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Updates [Update] 08/05 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2020-08-05 00:00



A new update is here and this update brings with it a new tier of horses, Agris Fever changes and more! 


Tier 8 Horses, Coursers and Tier 5 Wild Horses will be available in this update.


Tier 8 horses can reach speeds and stats that the previous tiers of horses can only dream of. Tier 8 horses can be obtained through Horse Breeding, Horse Exchange, and through the Horse Market.


Coursers are a particularly desirable type of horse. These horses are worth 360% more than non-coursers horses of the same tier. Coursers can be easily identified by their gold icon in the stable. In order to be considered a Courser, the horse must have the following skills at their respective tiers.

Tier Required Horse Skills for Courser
1 & 2 Charge
3 & 4 Charge & Drift
5 & 6 Charge, Drift & Sprint
7 Charge, Drift, Sprint, Instant Accel, & Sideways

Charge, Drift, Sprint, Instant Accel, Sideways, S:Instant Accel & S:Sideways

This update will also update Wild Horses that appear in game, allowing them now to be caught up to Tier 5! For more information about Coursers, Tier 8s and Wild Horses, check out the GM Note [here].


Through their studies of the Black Spirit, the sorceresses of Tarif have discovered an ancient spell called Naderr’s Band. This spell gives the Black Spirit the ability to store and exchange your current Enhancement Chance, making it easier to handle multiple different stacks.


Once you reach level 58, you will be able to access a series of quests from the Black Spirit, and once completed, the quest reward ‘Naderr’s Parchment’ can be used to add a slot to the Naderr’s Band. This quest is only available once per family, and the Naderr’s Band will apply to all characters within your family.


Using Naderr’s Band

Once you have completed the quest and you unlock a slot, you will be able to switch your current enhancement chance with whatever enhancement chance has currently been stored through the Black Spirit.


Not only will the enhancement chance be stored, but any Valks Enhancement chances will also be stored within the band. This means that you can start a whole new stack regardless of the progress on your current stack.


As the Naderr’s Band is designed to alleviate the need of switching characters for different stacks, the enhancement chance stored on the Black Spirit will also be able to be accessed by other characters in your family.


Below 100 Enhancement chance, you can swap your enhancement chances freely. But once it reaches over 100, there will be a ten minute cooldown on further swaps. This limit does not include enhancement chance applied through Valks Cry, which means that you will be able to store a 99 Enhancement Stack with +10 Valks Cry and freely switch to it.


The new Naru gear set has been added to the game. This armor set is designed as beginner gear set for new users, and will be rewarded to those Adventurers who complete the Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah quest lines. The Naru set will replace various weapons and armor that are given to new characters throughout the main quest line.


Unlike the previous gear awarded in this fashion, the Naru gear can be enhanced by using Beginner Black Stones, which will also be rewarded through quests. You can also process certain items to give you Beginner Black Stones!



Black Stone (Weapon) x3

Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x1

Black Stone (Armor) x3

Beginner Black Stone (Armor) x1

Black Stone (Weapon) x30 and Black Stone Powder x1

Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x10

Black Stone (Armor) x30 and Black Stone Powder x1

Beginner Black Stone (Armor) x10

 Naru gear can be enhanced all the way to PEN level, and is considerably easier to enhance than other gear. As these are designed for new users, the costs of failure have also been reduced. Failing an enhancement will consume 2 durability, and if you wish to Cron Stone the PEN enhancement attempt, it will only cost 3 Cron Stones to do.


Red Battlefield is getting a significant damage calculation change this update. With this update, if you take a large amount of damage in Red Battlefield, you will receive a buff called ‘Blessing of Fortitude’. This buff will trigger if you take a certain amount of damage in a short period of time, and it will give you more of a chance to survive the incoming damage.


How it works

Once your HP is below 50% of your max HP from an attack, the new effect will decrease the amount of damage you take by at least 10%. This reduction of damage will reach up to 50% depending on how much health you have remaining.


Example: Your HP is 5,000 but you have been hit with an attack that would normally deal 3,000 HP. You will receive 2,500 unfiltered damage, and the remaining damage (in this case 500), will be subject to the new damage mitigation effect.


