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Updates [Update] [Updated] Patch Notes - October 26, 2022 pt.1
Black Desert 2022-10-26 00:00


A new update is here, bringing the new 2022 Autumn Season and a whole host of character changes to Black Desert Console! Read on to see all the latest changes to Black Desert Console.



2022 Autumn Season begins!

  • ◆ The 2022 Autumn Season has begun. (From after the October 26th maintenance ~ before the December 21st maintenance)
    • You gain EXP boost when playing on a season server, where you can equip "Tuvala gear" to quickly level up your season character while completing the season pass.
    • Select "Season Character" in the Character Creation menu when creating a new character to access the season servers.
    • Season characters can access both season servers and normal servers. Normal characters cannot access the season servers.
    • Season characters can only equip seasonal gear issued by completing the main questline and cannot mount up on Dream Horses.
    • For more information, please refer to the Adventurer's Guide - [Season Servers & Characters].
    • With the start of a new season, certain servers will change into season servers.

What's New in the 2022 Autumn Season?

  • In the 2022 Autumn Season, along with the usual seasonal benefits, the following changes have been added.

One. Life EXP +30%
  • Season characters gain Life EXP +30% (excludes Trading).


Two. Increased Gathering Loot

  • On the season servers, now when you use Gathering tools and obtain Gathering loot, you'll obtain +100% more basic resources.
    • Does not apply for barehanded gathering, digging, milking, and scooping water.
Additional Loot from Gathering
Lumbering Fluid Collecting Hoe Gathering Butchering Tanning Mining
Blood, Sap
Wild Grass

(Processed once like Sheep Hides)
Rough Stone
  • The pet Hedgehog's Talent's effect stacks with the increased Gathering loot buff in season servers.
  • You can no longer equip Life Skill Mastery items with a season character.


Three. Tuvala Enhancement Materials and Seasonal Items from Gathering

  • On season servers, now when you use Gathering tools and obtain Gathering loot you have a chance to obtain one of the following five Tuvala enhancement matierals and/or seasonal items.
    • Does not apply for barehanded gathering, digging, milking, and scooping water.

Time-filled Black Stone
  • Enhance Tuvala gear via the Black Spirit.
  • Exchange for other useful items via the NPC Fughar in any major city.
Tuvala Ore
  • Recover max durability of Tuvala gear lost from enhancement failure.
  • Exchange for Tuvala gear and accessories via blacksmiths in any major city.
Refined Magical Black Stone
  • Guaranteed enhancement of Tuvala gear (weapons, defense gear) via the Black Spirit. (PRI (I) - 10, DUO (II) - 15, TRI (III) - 20)
[Season] Rift's Petal
  • Exchange for other useful items via the NPC Fughar in any major city.
Rift's Fragment
  • Collect five fragments and combine them in your Inventory to create a "Rift's Echo," which can summon powerful bosses to battle.
  • Defeat the bosses summoned from a "Rift Echo" to obtain a decent amount of Tuvala enhancement materials.
  • A party is recommended to take on these mighty foes.
    • The above five items fit in the rare resources category, and are NOT affected by the pet Hedgehog's Talent effect.


Four. Guaranteed TET (IV) → PEN (V) Tuvala Accessory Enhancement Item

  • Added the Boiling Tides Black Stone.
    • This item guarantees the enhancement of TET (IV) Tuvala accessories to PEN (V) enhancement level.
    • Complete the Season Pass objective "Equipping Tuvala Adventure Gear 3" to obtain this item.
      • Equipping Tuvala Adventure Gear 3: Enhance your Tuvala Necklace to DUO (II) or higher, then equip it.


