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Updates [Update] [Updated] 6/8 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2022-06-08 00:10


A new update has been released, bringing with it an overhaul to various monster spots, Krogdalo Horse gear and more! Read below to find out more about the June 8th Update.

Krogdalo Horse Gear

● Krogdalo Horse Gear, embued with the power of Krogdalo, has been added.
Krogdalo's Champron - Earth Krogdalo's Champron - Wind Krogdalo's Champron - Sea
Krogdalo's Barding - Earth Krogdalo's Barding - Wind Krogdalo's Barding - Sea
Krogdalo's Saddle - Earth Krogdalo's Saddle - Wind Krogdalo's Saddle - Sea
Krogdalo's Stirrups - Earth Krogdalo's Stirrups - Wind Krogdalo's Stirrups - Sea
Krogdalo's Horseshoe - Earth Krogdalo's Horseshoe - Wind Krogdalo's Horseshoe - Sea
- Though crafting Krogdalo gear is a difficult task, it is the best horse gear set available.
- In addition to the performance improvements, it also allows certain skills to become more powerful
- There are three types of Krogdalo's Horse gear, and they can be crafted from Stonetail Horse Ranch 3, Horse Gear Workshop
- Equipping 3 or more of the same type of horse gear will provide a set effect which enhances certain skills.
Krogdalo's Horse Gear - Earth 
3-Set Effect Earth Slam (Charge) Charge Attack Range +70%, Charge Damage +50%
4-Set Effect Earth's Echo (S: Fore Chop) Knockdown 60% of all enemies within 3.5m radium, S: Forechop Damage +50%

5-Set Effect

Earth's Roar (Roar) Damage Reduction +3 and Evasion +3 to 10 allies within 10m for 1 hour (including self)
Krogdalo's Horse Gear - Wind
3-Set Effect Wind Gust (Charge) Charge Speed +30%, Charge Damage +50%
4-Set Effect Wind Echo (S: Fore Chop) Knockback 70% of all enemies within 3.5m radium, S: Fore Chop Damage +50%
5-Set Effect Wind's Roar AP+5 to 10 allies within 10m for 1 hour (including Self)
Krogdalo's Horse Gear - Sea
3-Set Effect Rising Tide (Charge) Enemy's Movement Speed -20%, Charge Damage +50%
4-Set Effect Ocean's Echo (S: Fore Chop) Attack/Casting Speed -20% of all enemies within 3.5m radius
5-Set Effect Ocean's Roar (Roar) Max HP/Stamina +100 to allies within 10m for 1 hour (including self)

Monster Zone Improvements

First off, we are adding traits unique to each monster zone for all regions (excluding Balenos, Serendia, and Mediah territories).

Based on recommended AP levels, these unique traits will include efficient Agris Fever point usage, and higher Combat and Skill EXP rates within these zones. With this update, we hope to provide a broader variety of choices that will meet the diverse goals of our Adventurers as they head off to a monster zone.

We're also adjusting the loot tables of each monster zone.

Rather than adding new items to existing loot tables, we've taken the approach of looking at the overall balance of item drops and making adjustments where needed. Since we focused mostly on bolstering loot tables of zones that were slightly underwhelming, this update is expected to maintain or slightly increase profits from defeating monsters. For example, in the case of Cadry Ruins, which dropped Black Stones and Rosar Weapon Boxes, we slightly decreased the drop rate of Rosar Weapon Boxes and increased the drop rate for Caphras Stones and Scroll Written in Ancient Language, which we expect will slightly increase your gains from this zone. For Hystria Ruins, we made one of the zone's signature loot drops, the Ancient Power - Black Shard, now drop from Elten and Tukar Balten as well. These are the kinds of profit-increasing changes we implemented to balance out the differing loot tables between monsters and thereby increasing the potential for profit in most monster zones.

We're also expanding the means to obtain even greater item drop rate buffs than before.

