Updates [Update] [Updated] 9/8 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2021-09-08 00:00



This update brings more convenient ways to build starting Enhancement Chances, Pet Groups, changes to Sage and Nova and more quality of life updates. Check out the patch notes below for more information.


Updated: 2021-09-08


● Added the AMD FSR function to the game.
- The FidelityFx Super Resolution(FSR) function helps improve the quality of graphics.
- This setting is applied automatically. 


Content Changes

● Improved the Enhancement UI so that it’s easier to check and increase your Enhancement Chance.

● Added the option to exchange Black Stones (Weapon/Armor) for increased Enhancement Chance from the Black Spirit Enhancement window.

- You can now press the [+] button next to Enhancement Chance and Valks’ Cry in the Enhancement UI and select the desired materials to increase your odds.

- Just like how Valk’s Cry and other similar items work, you can only use this function to increase your Enhancement Chance if its value is 0.

- Pressing the [+] button for Enhancement Chance will allow you to exchange a certain amount of Black Stones (Weapon/Armor) to improve the Enhancement Chance from +5 to +30

- Likewise, you can select Valks’ Cry and devour to see how many of the selected item you have in your possession, and you can also choose to do them.

- Pressing the [+] button for Valks’ Cry will allow you to check how many Valks’ Cry you have in your possession and you can also use them.

You can now convert Black Stones (Weapon/Armor) directly into stacks (Increased Enhancement Chance) via the Enhancement UI. You can convert these stones into +5, +10, +15, +20, +25, and +30 Enhancement Chance stacks. Since they also serve to alleviate some of the inconvenience in "stacking" Enhancement Chance, we've adjusted the required number of Black Stones to be a bit higher. We've retained all other methods to be the same as before, but made such improvements as being able to check the different means of increasing your Enhancement Chance directly from the UI.


Altar of Blood has been made temporarily unavailable in preparation of an upcoming renewal. It will be back soon.


● The following quests are unavailable as the Altar of Blood has closed its doors.

Quest Name

[Altar of Blood] Yaz and the Mountain of Sanctity
[Altar of Blood] Edan’s Whereabouts
[Altar of Blood] Grave of the Ancient Relic
[Altar of Blood] Gem of Balance
[Altar of Blood] The Long Road Back...
[Altar of Blood] Secret Chamber of Hasrah
[Altar of Blood] End of the Border

● The quest, ‘[Lv.56] The Altar of Blood at Star’s End’ will no longer be available from the Suggested Quests tab.

● Fixed an issue where the key guide in the Black Spirit’s Adventure would display as two lines in certain situations.

● Made it possible so trial characters that find their way to locations they’re not supposed to be in, can now move to the Battle Arena.

● Pet groups have been added to the game. This function allows you to bring out different groups of pets depending on the situation.

● A new entrance screen has been added when attempting to access Atoraxxion through the Ancient Stone Chamber. This menu will allow you to select various different biomes for you to start at.
- Note, at this time, only Vahmalkea is available.



Quest and Knowledge changes

● Changed the main quest '[Atoraxxion][Co-op] Recovered Vow' so you can now solve the thread in Atoraxxion - Vahmalkea by yourself.

- Interact with the Exchange located within Vaha's Heart to consume 10 Energy for some supplies while proceeding with this quest. These supplies will let you solve the thread all by yourself.

- To solve the thread by yourself, you will need 4 of these supplies.

- We've also deleted '[Co-op]' from this quest's name.

● Added the '[Daily] Old Moon Subjugation Request' daily quests, which you can accept from Jetina.

- The added the following quests. You can complete them to obtain Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder x2, which is the same reward for the other '[Daily] Old Moon Subjugation Request' quests.

Quest Name

Quest Objective

Quest Reward

[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request

Defeat 3,000 monsters

Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder x2

[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjkugation Request – Defeat Vaha’s Ancient Weapon

Defeat [Atoraxxion] Urukios

[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request – Kagtum Tribe

Defeat 2,000 Kagtums

[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request – Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)

Defeat 1,500 monsters in Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)

[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request – Tshira Ruins

Defeat 2,000 Monsters in Tshira Ruins

Many of Black Desert's Adventurers have sent us their opinions on wishing to proceed with the Old Moon Subjugation Request quests in monster zones of their preference. Accordingly, we added the quests so you can do them in monster zones of your preference. Also, we have prepared quests for those of you who especially enjoy Atoraxxion, so you can do the quests to defeat Atoraxxion's Ancient Weapons with your party members during the Atoraxxion main questline.