Five. Life Alchemy Stone - Treant's Tear

  • ◆ Added a new alchemy stone, the "Treant's Tear."
    • ◇ The "[Season] [Life 101] The Adventurer That Does It All" quest has been added under the Suggested tab in your Quests window.
      • Only available from Lv. 60 to a season character or a character who has graduated from the season.
      • Adventurers can begin the following questline to experience the basics of Life Skills.
[Season] [Life 101] The Adventurer That Does It All
[Season] [Life 101] Weasel Season
[Season] [Life 101] Chef of Velia Inn
[Season] [Life 101] Lending a Helping Hand
[Season] [Life 101] Alchemists Hate 'em
[Season] [Life 101] Way to One's Heart
[Season] [Life 101] Catching Warm Fuzzy Feelings
[Season] [Life 101] Who Doesn't Love Fish?
[Season] [Life 101] Right Under Our Noses


Six. [Season] Golden Barley, [Season] Rift's Petal

  • You can obtain the [Season] Golden Barley and [Season] Rift's Petal from the 2022 Autumn Season.
  Exchangeable Items
[Season] Golden Barley

- x1: Ancient Spirit Dust x5
- x1: Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x3
- x2: Cron Stone x3

[3 Quests per Family]
- x5: Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon
- x10: Caphras Stone Bundle (10-50)
- x20: Caphras Stone Bundle (50-100)

[1 Quest per Family]
- x10: Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower x50
- x10: Mysterious Blue Conch x50
- x10: Fruit of Yianaros x50
- x10: Tuvala Main Weapon Exchange Coupon x1
- x10: Tuvala Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon x1
- x10: Tuvala Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon x1
- x20: 3 Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons x1
- x20: Tier 8 White Horse (With Instant Accel)
- x20: Memory Fragment Bundle (50-100)
- x30: Choose Your Pet Box
- x50: Advice of Valks (+100)
- x70: Advice of Valks (+140)

[Season] Rift's Petal

- x10 = Time Filled Black Stone Bundle
- x20 = Tuvala Ore Bundle
- x20 = Refined Magical Black Stone Bundle

- x5 = High-Quality Draught Box
- x10 = Valks' Cry
- x20 = Advice of Valks (+20)
- x25 = Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min)
- x30 = Item Collection Increase Scroll
- x100 = Advice of Valks (+40)
- x150 = Advice of Valks (+50)

[1 Quest per Family]
- x15 = Premium Elixir Box



Seven. 2022 Autumn Season Pass

  • The new 2022 Autumn Season Pass is here!
    • While on a season server, press L2/LT + △/Y in the menu or your inventory to access the Season Pass!
Tip! A guide for New Adventurers!
※ For more information, please refer to the [Adventurer's Guide - Season Server Guide].
- The contents on the left-hand side of the Adventurer's Guide are there to help you better navigate through the guide.



New & Improvements


Developer Commentary

We removed Talibre's Tear to make it easier to access Atoraxxion. Furthermore, we also lowered the number of the items required to make the keys to enter the next sections of the dungeon. This will enable Adventurers to reach the final boss even faster than before.

Additionally, we added rewards for Adventurers that clear Atoraxxion for the first time and improved the rewards given for the normal Atoraxxion runs. We hope our Adventurers will enjoy the newly improve Atoraxxion and anticipate the coming of the 3rd biome, Yolunakea.


  • Changed so Talibre's Tear is no longer a requirement to enter Atoraxxion via the Sol Magia.
    • Changed related quests and objects as Talibre's Tear, an item required to enter Atoraxxion, has been deleted.
      • Changed the [Atoraxxion] Talibre's Tear quest so you can no longer obtain the recipe to craft the Talibre's Tear, and its quest summary and objectives have also been changed accordingly.
      • Removed Talibre's Tear as a reward of [Atoraxxion] Time Underwater.
      • Removed the quest description "Consume Talibre's Tear to move to Sycrakea" in [Atoraxxion] Sycrakea.
      • Removed text that states "Talibre's Tear is required when reentering" when leaving Sol Magia: Atoraxxion.
      • Removed the method/process to create Talibre's Tear.
        • Following the October 26th maintenance, all crafting materials of Talibre's Tear will be returned and sent to Heidel Storage.
  • Changed the components of the following items that can be obtained after defeating Atoraxxion final boss.
Item Name Changes

Vahmalkea: Hystrah Chest
(Elvia Difficulty, Round 2)

Sycrakea: Astran Chest
(Elvia Difficulty, Round 2)
- Increased the number of Dehkima: Token of the Oath that can be obtained: 10 → 25

Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest
(Normal Difficulty)

Sycrakea: Prottia Chest
(Normal Difficulty)
- Increased the number of Maha's Fragment that can be obtained: 3 → 5
- Increased the number of Dehkima: Token of the Oath that can be obtained: 5 → 20

Vaha's Rare Box
(Obtain from Vahmalkea: Hystrah Chest, Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest)
- Obtain accessories up to PRI (I) → DUO (II)
    • This will be applied following the October 26th maintenance only for the obtained items.