Family Fame will now also add an additional item drop rate buff, and we've increased and expanded the influence of the item drop rate buff gained from Ecology Knowledge. This change was made so that Adventurers would gain a sense of naturally benefiting from all the hard work they’ve put into playing the game.

In addition, we are raising the maximum item drop rate threshold to 400%.

You can reach up to Item Drop Rate +300% through various means such as scrolls, campsite buffs, ecology Knowledge benefits, in-game events, and Blessing of Kamasylve. Owning a territory will bump that Item Drop Rate up to +350%, and if playing on an Arena of Arsha server, you will reach the maximum possible item drop rate of +400%. On a side note, item drop rate buffs such as the Hot Time event will now also apply on Arena of Arsha servers.

Some of you may have different opinions regarding the means of reaching the maximum item drop rate threshold.

However, we settled on this updated system while considering how difficult it was to previously reach Item Drop Rate +300% without special event buffs or scrolls. We will continue to work on providing greater means of obtaining these buffs, so we ask for your patience and understanding.

The overall adjustment and improvement of Monster Zones that we've added today is a way to expand your choice and provide a comfortable experience as we announced during the last Calpheon Ball.

We worked long and hard to provide these updates in a timely manner and will continue to work hard in order to give all of our Adventurers the best possible gaming experience.

Thank you

Monster Zone Loot and Drop Rate Improvements

● Improved the loot and drop rates of each monster zone.
Changes to all Monster Zones
Improvements/adjustments to loot and drop tables
※ Excludes Balenos, parts of Mediah, Kuit Islands, and the Great Ocean.

● Added the following traits to monster zones.
- Traits compared between zones of similar recommended AP levels.
Zone Trait Details
Agris Fever Offers the most efficient ratio of junk loot obtained per Agris Fever point.
Caphras Stones Offers higher chance to loot Caphras Stones
Item Collection Increase Unavailable Item Collection Increase rates do not apply, but existing drop rates are increased.
Combat/Skill EXP Grants highter Combat/Skill EXP for the difficulty level.
Others Zones increased in other ways, such as increased tanning rewards etc.

[Agris Fever Monster Zones]
● The following zones had their Agris Fever point consumption and junk loot drop amounts adjusted for increased efficiency.
Agris Fever Monster Zones Junk Loot/ Fever Points
Recommended 140 AP:
Crescent Shrine
[Crescent Watcher, Crescent Follower, Crescent Guardian]
2 items / 3 points
Recommended 140 AP:
Gahaz Bandit's Lair
[Sandstorm Plunderer, Sandstorm Assassin, Sandstorm Elite, Sandstorm Rifleman]
1 item / 2 points
Recommended 190 AP:
Centaurus Herd
[Centaurus Hunter, Centaurus Axeman]
2 items / 6 points
Recommended 250 AP:
Aakman Temple

[Aakman Elite Guardian]
4 to 6 items / 5 points

[Aakman Elite Watcher, Aakman Flamen, Aakman Airbender, Aakman Punisher, Aakman Watcher, Aakman Guardian]
2 to 4 items / 5 points

Recommended 250 AP:
Hystria Ruins

[Kalqueesh, Tutuka, Tukar Burmol, Tukar Demol]
1 to 3 items / 7 points


2 to 3 items / 7 points


2 to 4 items / 7 points


[Tukar Balten, Elten]
3 to 5 items / 7 points

Recommended 250 AP:
Kratuga Ancient Ruins

[[Ancient Weapon] Bamole, Belloten, Elqueesh, Puruko, Kimel]
2 to 4 items / 5 points


[[Ancient Sentinel Weapon] Bamole, Belloten, Kimel]
5 to 10 items / 20 points


[[Ancient Destruction Weapon] Belloten, Elqueesh]
15 to 20 items / 40 points


[[Ancient Extermination Weapon] Laytenn]
30 to 40 items / 80 points

Recommended 270 AP:

Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Upper)
(Party of 5)

[Gyfin Rhasia Guard, Gyfin Rhasia Decimator, Gyfin Rhasia Flamen, Gyfin Rhasia Crusher]
4 to 6 items / 9 points

Recommended 270 AP:

Tunkuta (Party of 2)

[Turo Scout, Turo Pike Warrior, Turo Berserker]
3 to 5 items / 15 points

Recommended 300 AP:

Olun's Valley (Party of 3)

[Boulder Golem, Indomitable Golem, Rock Golem, Golem's Left Arm]
2 items / 35 points


[Olun's Golem]
2 to 4 items / 35 points

 ※ For more details, check out the Adventurers Guide - [Agris Fever].