● Fixed the issue where you couldn't use the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate to accept the quest "[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World" if you had already converted your season character to a normal character and previously forfeited the quest as a normal character.
- In the case of the aforementioned character, you can proceed with the quest, "[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World" after completing "[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad" by receiving guidance from the NPC Leila at the Velia Workshop via "I wish to proceed with the [Season Server Graduation] Completion quest" when talking to Fughar.
- You can complete the quest by talking to Fughar in this case, since you have already used the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate.

● Improved the camera during the ‘Memorial Service for the Fallen People’ quest.

● Added a camera that navigates the path to the location you have to go to when interacting with Beedle during the quest 'Infiltrating Cron Castle.’
● Changed the camera that shows Cron Castle in the first dialogue that appears upon accepting the quest 'Never-ending Troubles' to be more natural.

● Changed the quest, 'Hustle and Bustle' to flow more naturally.

● Changed the Giath's Journal NPC to be more natural during the quest 'Abandoned Fate.'.

● Changed the dialogue of the quest completion NPC for 'Support from the Church,' Michael, to read more naturally.

● Expanded the spectrum of Alustin's Relics you can interact with during the quest 'On the Top of the Spire.’

● Expanded the spectrum of Caphras' Seals you can interact with during the quest ‘What Was Left Behind.’

● Changed the dialogue that appears when accepting the quest 'Fragment of Earth' to read more naturally.

● Changed the dialogue about Origin of Clear Water during the quest ‘Searching for Clues’ to read more naturally.

● Added more details to Marni's Journal that appears during the quest ‘Marni's Journal.’

● Changed the camera angles shown during the quests 'Misty Foresight' and 'The Essence of Water' to be more natural..

● Changed the quest dialogue of '[Mediah] The Awakened Ones' to read more naturally.

● Changed the location of the merchant that you can meet during the quests '[Valencia] [Co-op] Wicked Basilisk' and '[Valencia] [Co-op] The Head of Harnan League' to be easier to reach.

● Changed the quest objective description for the quest '[Valencia] Enervated Black Dragon' to read more naturally.

● Changed the quest objective description for the quest '[Valencia] A Question' to be clearer.

● Changed the quest objective description for the quest '[Valencia] Story of Gahaz Tuval' to be clearer.

● Added 10 Shabby Shovels to the reward for completing the quest '[Valencia] Tracking Zobadi.'

● Changed Zobadi's quest dialogue during '[Valencia] Moving Ahead' to read more naturally.

● Changed the quest dialogue for '[Valencia] Memories of Eliza' to read more naturally.

● Changed the 'Invitation from I' quest to flow naturally to the Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea quests.

● Added the knowledge for 'Worn Orc Binding Test Records,' which is obtainable from the Marni Farm Ruins.

● Added the following knowledge that you can obtain by handing over Silver to Calpheon City's Rubin the Herald.

- The knowledge, 'Situation of Casualties in the Slum' is a new addition, and 'Enemies of Calpheon I' and 'Bree Tree Cave' can be obtained via the same method.

Knowledge Requirement


Hand over 100 Silver

Situation of Casulties in the Slum

Hand over 500 Silver

Enemies of Calpheon I

Hand over 700 Silver

Bree Tree CAve


● Changed Jordine to disappear at a more natural point during the quest ‘Confronting Jordine’.

● Improved the start and end of the reminiscence dialogue between Martha and Rafi that you can see after accepting the quest '[Atoraxxion] Too Adventurous' to appear more natural so that it feels like a memory.

● Improved Yaz's movement of reading Martha's Journal to appear more natural in the quest dialogue for '[Atoraxxion] Talibre's Tear.'

● Additional hints have been added to help you progress through the ‘Friendly Astrologist’ questline.

● Changed the main questline to no longer be selectable through Alustin via interaction while the crossroads quest window for choosing the simplified main questline is displayed.

NPC, Background and Sound changes

● Changed the locations of some NPCs and sailors in the Lunar Halo Inn in velia.



UI Changes

● Added a Skill Filter to the Skill window to make it easier to find skills with debuff effects and smash effects including Black Spirit skills, special skills, Stun, and Stiffness.
- Pressing the button on the upper left of the Skill List and selecting the type of skill filter will add an effect highlighting the skills with the effect selected.