  • The Black Spirit began to hear the sound of help echoing in Ancient Stone Chamber.
    • "[Atoraxxion] The First Savior" can be completed via the Black Spirit - Main Quest once per Family with a character from Lv. 60.
      • Clear the dungeons of Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea and Sycrakea for the first time.
Quest Name NPC Rewards
[Atoraxxion] The First Savior: Vahmalkea Vaha's Time Capsule
(Located in Vaha's Paradise after defeating final boss)

Golden Tears of the Desert x1
Vahmalkea: Desert Chest x1
Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest x1
Scroll of Vaha's Records x10
Item Collection Increase Scroll x10
[Atoraxxion] The First Savior: Sycrakea Syca's Time Capsule
(Located in Syca's Paradise after defeating final boss)

Cartios Pet (Tier 1)
Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest x1
Sycrakea: Prottia Chest x1
Scroll of Syca's Records x10
Item Collection Increase Scroll x10
Golden Tears of the Desert
Golden Tears of the Desert is a crafting material for "Vaha's Dawn" Earrings.
Process - Heating: Golden Tears of the Desert x1 + Yona's Fragment x10 + Melody of the Stars x10 + Magical Shard x50
"Vaha's Dawn" has the same stats as "Black Distortion Earring".

Cartios Pets

Cartios Pets Talent is Skill EXP Increase, and its Special Skill is finding resources.
Pet Type: RARE

Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea

  • Added loot so Golden Tears of the Desert has a slight chance of being obtained from the following monsters:
    • Cetus, Monoceros, Lacerta, Creomar, Putorium, Krahtenn, Ahtenn
  • Increased the appearance rate of Krahtenn spawning in Vaha's Heart by 2.5 times.
  • Changed the required items when crafting Vaha's Dried Fang and [Elvia] Vaha's Dried Fang.
    • Simple Alchemy : ([Elvia]) Vaha's Cold Thorn x10 → 5

Atoraxxion: Sycrakea

  • Added loot so Golden Tears of the Desert has a slight chance of being obtained from the following monsters:
    • Cartios, Lykina, Berurah, Serpen, Apocros
  • Atoraxxion: Sycrakea - Changed the required items when crafting Yolun Piece of Envy and [Elvia] Yolun Piece of Envy.
    • ([Elvia]) Yolun Piece of Envy: Syca's Frigid Scale x4 → 2 + Egg of an Arid Epoch x2
  • Atoraxxion: Sycrakea - Changed the required items when crafting Yolun Piece of Cruelty and [Elvia] Yolun Piece of Cruelty.
    • ([Elvia]) Yolun Piece of Envy: Syca's Frigid Scale x4 → 2 + Egg of a Fearful Epoch x2
  • Atoraxxion: Sycrakea - "Broken" Lahtron shows its appearance in Syca's Grave.
    • Making "Broken" Lahtron touch the Stellagia located in Syca's Grave wil deactivate the trap in Syca's Throat for a certain period of time.

Dehkima: Token of the Oath

  • Changed the exchange item for Dehkima: Token of the Oath of Old Moon Camping Shop Contract.
    • Added "3 Weapon Exchange Coupons can be exchanged once per Family" to Dehkima: Token of the Oath description.
Required Item Exchange Item

Dehkima: Token of the Oath x1

Memory Fragment x2 (Same as before)

Dehkima: Token of the Oath x1

Mass of Pure Magic x2

Dehkima: Token of the Oath x5

Advice of Valks (+40) x1

Dehkima: Token of the Oath x10

Advice of Valks (+50) x1

Dehkima: Token of the Oath x10

Black Magic Crystal - Harphia/Cobelinus/Viper/Hystria/Carmae/Addis
▲ Select one of the items above

