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GM Notes [GM Note] Slayer of Light
Black Desert 2020-11-17 00:00


The slayer rises out of oblivion after reclaiming the Holy Flame.


Awakening from the turmoil of forgotten memories, Guardian returns as a judicator bearing the flame of winter. She now wields the massive Jördun—its blade burning with the Holy Flame, Ynix, said to be able to immolate even the gods.


Guardian swings this razor-sharp weapon as if it was light as a feather and brings down wrath upon her enemies. The flames from Jördun can unleash a wide-array of attacks and boast such destructive power that light itself appears to scatter.


Maiming her enemies with Jördun’s blade, she leaps high into the air and swiftly falls upon them without a hint of fear in her visage—like an incarnation of the dragon Labreska, who once reigned over the snow-capped mountain.


Guardian Awakening Video


Guardian Primary Awakening Skills

Searing Fang

Charge forward in an explosion of flames after smashing down on the ground with Jördun.


God Incinerator

Slams Jördun on the ground to cause an eruption of fire that scorches the ground around Guardian.


Cleansing Flame

Spins around, then slashes across in a powerful circular swing; spreading wide the cleansing flames contained within Jördun to incinerate enemies in the way.


Infernal Nemesis

Flies up into the air using the power of the Holy Flame to swoop down and scorch her enemies.

Guardian Succession

Guardian Succession has been updated!
The Guardian who chooses Succession wields the Battle Axe to adminster merciless judgment on all enemies in the battlefield to restore balance to the world.


Check out the unstoppable Guardian now!


Go to Guardian Succession/Awakening Patch Notes

Patch notes will be released during the next maintenance.


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