● An effect has been added making it easier to find new items in your Central Market warehouse.

● When searching through your characters in the disconnect window, your selection of regular/pearl inventory will remain saved as you flick through your characters.

● Changed the ‘Skill Log’ so that it can be seperated from the ‘Skill Guide’ in the Edit UI menu.

● Changed the colors displayed on the minimap for your own team and guild members in the Red Battlefield.

- Whether they be of the same guild or not, the way your own team members are displayed on the minimap was changed as follows:

Own Team

Enemy Team



We changed how the minimap displayed your team versus the opposing team to better distinguish friend from foe in the Red Battlefield. Previously it was hard to tell your team apart from the opposing team, especially when your own guild members were in the same battlefield as well, so we hope this change will clear things up.


● Changed the Campsite function window to remain open if attacked when the ‘Hide UI When Attacked’ option has been deactivated in settings.
- Changed the system message window to turn on and off when attacked, depending on the Hide UI settings
- Changed the Repair UI to not turn off when attacked.

● Added new options in the settings to allow you to turn on or off friend/guild member log in notifications.

- You can find this setting through the Start>Settings>General Settings>Notifcations window.

● New warning messages have been added when uninstalling fences.



Item Changes

● Reduced the weight of the following potions/recovery items by 50%

Item Name

HP Potions
MP/WP/SP Potions
Grain Juices
Herbal Juices

- The weight of items that have the [Guild] modification have also been reduced by 50%.

- However, the weight of potions that have content exclusive titles such as [Battlefield], have the same weight as before.

A previous update on the Black Desert Global Lab included the reduced weight of potions. The same update has now been applied to console servers, and although opinions were divided on this topic, we decided to reduce it by only 50% as it could greatly depreciate the value of the treasure.

However, as we mentioned in the Global Lab update, we are still deciding on which direction to go for the development of the lesser version of Ornette’s Spirit Essence and Odore’s Spirit Essence. Please keep in mind that there might be future adjustments depending on the results of this update, but if there is a lesser version of Ornette’s Spirit Essence, its own unique value will be secured. However, Odore’s Spirit Essence is not actually used in combat frequently, and you can still enjoy powerful effects with the lesser version. That’s why we are currently having thoughtful discussions as we make our improvements, and would be keen to hear the wonderful ideas that our Adventurers have as we are trying to tackle this problem from all directions.


● Changed the effect of the last item used to be applied when using normal draught, perfume, elixir and Immortal draught, perfume, and elixir.

● Reduced the cooldown for the following items from 20 min to 10 sec.

- Accordingly, the cooldown for items with [Event], Immortal, Glorious in front of their names was also reduced to 10 sec.

Item Name

Perfume of Courage
Elixir of Deep Sea
Khalk’s Elixir
Spirit Perfume Elixir
Perfume of Swiftness

Some elixirs such as the Perfume of Courage and Elixir of Deep Sea, have an appropriate cooldown of 20 min as their effects are powerful. However, this meant you had to wait for the long cooldown to end even after the death of your character. Our Adventurers have requested that we reduce the cooldown for this reason, so we have reduced this cooldown to 10 sec, along with regular elixirs. However, we will keep an eye on what effects this may have on class balance.


Not only were there requests to reduce the cooldown of elixirs, but there were also a lot of requests to reduce the cooldown for food items. Unfortunately, this is not as simple as elixirs, as eating food gives Health EXP. However, we are currently trying to find ways to make improvements and hope to show them first on the Black Desert Global Lab soon.

● Added the Shabby Shovel to be sold by the NPC, Zobadi.

● Added an item description that explains how to obtain a Shabby Shovel.

● Crystal Covered in Black Ash has been changed from Character bound to Family bound.



Node War and Conquest War Changes

● Changed the maximum number of Flame Towers and Elephant Nurseries you can install on a Tier 4 Node War.


Previous limit

New Limit

Flame Tower



Elephant Nursery



●Added details about particular attacks in the item description of Forts/Command Posts/Field HQ, Flame Towers, Wooden Fences, and annexes used in Node/Conquest Wars.

● Increased damage by 10% when your horse inflicts hits on a wooden fence or a wooden fence gate with its mount skills during a Node/Conquest War.

● Increased damage by 10% when your guild elephant inflicts hits on a wooden fence or wooden fence gate with basic skills, Horn Attack, Charge Attack, Fore Chop during a Node/Conquest War.