Recovering health during the damage process will change the amount of reduced damage.

HP left 
(% of Max HP) 

Damage Mitigation 

Less than 50% 


Less than 45% 


Less than 40% 


Less than 35% 


Less than 30% 


Less than 25% 


Less than 20% 


Less than 15% 


Less than 10% 



Although recently added to Black Desert Console, new quality of life changes are coming for Agris Fever.


The first change is that Agris Fever will now automatically be applied once a character reaches level 56. As this no longer requires the Adventure Log to activate, we have modified the rewards that are given for completing the Book of Margahan Chapter 1 to increase the total number of Agris Points available for an Adventurer to use.


The second change is that the total number of points available without the Adventure Log has increased five-fold, from 10,000 Agris Fever points to 50,000 Agris Fever points. This change allows us to improve the efficiency of Agris Fever in low level monster spots making it less punishing to use in lower tier spots. For higher tier spots, we have adjusted the number of points consumed per monster in relation to the five-fold increase, and more information can be found HERE.


As we have removed the Book of Margahan requirement for Agris Fever, we are changing the rewards for completing the Adventure Log. Each chapter in Book 1 will now increase the maximum capacity of Agris Fever, and will also increase the Vendor Item drop rates as follows.

Book of Margahan, Vol. 1


Chapter 1

Agris Fever Point Capacity +5000

Chapter 2

Agris Fever Point Capacity +5000 

Chapter 3 

Agris Fever Point Capacity +5000 

Chapter 4 

Agris Fever Point Capacity +10000 

Chapter 5 

Increase Junk Item Drop Amount +50%

Summary of changes:

Book of Margahan Status

Agris Fever Point Capacity

Recovery + Bonus Rate

Not Completed

50,000 points

15,000 points per day

Increase Junk Item Drop Amount 100%

Chapter 1 Completed

75,000 points

15,000 points per day

Increase Junk Item Drop amount 150%

The first change for monsters this time is a change to the EXP that is awarded when killing monsters at Cron Castle. As some Adventurers have noticed, the amount of EXP the monsters here give is a little excessive compared to their difficulty, and as such we have reduced the amount of EXP that can be obtained here.


Another change which many will be happy with is that the positioning of Feather Wolves on the Caudil Forest road has been modified so that it is easier to auto-navigate through the region.


Kutum has been improved so that if he is killed while being caught in a wall or under the floor, his rewards will still be able to be collected. Also, the Black Mane that appears in the main quest has also been fixed, so that it will no longer get stuck when summoned.


[Violent] Shultz Guard Gladiators have had their stats modified so that the difficulty of fighting them now matches the improved level of difficulty that the region recently had. The Ahib Griffon that is summoned in the Narvan Steppe has had some tweaks to the damage of certain attacks.


The last of the monster changes is that the Dark Rift monster, Ruins Guard Tower, has had its sound effects improved so that it no longer makes irregular sounds.


While auto-pathing, we have made it so that all mounts will automatically stop moving if they get stuck on pieces of terrain. This will help reduce needlessly wasting durability or stamina on different types of mounts. This change applies to the following mounts:


Rafts, Rowboats, Fishing Boats, All tiers of Horses, All Wagons (including the Forest Path Wagon), Camels, Donkeys, Miniature Elephants, and Guild Elephants.  

Another quality of life change with mounts is that small ships (such as rafts, rowboats and fishing boats) will now face a different direction when withdrawn in Velia. This change will make it so these smaller boats will be able to leave the Wharf easier than before.


Fughar, the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager has been spotted lurked around villages across Black Desert. The reason for his sudden appearance is currently unknown, but it is said that he is willing to provide help to Adventurers.


Certain dialogue of Lisam and Kalix, the Old Moon Sky Balloon managers has been modified. We have also improved the collision animation when colliding with the Material Vendor Purajin in Valencia.


Having heard grand tales of your adventures, Sahazad Nesser has announced that he will personally bless all Adventurers to improve their growth throughout the Valencian continent.


