice quality when using the Guild Voice chat function in-game (Xbox Only)
● When using the Beauty Album, your currently selected class will be the default selection when checking current download rankings.
● Fixed an issue in Altar of Blood where the boss could be defeated on stage 6 and progress would not continue.
● Fixed an issue where the Beauty Album capture function would occasionally not work as intended.
● Fixed an issue where the Skill Animations in the skill window would occasionally not work as intended.
● Certain items changing the Shai’s hair color when equipped has been fixed.
● Fixed an issue where certain UI elements would overlap in the Party Window.
● Fixed certain issues that could occur when changing the UI size with the ‘Adjust UI Size” menu.
● Fixed an issue where the Black Spirit loading Icon would occasionally show even when there was no loading occurring.
● Fixed an issue where certain sound effects would not follow the in-game sound effect options.
● Fixed an issue where unintended system messages would occasionally display with food items.
● Fixed an issue where Rage Absorption would occasionally show the wrong buff icon.
● Fixed an issue where when applying coupons in the Pearl Store, it would show an incorrect price.

● Fixed an issue where text would overlap in the housing window.

● Fixed an issue where the UI for the horse capturing mini-game would be obscured by system messages.
● Fixed an issue where weapons would occasionally not show up in the ‘Dye Menu’.
● Fixed an issue where certain hairstyles would break through helmets in the ‘Dye Menu’.


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