Dehkima: Token of the Oath x1000

3 Weapon Exchange Coupons (Same as before)

Improvements on Fishing items

  • Some people have been throwing glass bottles into the rivers and seas in secret.
    • You can catch "Discarded Glass Bottle" by Fishing and exchange it for the following items from NPC Crio.
Required Item Exchange Item (Select 1)

Discarded Glass Bottle x5

Breezy Conch Seaweed x1

Silver Key x15

Crio's Sturdy Fishing Chair x1
900 Contribution EXP + 30 Fishing EXP
(Obtain Fishing EXP from Beginner 0 to Apprentice 2)
    • Crio's Sturdy Fishing Chair will have the following effects and cannot be registered on the Central Market.
      • Durability 200, Fishing Mastery +100, Auto-Fishing Time -5%
  • Changed so the following items obtained via Fishing cannot be obtained anymore.
    • Broken Bottle Fragment, Fertilizer Sack, Seaweed, Tattered Boots, Fish Bones, Broken Fish Hook, Snapped Rope, Torn Sail Piece, Rusty Anchor, Washed-Up Laundry, Torn Net
    • Even though you cannot obtain the items above, you can obtain "Discarded Glass Bottle" via Fishing according to a set probability.
  • Since the items above cannot be obtained anymore, the quest requirements, description related to this items or quest name have changed accordingly.
    • [Manor] River Cleaner, Driftboot, Fresh Seaweed Dishes, [Fishing] Those Who Contaminate the River, [Fishing] Fishing at the Bandits' Lair, [Fishing] Recycling Snapped Ropes, [Fishing] Clean the Environment, Seaweed for Health, [Fishing] Catching Seaweed, [Fishing] Island Alone, Save the Earth, [Daily] Muna's Message

Improvements on Fishing Leap Objectives

  • Adjusted the difficulty of Fishing Leap objectives.
    • Changed the completion NPC for [Fishing Leap Beginner 10] Bartering to Crio.
Quest Name Quest Requirement
[Fishing Leap Beginner 10] Bartering Obtain green-grade fish via Fishing
[Fishing Leap Apprentice 5] I Feel Exhausted Lately Obtain green-grade fish via Fishing
[Fishing Leap Apprentice 10] I Love Hot & Spicy Food Obtain green-grade fish via Fishing
[Fishing Leap Skilled 5] The Best Fish in Serendia Obtain blue-grade fish via Fishing
[Fishing Leap Skilled 10] Nothing's Good Obtain green-grade fish via Fishing
Obtain blue-grade fish via Fishing

Honor to the Fishing Family Quest

  • Added new Fishing Leap Quests.
    • The following Leap quests can be accepted and completed only once per Family.
Quest Name & Requirements NPC Rewards
[Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #1
Complete [Fishing Leap Beginner 10] Bartering
Breezy Conch Seaweed x50
Crio's Sturdy Fishing Chair x1
[Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #2
Complete [Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #1
Complete [Fishing Leap Apprentice 10] I Love Hot & Spicy Food
Perfume of Swiftness x10
Marvelous Balacs Lunchbox x10
[Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #3
Complete [Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #2
Complete [Fishing Leap Skilled 10] Nothing's Good
Gold Key x5
Ash Tree Float x1
Memory Fragment x10
[Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #4
Complete [Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #3
Complete [Fishing Leap Professional 10] The Delicacies of Epheria
Mysterious Blue Conch x100
Item Brand Spell Stone x1
[Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #5
Complete [Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #4
Complete [Fishing Leap Artisan 10] A Fishing Master
Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon x1
Item Brand Spell Stone x1

