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Notices [Notice] Next Generation Black Desert Console
Black Desert 2020-11-11 00:00




With the release of next generation consoles just around the corner, the Black Desert Console team would like to prepare Adventurers for what they can expect out of these consoles.  


Continue Your Adventures Where You Left It 


- For Adventurers who played on Xbox/PlayStation and are looking to play on next generation consoles, you will be able to play from day 1 of the new console releases with the same in-game family and characters on the new consoles. This also means that there are no additional packages required to play on the next generation consoles.  


Improvements on Next Generation Consoles 


- [Updated] We have optimized Black Desert's backward compatibility with next-generation consoles to the fullest extent allowed by each platform. We will continuously work with our partners to further improve performance on all supported consoles.

- The Xbox Series X will allow the game to reach 120 frames per second while the PlayStation®5 possesses a frame rate priority option that allows you to play up to 60 frames per second. Both new consoles will support HDR.  

- The texture loadings speeds during initial logins and during gameplay has also been improved. This will allow you to enjoy the vast open world of Black Desert without hinderance.  

- The speed and smoothness of Black Desert Console gameplay has also been improved, allowing Adventurers to experience the vibrance of skill effects and the small details that make the world of Black Desert.  


For more information regarding the backward-compatibilities of the new consoles, please visit the official Xbox/PlayStation websites and blogs. 


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