[Caphras Monster Zones]
● The following zones gained the trait of having a higher chance to drop Caphras Stones compared to other zones of similar recommended AP levels.

Caphras Monster Zones
Recommended AP 240: Manshaum Forest
Recommended AP 250: Thornwood Forest

[Item Collection Increase Effect Exclusion Zones]
● The following zones do not provide benefits with the Item Collection Increase Scroll, but we've increased the total amount of loot dropped, thus still making these zones provide lucrative rewards without scrolls or Agris Fever.
- Due to this change, the drop rate for the 'Rich Merchant's Ring Piece' from Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper) has been increased to similar levels as the combined effects of the 'Item Collection Increase Scroll, [Camp] Adventurer's Luck V, Ecology Knowledge buffs, Blessing of Kamasylve, and Luck+5, 
※ You can expect slightly higher profits from these zones compared to zones with similar recommened AP levels without using Item Collection Increase Scrolls.
※ Item Collection Increase, Junk Item Drop Amount Increase, and Agris Fever buffs are all unavailable for these zones.
Item Collection Increase Effect Unavailable Zones
Recommended AP 190: Basilisk Den (Party of 3)
Recommended AP 230: Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper)

[Combat/Skill EXP Monster Zones]
● The following zones have had their Combat/Skill EXP gains increased from defeating monsters.
Combat EXP Monster Zones
Recommended AP 100: Titium Valley - Combat EXP
Recommended AP 100: Desert Naga Temple - Combat EXP
Recommended AP 160: Marie Cave (Traitor's Gravestone) - Combat EXP
Recommended AP 165: Waragon Nest (Party of 3) - Combat EXP
Recommended AP 240: Mirumok Ruins (Party of 2 to 3) - Combat EXP
Skill EXP Monster Zones
Recommended AP 100: Bashim Base - Skill EXP
Recommended AP 120: Fadus Habitat - Skill EXP
Recommended AP 190: Basilisk Den (Party of 3) - Skill EXP
Combat and Skill EXP Monster Zones
Recommended AP 170: Protty Cave - Combat & Skill EXP
Recommended AP 230: Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper) - Combat & Skill EXP
Recommended AP 270: Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Upper) (Party of 5) - Combat & Skill EXP

[Gathering Reward Monster Zones]
● The following zone has improved Gathering rewards via Tanning defeated monsters.
Gathering Reward Monster Zones
Recommended AP 210: Navarn Steppe