This blessing will add a large amount of Combat EXP for completing “[Lv.55 Valencia] Eastern Sands Kingdom Story” and “[Lv.56 Valencia II] Treasure of Valencia”. This will provide a faster leveling experience for those Adventurers who complete the main quests. Unfortunately, this blessing is considerably less effective when Adventurers have reached level 59 or higher, so use this quick boost in EXP to your advantage.


The Royal Nesser Family have also decreed that the Cokro Chamber be more accessible to Adventurers and have hired and deployed Yonal’s Workers to light the way to the Chamber. The workers will also show people the way to Cokro Chamber, even if the gates to Valencia Castle are closed. The navigation function will now work inside the chamber, giving easier access to quest objectives, and to improve the investigation questline in general, we have changed descriptions of the quests in the quest window and quest summary.


There are changes being made to certain fishing quests in game. The following quests have been modified:



Quest Name: The Notch Jaw
Quest Objective: Catch Notch Jaw

Quest Name: [Fishing] Juicy Soho Bitterling
Quest Objective: Catch Soho Bitterling

Quest Name: Muddy and Slippery
Quest Objective:
Catch Mudfish

Quest Name: [Fishing] Catch the Catfish
Quest Objective:
Catch Catfish

Other Quest Changes

● ‘[LV.55 Valencia] Eastern Sands Kingdom Story’ has changed so that level 56 is required before starting it. This change was made as we recommend having Awakening/Talent/Ascension open before adventuring through Valencia.

● Added a Polished Gemstone Bundle to ‘The Groundwork for Friendship’ quest reward.

● Added the text: ‘If you lose the Polished Gemstone Bundle, talk to Dora Fonti to receive another to the quest summary for ‘A Clever Method’.

● Changed the quest objectives for the quests ‘So Tiresome’ and ‘Problem at Border Farm’.

● The quest ‘Horse Emblem: Secret Guard’s Horse’ is now a Calpheon main quest. As this quest is a once per family quest, once completed it will automatically be skipped.

● Changed the quest summary for ‘[Daily] Young Shepherd’.

● Changed the quest ‘[Co-op] Exposing the Serendia Shrine Gang’ to ‘[Daily] Exposing the Serendia Shrine Gang’.

● Added the text, ‘[Shai Talent]’ to the titles of relevant quests.


● The UI of the Mount Information window has been changed.

● Fixed an issue where outfit slots would appear empty with certain Pearl Shop outfits.

● Changed the warning notification when enhancing PRI and higher gear to only show when the Enhnancement Chance is at 0 and the success rate is 30% or lower.

● Fixed an issue where the Alchemy Window animation for Polishing the Alchemy Stone was displayed incorrectly.

● Fixed graphical issues with the Agris Fever Icon.

● Added a line break to the part of the Lakiaro minigame widnow that displays which stage you are in.

The first of the character changes for this update is the arrival of the 3 new hair styles for all female classes! These new hairstyles will be available for all Adventurers who create a new female class, or have the appearance change function available to them (Appearance Change coupon, Value Pack etc).



● The transition of switching from Awakening to Main-hand via certain awakening skills has been improved.

● You can no longer call your mount while using evasion.

● Black Spirit: Sanctitas de Enslar - Changed the Skill Demo to match the actual skill's attack.


● Fixed an issue where characters could end up on top of the fortress in certain situations during Node and Conquest wars.

● Fixed an issue where the wrong Shop NPC information was appearing for certain items in the crafting notes.

● Trade Items purchased from Trade Managers will now display their place of origin in the tool tip.

● Changed the visual effect that displays when using an Item Collection Increase Scroll. The yellow glow will now dissipate shortly after use.

● The tooltip for the [Guild] Iron Core Timber square, a Guild Galley item, has been corrected.

● Fixed an issue where Scorpion Fish were not able to be caught in the waters of Olvia and Port Epheria.

● Fixed several graphical inconsistencies with certain outfits.

● Fixed an issue where you could use Old Moon Trade Pass on Pearl Items sold on the Central Market. Pearl Items sold with this buff prior would only visually look as though they consumed the buff.

● Some in-game phases and NPC dialogues have been modified so they are easier to understand, and certain typos have been fixed.

● Fixed an issue where some terrain would display abnormally.



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