Improvements on some fish prices and Imperial Fishing Delivery Seal

  • Doubled the selling price of fish above blue grade
    • The adjusted fish types are the following:
Fish Names
Porcupine Fish
Black Shiner
Black Porgy
Giant Oarfish
Black Eye Crab
Whale Shark
Goliath Grouper
Checkerboard Wrasse
Granges D'or
Diamond Minnow
Golden Albacore
Blackfin Sea Perch
Sea Bass
Bigeye Tuna
John Dory
Giant Pearl Oyster
Giant Octopus
Giant Squid
Flower Icefish
Striped Shiner
Basking Shark
Striped Goliath Grouper
Redbreasted Wrasse
Hammer Whale
Miho Spine Loach
Freshwater Eel
Amur Goby
Minke Whale
Sea Eel
Ocean Hermit Crab
Tiger Shark
Silver Carp
Great White Shark
Requiem Shark
Killer Whale
Blue Bat Star
Bottlenose Dolphin
Red Snow Crab
Blue Grouper
Cherry Salmon
Tapertail Anchovy
Mandarin Fish
Albino Coelacanth
Spotted Barbel
Smokey Chromis
Common Bleak
Green Sturgeon
Atka Mackerel
Giant Grouper
Greater Amberjack
Spotted Sea Bass
Mackerel Tuna
Striped Bonito
Thresher Shark
Bluefin Tuna
Eyespot Puffer
Yellow Corvina
Cone Snail
Grass Carp
Saw Shark
Leather Carp
Sperm Whale
Humpback Whale
White Grouper
Golden Sea Bass
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellow Swordfish
Golden Siniperca
Black Spotted Dolphin
Black Marlin
Beluga Whale
  • Improved the method of obtaining the item "Golden Seal - [Imperial Fishing]" which was available through Imperial Fishing Delivery.
Before After
Obtain according to a set probability
upon delivering blue, yellow-grade fish.
Obtain 1 upon delivering blue-grade fish
Obtain up to 2 upon delivering yello-grade fish

Farmable Fruit Items

  • The number of fruit items obtained from plant breeding each Mysterious Seed or Hypha has been increased by 2.5 times.
Seed/Hypha Names
Mysterious Hot Pepper Seed
Mysterious Amanita Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Cloud Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Leccinum Hypha
Mysterious Dwarf Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Nolina Seed
Mysterious Dalvenia Alrea Seed
Mysterious Carrot Seed
Mysterious Strawberry Seed
Mysterious Garlic Seed
Mysterious Dry Mane Grass Seed
Mystical Dictyophora Hypha
Mysterious Wheat Seed
Mysterious Barley Seed
Mysterious Silk Honey Grass Seed
Mysterious Bouqet Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Seed Potato
Mysterious Seed Sweet Potato
Mysterious Acacia Seed
Mysterious Fog Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Onion Seed
Mysterious Sunrise Herb Seed
Mysterious Corn Seed
Mysterious Olive Seed
Mysterious Ghost Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Silver Azalea Seed
Mysterious Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Ancient Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Tomato Seed
Mysterious Pie Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Paprika Seed
Mysterious Penestraria Seed
Mysterious Grape Seed
Mysterious Sky Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Sunflower Seed
Mysterious Bluffer Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Tiger Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Pumpkin Seed
Mysterious Hump Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Arrow Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Fire Flake Flower Seed
Mysterious Emperor Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Pepper Seed
Mysterious Purple Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Delotia Seed
  • Changed some of mysterious seed/hypha item descriptions as follows:
    • You can obtain 15-20 Fruit items through Plant Breeding but Seeds cannot be obtained.

Forest Path Wagon

  • Implemented the following improvements related to the Forest Path Wagon.
    • The crafting duration for "Wagon Registration: Forest Path Wagon" in the Wagon Workshop has been reduced by 4.5 times.
      • If you were crafting this item in a Workshop, the in-progress worker task has been completed and any related scheduled tasks were reset.
    • Prices of: Forest Path Wagon Wheel, Flag, Badge, and Cover have been increased by 2 times in the Central Market.
    • Improved so that you always obtain exactly 150 "Piece of Image" items upon performing Simple Alchemy on Piece of Image crafting materials.