[Valuable Junk Loot Zones]
● The following zones have seen the value of junk loot obtainable by looting monsters in Kamasylvia and Drieghan territories increased.
Valuable Junk Loot Zones Increased Values
Recommended AP 120:
Fadus Habitat
Fadus Armor Fragment: 2,100 → 9,671 (adjusted)
Recommended AP 140:
Tshira Ruins
Swamp Leaves: 2,030 → 8,820
Mud Stained Branch: 410 → 4,902
Recommended AP 160:
Polly's Forest
Mushroom Hypha: 1,955 → 9,720
Recommended AP 190:
Blood Wolf Settlement
Blood Wolf Mane: 2,120 → 7,764
Blood Wolf Tooth: 830 → 5,960
Recommended AP 210:
Sherekhan Necropolis (Day/Night)
Token of Bravery: 3,445 → 12,750 (fixed)
Medal of Bravery: 65,000 → 57,777 (adjusted)
※ The drop amount for Medal of Bravery has been increased, so the value was adjusted accordingly.
- [Guardian Spirit] Garud, Lateh, Federik drop amount: 4 to 5 → 20 to 30
- [Guardian Spirit]Belcadas, Nybrica drop amount: 5 to 6 → 20 to 30
Recommended AP 210:
Navarn Steppe
Griffon Beak: 21,000 → 21,150
Ferri Beak: 3,700 → 3,750
Belladonna Elephant Ivory Piece: 5,500 → 5,580
Black Leopard Fang: 19,500 → 19,520
Feather Wolf Tail: 3,000 → 3,020
Recommended AP 240:
Forest Ronaros
Hoof of Forest Ronaros: 4,300 → 13,490
Recommended AP 240:
Mirumok Ruins (Party of 2 to 3)
Degraded Wood Fragment: 17,500 → 18,200
Recommended AP 240:
Manshaum Forest
Narc Magic Mark: 8,800 → 12,770
Recommended AP 270:
Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Upper) (Party of 5)
Fragment of Bronze Artifact: 12,000 → 16,700
※ These changes in value will not apply to junk loot obtained prior to the June 8th Maintenance.

[Contribution EXP Monster Zones]
● Added weekly subjugation quests that grant a substantial amount of Contribution EXP.
- The Contribution EXP reward will automatically be issued upon quest completion based on your current Contribution Point level.
- You can complete The following weekly quests in each monster zone.
Weekly Quest Contribution EXP Reward
[Weekly Contribution] Cadries Under a Dark Influence
- Defeat 3000 Cadries
- Quest NPC: Anne Laker (Cadry Ruins Node Manager)
220 to 224 CP: CP +1 (950 Contribution EXP)
225 to 249 CP: CP +1 (1,000 Contribution EXP)
250 to 274 CP: CP +1 (1,500 Contribution EXP)
275 to 299 CP: CP +1 (4,350 Contribution EXP)
300 to 324 CP: CP +1 (7,350 Contribution EXP)
325 to 349 CP: CP +1 (14,650 Contribution EXP)
350+ CP: Unavailable
[Weekly Contribution] The Haunting of Shultz
- Teach 3000 Shultz Guard a lesson
- Quest NPC: Narava Rakum (Sarma Outpost Node Manager)
※ The above quests are not affected by the increased Contribution EXP gains of the Caphras - Journal of Glory/Elion - Tome of the Sun.

● Improved Narc's Crimson Tear to now also be obtainable from Manshaum Great Warriors at Manshaum Forest.
- "Narc's Crimson Tear" was added so that it can be looted from defeating Manshaum Great Warriors.
- The Item Drop Rate for "Narc's Crimson Tear" that you can loot from Manshaum Shaman was slightly decreased.
※ The drop rate of Narc's Crimson Tear slightly increased with the application of the changes listed above.

● The Item Drop Rate was increased for "Sherekhan's Panacea" and "Dragon's Fang" lootable from defeating monsters at Sherekhan Necropolis (Night).
● Applied the following changes to the attack patterns of Mirumok Watchers and Mirumok Lookouts at the Mirumok Ruins:
Before After
Monsters spawn when the Adventurer is nearby
Change to temporarily recover when attacked
The Adventurer can defeat the Watchers and Lookouts
Monsters spawn when the Adventurer hits the Watchers and Lookouts.
Cannot be attacked by the Adventurer after the 1st hit.
When the Watchers and Lookouts have finished summoning all monsters, only then can they be defeated.
Watchers and Lookouts HP reduced 97%
Fail to defeat Watchers and Lookouts within a specific time and they will explode, dealing damage to everyone nearby