● Added the Flimsy Barricade and Flimsy Wooden Fence items to Node/Conquest Wars.

- Flimsy Barricades and Flimsy Wooden fences require around 5 seconds to install, and about 20 seconds to complete construction.

- As they are put up quicker, Flimsy Barricades and Flimsy Wooden Fences are around 50% less durable than existing barricades.

- Clumsy Barricades cannot be improved, and Flimsy Wooden Fences cannot be repaired.




Character Changes

● Reduced the cooldown of the ‘Change Skill Preset’ function in the Secret Book of Old Moon from 60 minutes to 10 minutes.



● Camera movement has been improved during sideways evasion movements and sideways attacks.



Fuse Gravity- Reduced the recovery of Star’s Breath from 10% to 5% per scattered star when using the skill.

Twisted Orbit, Accel: Twisted Orbit – Changed the consumable resources for the skills to the following



Consumes 30 SP upon using skill

Consumes 50 Stamina upon using skill, 100 Stamina upon using skill during cooldown

Adjustments were made to parts of Nova’s performance. Previously, you could move freely even with a relatively low level of stamina thanks to the stamina recovery effect of Swooping Ring, and using certain skill movements consumed no stamina, especially in Awakening state. This would only serve to make you strong while in Accel mode for PvP, This served the purpose of providing an enhanced utility by alleviating the restrictions for using many skills as an improvement to your character being strong in PvP only in Accel mode in the initial stages of awakening. However, additional updates including improvements made on skill combos for many skills made it more powerful than we initially aimed for even when you were not in Accel mode Thinking that it was necessary to make a small adjustment, the consumable resource for “Twisted Orbit” was changed from SP to Stamina so that it can be used more carefully. Additionally, one of the major awakening skills in a PvP setting, “Star’s Ring,” already performs powerfully on its own in a majority of battles. However, the skill combo with other skills such as “En Garde” seemed too excessive with the amount of recovery for Star’s Breath through “Fuse Gravity.” Thus, the amount of recovery for Star’s Breath through “Fuse Gravity” was adjusted to 5%.



● Added the text, ‘can be used with Kibelius’ in the skill description for the following skills:

- Gravity Rift, Void Gateways. Illusion Expansion, Spatial Collapse, Ator’s Energy, Realm of Anguish, Reset

Form Shift – Removed the Critical Hit Rate effect.



Lightning Prison – Changed the skill’s Critical Hit Rate effect to only be applied for PvE.

Bolt – Changed so that your character will no longer disappear and changed the Invincible effect to a Super Armor.

Lightning Prison and Flow: Interrogate – Fixed the issue where the skill effect would be applied at a height higher than that at which it is normally applied.

Black Spirit: Ator’s Energy – Fixed the issue where the skill couldn’t be used.

There were adjustments made to the performance of awakened Sages in addition to awakened Novas. First of all, using "Bolt" would make your character Invincible and disappear from sight, then proceed to attack right away with another skill to overcome your enemy. These features were relatively too powerful. Accordingly, adjustments were made so that your character will no longer disappear when using "Bolt," and changed the Invincible effect to a Super Armor effect. Additionally, the Critical Hit Rate +100% effect was deemed too advantageous in a multi-versus-multi battle, so the effect was removed. It was completely removed because you can still maintain a quite high level through remaining buffs or skill add-ons.


Pearl Shop

● Fixed an issue where Shai’s upper teeth looked black when wearing the Coco outfit hat.



Other Changes

● Fixed an issue where equipping the following items wouldn’t reduce stamina consumption while swimming

- Splat Fisher’s Clothes, Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit, Coco, ane El Pento Clothes.

● Fixed the issue where selecting the "Become Edana" branch of Sage's Awakening questline would leave the secret passageway in the Ancient Stone Chamber placed by Sol Magia open even if you hadn't proceeded with the Atoraxxion main questline.

● Fixed the issue where attempting to accept Season Pass rewards without any empty slots in your inventory would make items appear abnormally.

● Fixed an issue where you could accept Season Pass rewards on non-season characters.

● Fixed an issue where items that were on cooldown could not be used immediately after their cooldown had completed.

● Fixed the issue where the number of Marni's Stones would not refresh when setting the Marni's Stones on the Item Count window from which you can check the number of collected items such as loot or Marni's Stones.

● Characters getting trapped in certain areas has been fixed.