Adjustments in certain Life Content and Central Market Item Prices

  • Adjusted the price of the following 89 items that can be obtained through Life-Skill related activities.
Item Price Before Price After
[Party] Improved Elixir of Amity 241,000 279,000
[Party] Elixir of Frenzy 276,000 330,000
[Party] Elixir of Endless Frenzy 825,000 1,130,000
[Party] Elixir of Flowing Wind 241,000 279,000
[Party] Elixir of Lethal Assassin 595,000 700,000
[Party] Elixir of Advanced Concentration 81,000 98,000
[Party] Elixir of Endless Fury 120,000 144,000
[Party] Elixir of Strong Life 186,000 216,000
[Party] Defense Elixir 108,000 136,000
[Party] Elixir of Steel Defense 180,000 210,000
[Party] Elixir of Brutal Carnage 630,000 740,000
[Party] Merciless Sky Elixir 675,000 800,000
[Party] Elixir of Overwhelming Endurance 144,000 171,000
[Party] Griffon's Elixir 129,000 215,000
[Party] Strong Griffon's Elixir 296,000 429,000
[Party] Elixir of Expert Training 241,000 279,000
[Party] Surging Weenie Elixir 229,000 253,000
[Party] Reliable Looney Elixir 161,000 166,000
[Party] Splendid Helix Elixir 240,000 285,000
[Party] Elixir of Lethal Destruction 258,000 304,000
Improved Elixir of Amity 212,000 254,000
Elixir of Frenzy 250,000 300,000
Elixir of Endless Frenzy 855,000 1,030,000
Elixir of Flowing Wind 212,000 254,000
Elixir of Lethal Assassin 530,000 635,000
Elixir of Advanced Concentration 74,000 89,000
Elixir of Endless Fury 109,000 131,000
Elixir of Strong Life 163,000 196,000
Defense Elixir 103,000 124,000
Elixir of Steel Defense 159,000 191,000
Elixir of Brutal Carnage 560,000 670,000
Merciless Sky Elixir 605,000 725,000
Elixir of Overwhelming Endurance 129,000 155,000
Griffon's Elixir 130,000 195,000
Strong Griffon's Elixir 260,000 390,000
Elixir of Expert Training 212,000 254,000
Surging Weenie Elixir 192,000 230,000
Reliable Looney Elixir 126,000 151,000
Splendid Helix Elixir 216,000 259,000
Elixir of Improved Mastery 660,000 790,000
Elixir of Rough Labor 288,000 346,000
Elixir of Corrupted Armor 2,340,000 2,810,000
Elixir of Destruction 230,000 276,000
Special Sunrise Herb 9,650 40,000
Special Silver Azalea 11,100 40,000
Special Fire Flake Flower 10,600 40,000
Special Dry Mane Grass 9,000 40,000
Special Silk Honey Grass 9,650 40,000
Special Fortune Teller Mushroom 12,100 40,000
Special Arrow Mushroom 13,500 40,000
Special Dwarf Mushroom 12,800 40,000
Special Cloud Mushroom 13,500 40,000
Special Sky Mushroom 12,800 40,000
Special Tiger Mushroom 12,800 40,000
Special Emperor Mushroom 12,100 40,000
Special Ghost Mushroom 13,500 40,000
Special Wheat 29,000 40,000
Special Barley 29,000 40,000
Special Potato 25,700 40,000
Special Sweet Potato 25,700 40,000
Special Corn 30,500 40,000
Special Carrot 12,000 40,000
Special Acacia Leaf 12,000 40,000
Trace of Chaos 102,000 200,000
Trace of Despair 102,000 200,000
Trace of Wave 102,000 200,000
Trace of the Earth 102,000 200,000
Trace of Ascension 102,000 200,000
Trace of Savagery 102,000 200,000
Trace of Origin 102,000 200,000
Trace of Battle 102,000 200,000
Trace of Hunting 102,000 200,000
Trace of Forest 102,000 200,000
Trace of Violence 102,000 200,000
Trace of Death 102,000 200,000
Trace of Memory 102,000 200,000
Supreme Soft Hide 610,000 1,000,000
Supreme Tough Hide 640,000 1,000,000
Supreme Hard Hide 690,000 1,000,000
Supreme Thin Hide 605,000 1,000,000
Supreme Thick Fur 610,000 1,000,000
Supreme Fancy Reptile Skin 510,000 1,000,000
Supreme Lightweight Plume 640,000 1,000,000
Supreme Fancy Feather 700,000 1,000,000
Cinnamon 3,770 15,000
Impeccably Polished Stone 200,000 300,000
Fine Black Stone Powder 30,000 80,000
Polished Stone 34,300 80,000
Leather Glaze 225,000 300,000
  • If a guild master hasn't logged in for 15 days, a new guild master can be appointed without consuming guild funds.
    • The description for guild fund usage has been updated to reflect this change.