[Black Magic Crystal Improvements]
Improvements were made so that the Black Magic Crystals obtainable from defeating monsters will stack and take up one slot of your inventory. We hope this improvement will lessen the load in your inventory and allow you to more conveniently use Processing (Heating, Grinding, etc.) with Magic Shards.
● Improved all types of "Black Magic Crystals" that could be looted from defeating monsters to now be obtained as "Sealed Black Magic Crystals"
Sealed Black Magic Crystals stack and take up one slot in your inventory.
- Break the seal of a Sealed Black Magic Crystal to obtain one of the Black Magic Crystals.
- You can use "Heating" and "Grinding" with the Sealed Black Magic Crystals like you could with Black Magic Crystals (including mass Processing).
※ Heating to obtain Magic Shards
※ Grinding to obtain Black Stone Powder
- You can register the Sealed Black Magic Crystals on the Central Market.
List of Obtainable Black Magic Crystals
Black Magic Crystal - Precision
Black Magic Crystal - Armor
Black Magic Crystal - Vigor
Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness
Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine
Black Magic Crystal - Ascension
Black Magic Crystal - Descent
Black Magic Crystal - Assault
Black Magic Crystal - Sturdiness
Black Magic Crystal - Valor
Black Magic Crystal - Precision
Black Magic Crystal - Memory
Black Magic Crystal - Intimidation
Black Magic Crystal - Agility

Item Drop Rate Increase Improvements

● Increased the Item Drop Rate that increases for each range of Ecology Knowledge category points. Also, Item Drop Rate increases were added for reaching 9,000 and 10,000 points.
- 500 points or more: Item Drop Rate +2% → 5%
- 1,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +3% → 7%
- 1,500 points or more: Item Drop Rate +5% → 10%
- 2,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +7% → 12%
- 3,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +10% → 14%
- 4,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +12% → 16%
- 5,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +14% → 18%
- 6,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +16% → 20%
- 7,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +18% → 23%
- 8,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +20% → 25%
- (New) 9,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +27%
- (New) 10,000 points or more: Item Drop Rate +30%
● Added the "Item Drop Rate Increase" that permanently increases by 10% once you reach 7,000 points for Family Fame.
- +1.5% Silver Collection upon Central Market Sales → +1.5% Silver Collection upon Central Market Sales & Item Drop Rate +10%
● The max upper limit that can be applied from stacked Item Drop Rate increase effects equals +400%.
- Item Drop Rate Increase buffs from Item Drop Rate Increase Scrolls, [Camp] Adventurer's Luck, Blessing of Kamasylve, pets, event items, and drop rate increase events stack up to +300%.
- the Item Drop Rate Increase buff from Arsha servers and occupied territories will be applied respectively from the max upper limit.
※ Ex 1) Participating in an event that grants Item Drop Rate +70% while you have the Item Drop Rate +250% buff: Item Drop Rate +300%
※ Ex 2) When the conquest buff is applied in an Arsha server with the Item Drop Rate +300% applied: Item Drop Rate +400%

Content Changes

● Made the following improvements to how summoning works with the item Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll and the Pila Fe Scroll:
Before After
Party leader uses the scroll at the designated location to summon monsters.
Party leader gets loot and quest reward.
Party members get loot.

Go to the designated spawn location to interact with the Faded Ancient Relic and use the UI to summon.
The party leader puts in the number of scrolls according to the stage the party wishes to attempt.
The rest of the party member put in the same number of scrolls.
The party leader and members all get their rewards as loot.


※ The summon scrolls can still be used via the old method!

※ The summon scrolls can still be used via the old method where the party leader just summons the boss.
- The Faded Ancient Relic has up to five different "stages" in which monsters can be summoned. The required amount of scrolls and recommended AP per stage are as follows.
Stages Required Scrolls Ancient Relic Crystal Scroll Recommended AP Pila Fe Scroll Recommended AP
Tier 1 1 from every member 150 or higher with a party 160 or higher with a party
Tier 2 2 from every member 190 or higher with a party 200 or higher with a party
Tier 3 3 from every member 220 or higher with a party 230 or higher with a party
Tier 4 4 from every member 240 or higher with a party 250 or higher with a party
Tier 5 5 from every member 260 or higher with a party 270 or higher with a party.

