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Black Desert 2019-04-04 10:00



This latest update has added a few new quests that give rewards that improve your Black Desert experience. From Maids to Horses, these quests offer great resources that can make your Black Desert experience more convenient!


●To help your characters get stronger, the [Adventure Log #1: Onward to New Horizons] and [Adventure Log #2: Onward to New Horizons] quests have been added to the game. These quests can be accepted from the Black Spirit during the Mediah main quest, and will unlock once a certain level of AP and DP have been achieved.

● Horses make the best companions in Black Desert, and to help players traverse the large world, the Black Spirit has decided to help Adventurers out by giving them a Tier-5 horse!
-After completing the ‘Looking for Adventurers’ quest in the main Calpheon quest line, you will be able to accept the gift from the Black Spirit.
-The gift includes a Tier-5 Female Horse token, with a Light Hide Saddle. You can redeem the token at any stablemaster.
-The Horse is guaranteed to have the skills [Sprint] and [Instant Accel].


● With the new characters Musa, Dark Knight, Striker and Lahn added to the game, we will be celebrating their arrival with a special free gift. When you summon the Black Spirit with a character who is level 52 or higher, you can receive two quests that will allow you to select 1 maid, and 1 butler. You can choose between a Storage Maid/Butler or a Transaction Maid/Butler.


-Maid/Butler items will be sent to your Pearl Shop Items.
-Once activated, you can summon the Maid/Butler through the [Maid/Buttler List] ring menu setting.
-Storage Maids/Butlers have access to the nearest storage to your current location.
-Transaction Maids/Butlers can place items in the Central Market Wallet anywhere.
-Each of these items has a 20 minute cooldown.


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