  • Added "Fughar's Riding Crop", a season character exclusive riding crop item.
    • Item Effect: Max Mount Speed +20%, Max Auto-run Speed +50%, Auto-run sprint speed +20%
    • This item can only be equipped by season characters and it will be removed after the season ends.
    • This item cannot be enhanced or registered on the Central Market.
      • You can claim this item as a Challenge Reward when logging in with a season character in 2022 Autumn Season.
  • Changed the following Pearl Inventory items to no longer be "bound to character":
Item Name
Horse Breeding Reset (Female)
Horse Breeding Reset (Male)
Mount Brand Spell Stone
Horse Appearance Change Coupon
Pet Appearance Change Coupon
Mount Skill Training Coupon
Mount All Skill Training Coupon
[Event] Mount All Skill Training Coupon
[Event] Mount Skill Training Coupon
  • Added a crafting method so the following item can be synthesized into a blue-grade elixir:
    • Craft 1: Green-grade Elixir x3 + Blue Reagent x1
    • Craft 10: Green-grade Elixir x30 + Blue Reagent x10 + Ibellab's Essence x1
      • Ibellab's Essence can be purchased from Material Vendor in each town or Old Moon Manager Klau in Velia.
Crafting Materials Result
Elixir of Skill x3 + Blue Reagent x1 Elixir of Infinite Skill x1
Elixir of Mastery x3 + Blue Reagent x1 Elixir of Improved Mastery x1
Elixir of Labor x3 + Blue Reagent x1 Elixir of Rough Labor x1
Elixir of Armor x3 + Blue Reagent x1 Elixir of Corrupted Armor x1
Elixir of Skill x30 + Blue Reagent x10 + Ibellab's Essence x1 Elixir of Infinite Skill x10
Elixir of Mastery x30 + Blue Reagent x10 + Ibellab's Essence x1 Elixir of Improved Mastery x10
Elixir of Labor x30 + Blue Reagent x10 + Ibellab's Essence x1 Elixir of Rough Labor x10
Elixir of Armor x30 + Blue Reagent x10 + Ibellab's Essence x1 Elixir of Corrupted Armor x10
  • Added Simple Alchemy recipe to craft Secret Book of Florin.
    • Simple Alchemy: Floramos Petal x15 + Item Collection Increase Scroll x1
    • Secret Book of Florin: Life Skill Mastery +100 and Life EXP +20% for 60 min
  • Changed the order number of Ancient Magic Crystal - Addis on Central Market 10 → 50.
  • Added so [Event] Magical Celerity Draught can be set up in Auto-use Items function.
  • Added description of catalyst purchase limit on Floramos Petal description.
  • Added Usage and How to Obtain information to the following items:
    • Tenacious Origin of Life, Rough Opulent Crystal, Flawless Spirit Stone, Reagent of Harmonious Spirits, Merindora's Element
  • Fixed the name of the following Black Crystal Shard Bundle:
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3 → Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3 → Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle
  • Changed the item description for the Kagtunak item to be more detailed.
  • [Hunting] Added the required Hunting skill grades to the item descriptions of Apprentice, Skilled, Professional, and Artisan Matchlocks.




  • Changed the loot of the World Boss that appears in the world of Black Desert as follows: (Excluding Vell, the Heart of the Ocean)
Item Name Changes
Boss's Latent Aura - Increased to obtain double the previous amount.
Offin Tett's Light Fragment - Increased to obtain double the previous amount.
Hunter's Seal - Increased to obtain double the previous amount.
Advice of Valks(+30), (+40) - Added loot items that can be obtained upon defeating a World Boss.
- Items can be obtained at a higher probability when defeating an awakened boss.
Gold Bar 100G, 1,000G - Increased the probability of obtaining items from normal World Boss (Kzarka, Karanda, Kutum, Offin, Nouver) significantly.
  • Changed so that Kvariak goes into hiding if you don't engage it within 5 minutes of it making its presence known.