* The difficulty of the boss is determined by the number of scrolls used regardless of the size of your party. In other words, we strongly recommend you bring as many party members as you can.

For example, the Stage 1 boss summoned by one person registering one summon scroll versus one party of five members registering one summon scroll each will be of the same difficulty level. Therefore, bringing as many party members as possible will greatly increase the efficiency of taking down these bosses.
To utilize the party summon scroll UI, you must be in a party. If you wish to solo it, you can form a solo party by:
1. Go to Menu > Community > Find Party/Platoon  

2. From here, after posting a recruitment ad, you will automatically form a party. You can cancel the ad to ensure that no one else will join your party. 

- Monsters summoned will be stronger when you attempt higher stages. However, you will be able to defeat the monsters, even if you do not meet the recommended AP, if you are in a full party of 5 members.
- Additionally, using the improved method of summoning the boss give you a slight chance to face the [Drawn to the Ancient Relic] monsters that drop special loot.
* Defeat these monsters to obtain additional loot.

● Improved the explanation in the tooltip information of the following boss summoning items to make it easier to understand the summoning mechanic:
 - Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll, Pila Fe Scroll
The Black Desert summon scroll content, a.k.a. the "Disco Ball," was one of the better means of acquiring enhancement materials such as Memory Fragments. However, the amount of time spent waiting for the boss to appear was greater than the actual time spent taking the boss down. Thus we've thought over many ways to make the process more interesting, but felt it somewhat lacking to simply reduce the summoning time to "summon a powerful boss and obtain loot, " and thus decided to go with using a greater amount of summon scrolls to summon a mighty foe.
This new method is similar to the "combine the (dagger) keys" method from Atoraxxion's "Sol Magia," where you can pick your own difficulty and potential rewards that scale up to Stage 5 (which will require 5 scrolls each). While not included in today's update, we plan to implement a similar scaling system for the scrolls obtained by combining Forbidden Books as well.

Atoraxxion Improvements

In order to make Atoraxxion more enjoyable, we removed the "10,000 Agris Fever point" cost for the weekly reward quests and increased the drop chance for items needed to access each zone in the dungeon and the "Circuit of Special Information" that grant special knowledge. We hope these changes will encourage more Adventurers to challenge Atoraxxion.
● Improved the following items, which are required to craft items that grant access to each zone in Atoraxxion, to now have a 100% chance to drop.
Monster Item
Vaha's Cold Thorn
Egg of a Fearful Epoch
Egg of an Arid Epoch
Syca's Frigid Scale

● Improved the weekly Atoraxxion quests to no longer cost Agris Fever points.
- Before: 10,000 Agris Fever points consumed upon accepting the quest
- After: 0 Agris Fever points consumed
- Affected Quests: [Weekly] Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest I, [Weekly] Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest II, [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest I, [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest II 
● Increased the drop rate for "Circuit of Special Information" that grant knowledge for certain monsters of Atoraxxion.
Monster Changes to Circuit of Special Information Drop Rate
Normal monsters 400%
Cetus, Monoceros Lacerta, Creomar, Putrakium, Cartios, Lykina, Krahtenn, Ahtenn, Apex Urukios, Serpen, Berurah, Apocros, Maleficent Centilutos 500%

Character Changes

● Fixed an issue where PC commands appeared in the Prime: Embers skill.

Item Changes

● Drakania is now available in the Shudad Black Outfit Box
● Drakania is now available from the Tiger Emissary Outfit Box.
● Added a description to the Item Brand Stone to highlight cases where the effect will disappear.
● Separated [Striker] WeDan Shoes from the [Striker] WeDan Armor.
- Added [Striker] WeDan Shoes to the outfit boxes that contain the [Striker] WeDan Armor.
* Adventurers who had the [Striker] WeDan Armor in their possession will find the [Striker] WeDan Shoes in their storage in Heidel.
※ Please contact [Support] and attach screenshots of the item tooltips displaying the info of the dyes applied to the outfit previously if the color has changed.

Monster Changes

● Changed the following monsters that had their HP displayed regardless of whether Knowledge was obtained to be properly affected by Knowledge:
- Skeleton
- Skeleton Archer
- Skeleton Warrior
- Skeleton Wolf
-' Skeleton Lizard
- Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
- Skeleton Witmirth
- Small Treant
- Small Harpy
- Centaurus Seeker
- Kamasylvia Weasel
- Rebel Watch Tower
- Pile of Mountain Sheep Skulls
- Rebel Flag
- Rebel Barracks
- Rebel Supply
- Rebel Barricade

Quest and Knowledge Changes

● Added 3 "Rovinia's Supplies" daily quests to earn additional Sailing EXP.
- These quests require you to deliver the supplies within the time limit.
- Delivering the supplies within the time limit will award you with some Sailing EXP and Crow Coins.
- The amount of Sailing EXP awarded differs based on the quest.
- You can accept these quests from Rovinia in Velia, from which you can only choose 1 of the 3 quests to complete.
- These quests reset every day at midnight.
- To accept these quests, you must have completed "Jarette's Support" from the Suggested "Oquilla's Eye" questline.


● Added the ability to exchange Seal of the Undying x50 for a Crow Coin Bundle from Patrigio in Crow's Nest.

UI Changes

● A new menu has been added to promote the Tuvala Cup! You can find a QR code which will take you to the sign up page allowing easier access.
● Modified the world map to display the names on Monster Zones clearly.
● Improved the description of the Old Moon Trade Pass
- +5% Marketplace Silver Collection for one transaction.

Other Changes

● Alleviated the issue where the bandana would clip through your character's back when wearing the [Berserker] Outlaws of Margoria Helmet.
● Fixed an issue where certain Main Quest lines would not be completable when the '[Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards' quest had been completed.
● Fixed an issue where the '[Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards' quest could appear in the quest window, even if all quests had already been completed
● Fixed an incorrect description on filling up Marni Stones in the Growth Pass.
● Fixed the issue where the description text for the "[O'dyllita] Raz'nal, the Burning One" quest would appear awkward.
● Fixed an issue where the increased Item Drop Rate buff for Kamasylvia which is received for owning the Calpheon region was not shown correctly.
● Fixed an issue where the tool tip did not display correctly when converting PEN (V) Naru into PRI (I) Tuvala.
● Fixed an issue where the chat window could be distorted in certain situations.
● Fixed the issue where you could transfer your mount to locations you couldn't take them to through character tag.
● Fixed an issue where movement could not be performed after opening various menus, such as the Pearl Shop, Dye Window, Skill Window etc.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't transfer your travel bag to your storage when keeping Great Marni's Stone in Clorince's Travel Bag.
● Fixed the issue where your character would fall into the well when performing a forward roll on top of the lid on the well at the Bartali Farm
● Fixed the issue where your character couldn't climb up certain trees in Okiara River.
● Fixed an issue where the Knowledge entries for 'Kamasylvian Book of Etiquette' and 'Grándiha Floral Headpiece' could not be acquired.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't obtain Knowledge from Feinia at the Western Guard Camp under certain circumstances.
- If you couldn't previously obtain the Knowledge from her, speaking with Feinia will now allow you to obtain it.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't register the item, [Guild] Instant HP Potion, to your fairy.
● During the Caphras Adventure Log, if you lose the Ancient Magic Tome, you can collect a new one from Kiyak, the Book Vendor of Valencia.
● The item description of the 'Caphras - Journal of Glory' item has been modified to show that it does not effect the following quests:
- [Weekly Contribution] Cadries Under a Dark Influence, [Weekly Contribution] The Haunting of Shultz quests. 
● The camera shake strength of Vodkhan and Kalqueesh has been improved to be more natural.
● Improved the camera effect of Pisces at Atoraxxion - Sycrakea to be more natural.
● Fixed an issue where the looting time of the Ribbon Cat was not as intended.

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