Quest, Knowledge

  • Changed to bring "Discarded Glass Bottle" instead of "Snapped Rope" upon completing "[Repeat] Evidence of Someone."
  • Changed the quest objective for "[Farming] Horse's Favorite Fodder."
    • Quest Objective: Process Stonetail Fodder → Show Stonetail Fodder



Node/Conquest War

Developer Commentary

Content restrictions on apprentice guild members were applied to prevent deliberate consumption of guild funds, but there were also aspects that made the gameplay of new adventurers or those who moved guilds extremely frustrating. Adventurers have given us a lot of feedback, and after a careful analysis of your recent play, we have come to a conclusion that it’s fine to improve the terms of the position to some extent. We hope that through this, the beginner guild members can enjoy a more pleasant guild life.
  • Changed "Apprentice Guild Member" position given when joining a guild as follows:
Before After
1. Apprentice Period 14 Days 1. Apprentice Period 7 Days
2. The following items are available for purchase, use and storage
[Guild] Flashbang, [Guild] Fire Shot, [Guild] Poison Shot
[Guild] Stun Trap, [Guild] Flame Trap, [Guild] Venom Trap, [Guild] Ankle Trap, [Guild] Elephant Trap
[Guild] Arrow for Hwacha, [Guild] Oil for Flame Tower
    • For guild members that have elapsed 7 days for apprentice period as of the Ovtober 26th maintenance will change to normal guild member after maintenance.
  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to build a fort in an abnormal location under certain circumstances.




Developer Commentary

When we first introduced Courser Training, it was actually a difficult ordeal to collect all the necessary materials. The sparkly animations displayed when using each material was originally designed to give off a sense of reward to Adventurers who had spent much time and effort gathering enough materials. Now, it's become a bit easier to collect these materials, and it is true that these animations may come off a bit lengthy. Thus, we decided to add the Skip Animation function to speed up this process, and also made it available for the Alchemy Stone UI as well. We will continue to look over other UI that are in need of such improvements.
  • Added the "Skip Animation" function for Courser Training and the Alchemy Stone Recharge/Polishing/Growth windows.
  • Fixed so Black Stone (Weapon) is automatically used when it's in the Inventory upon Alchemy Stone growth.
  • The following has been improved on the World Map:
    • Fixed an issue where certain filters were not displaying as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where certain NPC icons would appear above the town's icon.
    • Fixed an issue where certain town storages were not being displayed as intended.
  • Added an alert to inform you that you should learn skills when the skill points you have equal the max skill point upon resetting all skills.
    • This will show when max skill points goes over 15.




  • Improved Navigation function. Changed so your character can move safely terrains with different heights in such as cliffs.
  • Applied UI optimization.



Pearl Shop

  • Added idle pose to the outfits that can be obtained from 2022 Halloween Outfit "Outfit Swap Box II".



Changes & Fixes

  • [Male Classes] Fixed the issue where the changes to the pants' length was different for certain classes when equipping Mr. Mussels outfit and certain shoes.
  • Fixed the wording regarding Training Leaps in the Black Spirit Guide.
  • Fixed typos found in Igor Bartali's adventure logs volume 13, chapters 1 and 2.
  • Fixed the issue of the register button not showing again when closing the window without giving it a name when registering a wild horse.
  • Fixed the issue of the Register wild horse UI not going away in case of registering wild horse when it's taken out.
  • Fixed the issue where it was difficult to hit the Ancient Weapon in certain situations during the Illezra tutorial.
  • Fixed so the description for Fruit Pie and Sweet Fruit Pie items are the same.
  • Fixed the issue where Special Pepper, Onion, Garlic, and Hot Pepper could not be used by pressing R2/RT.
  • Fixed typos for the below Items and Knowledge:
    • Item: [Event] Magical Celerity Draught, Cox Pirates' Artifact (Combat)
  • Fixed the text on subjugation rewards which can be checked in the Guild window.
  • Fixed the issue of the sales and purchase record of the Central Market not registering in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue of some classes' poses and objects being placed abnomally when doing Simple Alchemy.
  • Fixed the issue where Drakania could obtain [Drakania] Ahon Kirus's Armor from opening Ahon Kirus's Armor Box.
  • Fixed the issue of being able to go into the terrain at a certain location within Sherekhan Necropolis.
  • Fixed an issue where certain key guides were not displayed as intended in the stable UI.

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